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  1. Yeah he's been effective. There were times when he was here too. Its just that those times pale in comparison to the negative plays or him simply not being on the ice at all because he couldn't stay healthy. Others here made the point that i agree with, in that Bogo's mistakes are minimized or covered by the rest of the team when he's on the ice. If Bogo goes to clear the zone & its an errant clear off the boards, theres a litany of good players around him to bail him out. TBL are obviously a much better team than us so i think that point makes a lot of sense. I also think Bogo i
  2. Everytime i hear the commentators praise & talk up Bogosian, a little part of me dies inside.
  3. Yep. Theres a site called: https://www.twitlonger.com/ where you can type to your hearts content & have it all under one tweet. If only more people knew about it.
  4. Rutherford seems to be looking back to the years when they won the Cups in 2016-2017. Bringing the likes of Sheary & Kapanen back home. Kapanen was drafted by Rutherford in 2014 but was moved out in the Kessel deal. Sort of reminds me of what the Bills have done with Carolina players they're familiar with & comfortable with. The Pens have a short window to make another Cup run, with that in mind the trade makes sense imo. Especially if Bryan Rust is traded, Kapanen can fill in his spot or provide additional scoring elsewhere. For the Leafs this was basically a cap move so they can
  5. I think on paper Toronto wins in this trade, but when it comes to winning right now, Pittsburgh wins hands down. The Leafs biggest issue vs Columbus was their lack of secondary scoring, so moving Kap just makes that problem even worse for them. The Pens trade futures for a 20 goal scorer that will balance out their offense better. Getting Hallander back is a nice addition for the future. He's being projected as a potential top 6 winger who plays a 2 way game. But with the Leafs in win now mode, once again I don't see how this helps them now. They do remove a few million from the
  6. How soon is Sanderson to starting in the NHL? Is he committed to playing another year in North Dakota or is he ready to play this year? If it was the latter, i could see a scenario where we drafted him being more likely. If he's another year or 2 away than i'd think we'd lean forward, because our needs are more pressing there.
  7. This is the last im gonna speak on this topic, so forgive me for the length of my post. Its not that i "love Taylor that much", as you said yourself he was "fine". I guess thats probably the question I & others had, with so many problems this franchise has, why fire someone who appeared was actually doing fine? If we could just get that with our Sabres, i think we'd be happy with that at first, as we haven't had fine in a long long time. So why was he let go? Having a clean slate makes sense, saving money makes sense (if there were any savings), upgrading makes sense. Up until his termina
  8. Great point. I was thinking the same thing. Not about others not realizing but just the different situation Dahlin has compared to those he's compared with the most. I'm not saying its the only reason but it most definitely has to be a factor.
  9. welcome to the board! I know ur question was for Liger but if we're fortunate to have 2 defenders off the board before our pick, i dont think we'd have to move up, as a good prospect will drop to us. But regardless i think the cost of moving up would be too high for us. If we're gonna use assets to move up, i'd rather we use them to receive a player who can help us right away. Like a Cirelli or someone else thats been mentioned a lot.
  10. 2020 just keeps getting worse & worse. Dale was such a class act & a phenomenal player. Was such a treat to watch him play. He will surely be missed
  11. Taylor Hall has been mentioned on this board off & on for years now. I think it would've made sense prior to the contract we gave Skinner. But now for reasons you guys have eloquently stated, it doesn't make much sense. We need a C & RW right now. The money it would take to land Hall doesn't fill those needs. I wouldn't be pissed if we signed him, but i can't see it happening.
  12. Good observations! My ignorant impression is that he's more Fortnite than weight training but thats based on nothing & I hope I'm wrong. Casey HAS to see the writing on the wall & see that he's on the outside in when it comes to becoming an NHL starter. If I were GM i'd personally trade him if value could be found. Not to say I think he's a bust, but some players don't fully develop til their mid 20's & I just don't think we can wait that long with him. I wish Casey would put a video on his twitter of him doing 10 pullups... that would give me some hope that he's added some st
  13. yay, Ryan O'Reilly playing like the poster boy of playoff hockey again. I'm so happy for him & the Blues! Not bitter or jealous at all... not one bit sigh
  14. As much as its hard to be optimistic when times are tough for as long as they've been, I'll always love this team & support them no matter what. I've never been a season ticket holder but i go to tons of games, but these past few years in the 2nd half of the season when I've thought about going to a game, I've chosen to stay home instead. With the financial cost of attending, coupled with the prospect of watching another losing effort where the arena also feels like I'm in a mausoleum, its hard to justify going. I've heard that bolded comment before many times, that people should
  15. I see your point & i even agree with part of it. And yes the thinking with adding the veterans was that it'd help in turning around the culture there & aid in developing our players & in large part I'd say it worked. But your listing of prospects also speaks positively on Taylor because a bunch of those players have developed nicely or appear to be on the right path. Of course some of the players that have made it have been dealt to other teams & continue to play there & not here. Those that haven't developed have been shown not to be anything special with our franchise or
  16. I don't understand why Taylor was let go either. Besides from developing & working with a bunch of players that would come thru there, before he coached the Amerks, they had missed the playoffs 3 consecutive years. Botts hires Taylor & coincidentally they make the playoffs 2 years straight & were poised to go a 3rd time. His record was a combined 116-65-20-13 in 214 games. Hard to say he was fired for poor performance imo. What he was fired for, is anyone's guess.
  17. I wouldn't be against Pietrangelo for the points already mentioned. He would be an added mentor to the group, sort of in the same way as Beane feels its important with the Bills position groups. And when you talk about changing the culture, he's one piece that can do that. But only way it really works is if its in tandem with other moves. We can't just pick up another RHD, otherwise its Botterillesque. Lots of rumors floating around, it'll be interesting to see what comes of them.
  18. Yep. And as much as i would've loved having a chance to be in the playoffs & obviously I would've taken it, but in my heart of hearts there's no way i feel we deserved it.... stupid playoff format or not.
  19. I understand why lots of fans are saying lets give these hires a chance, i mean really thats the only thing we can do.. we're powerless in this whole equation. I used to be optimistic about our player transactions & administrative or coaching changes... thinking this time it'll be different. But it seems we've missed a lot more often than hit on these things during this Dark Age of Sabres history. And as we approach the prospect of a decade missing the playoffs, until something changes or the results are improved, it'll be hard for me to be optimistic about any of these moves. I
  20. I'd take that trade in a heartbeat, just don't know if Calgary would feel the same
  21. Agree totally about our local sports media. Not that surprising either without naming names (you already took care of that for me) ? But I'm not saying i know a lot about the Penguins but from watching their series versus Montreal, I saw Sheary all over the place & involved in a lot of plays. Thats not a stats based analysis just what i saw on the screen. However Game 1 with Sheary on the penalty shot, he doesn't cash in & misses it wide. If he makes that shot, the Pens win game 1 most likely & if they still win the 2nd game, they go up 2-0 in the series. Rodriguez I don't thi
  22. Just saw this piece on MSN Sports by Chad. Gives a little more info than just the tweet itself, thought i'd share it in case anyone wanted to read it https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nhl/could-the-sabres-not-qualify-brandon-montour/ar-BB17VarI Just like all of you it doesn't make much sense to me that we'd fear arbitration with Montour or that we'd risk letting him walk for nothing. This whole thing could just be clickbait for all we know. I also don't understand why in the tweet he says he could be traded tomorrow. Since the new year date is on October 9th. With the draft on 10/6,
  23. Currently the 4th longest atm. Before a couple minutes pass & i get corrected again lol
  24. yeah i left the possibly out, edited it prior to your post... I wasnt quite fast enough!
  25. Besides from this possibly being the longest playoff game in NHL history, Korpisalo just set the record for most saves in a playoff game. Breaking Kelly Hrudey's save mark of 73 saves, a record that stood for 33 years. Crazy
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