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  1. I don’t know if he’s salvageable, but Middelstadt, Cozens, and Thompson kinda reminds me of a Roy, Vanek and Max type 3rd line from 15 years ago. Lots of skill playing protected minutes... Top 2 lines look better than the 05-06 top 6 (Brierre/Connelly, pomminvile, and Dumont; Drury, Hecht, and Grier)... The 4th line seems stronger too, though I can’t remember who played with Mair atm... The current defense seems far better than the 05-06 roster, too. Goalie is the weakness with this team.
  2. The midgets are twins... they have been on the same team most years, but not all. One was most skilled and the other was toward the bottom skill size when they were. The best part of midgets is that one of them landed a girlfriend with a license (they’ll be 16 next April) who likes taking them to practices. 😆
  3. Ullmark’s inability to hug a post is just maddening.
  4. Thanks, Taro! I miss being able to spend time on here... I have 4 kids (2 midgets, a squirt and a mite) playing. Between them and work, about all I get is what is covered on WGR when I’m driving... which ain’t nearly as often as it used to be.
  5. So all these goalies have moved... and we still don’t seem to have an answer in goal. I generally try to be more of a glass half full poster, but... it’s been a long time since we’ve had competent goaltending.
  6. I’ve got 4 kids on 3 different teams at this point. But if they are actually good, there might even be mini Knightriders that might join. That was impressive. And no, I did not go so far as to say he was good. ?
  7. Sobotka has been better than I would have expected...
  8. First Sabre game I've be going to in many years... My kids are pumped!
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