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  1. It’s is completely different for you to say that it is not a preferred destination versus saying that every player presently on the roster would rather be somewhere else. As far as free agents, I hope they never put themselves in a position to need to go that route again. Finally, if you think the only possible way someone could have an opinion different than yours is to be ignorant or naive, I see no reason to continue any dialogue with you at all. Good day and enjoy the coming attractions.
  2. I’m not sure what you are asking.
  3. Yeah, I wouldn’t include Tuch but I understand what you are saying. I’m sure someone will point out exceptions but high draft picks rarely fulfill their expectations with a second or third team. What sometimes happens is they reimagine themselves and find useful roles with their new team. I would never say impossible with Casey, but color me skeptical.
  4. It was me who said it and it’s based on actual numbers and aided by the fact he was top 15 in the voting for the award last year. It’s not all about offensive output or grit. Asplund will be a part of this team or some other contender long after Mitts is in the NHL. VO has a skill that will always be useful and tradeable, Casey‘s career is a function of his draft pedigree.
  5. Another of my dead horse rants, UPL was never considered a top prospect by most people outside of WNY. Yes, I know he had that one dominant year in junior before the hip injuries( someone always points that out) but he was always on the fringe and is an example of my biggest problem with KA. Saying you didn’t want to give Ullmark four years because you didn’t want to block a prospect is saying you are one hundred percent sure that said prospect will pan out and that’s malarkey. Even top prospects flop, especially goaltenders.
  6. It is amazing to me that people that gamble a lot don’t understand that the “house” makes money when bets are spread evenly on both sides. While there are instances where the money is lopsided, generally then”house” couldn’t care less what the outcome is.
  7. Your exact words were, “I guarantee you, that other than Tuch and Skinner, there isn’t a single player”…. I agree, that guys that get ten team NMC, and that’s a very small percentage of player, probably list Buffalo but there are a lot of reasons for that.
  8. He just talked about how his dad brought him to see Gil and told him to be like him and how his coaches yelled at him for trying to emulate how he played. It was a childhood thing but a dream nonetheless
  9. Again, I am not saying the area is for everyone. You keep saying it’s for no one. That is “obviously “ incorrect. You apparently didn’t read The Athletic article naming Gil Perreault to the list of 100 greatest NHL players
  10. You have anything to back this up other than your less than enthusiastic opinion of the area?
  11. You have no idea what motivates every player on the team. I’ve made this point ad nauseum but everyone is motivated by their own values. There was a time that Wayne Gretzky and Alex Ovechkin dreamed of playing for the Sabres. Mario Williams came to the Bills because he saw a deer in Jim Kelly’s back yard. Buffalo’s proximity to Canada is a huge draw. Some people want to play close to home, some want to be as far away as possible. Athletes are no different than the rest of us. Believe it or not, some of us still reside in Western New York because we want to and don’t tell anyone, I actually know a few people that yearn to come back.
  12. I would like to see these lines overlayed with actual goals scored. Is that available?
  13. A long list? I would venture to guess, without looking it up, they are no different than any other franchise when it comes to that. Las Vegas, supposedly the new model franchise, has a few “respected” players pissed off at how they were treated. You also have no idea what is going with this move. He could have realized he no longer had it to play in the NHL and asked for a way out.
  14. Do you seriously think anyone other than his family cares what Riley Sheehan thinks?
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