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  1. I’m not good at posting articles. You’ll have to do your own research but it’s fairly well known.
  2. As I said before, I believe Botterill has failed miserably. Where we differ is the question of how far off they are. I believe that a true 2C makes a world of difference and changes the rating of the rest of the forwards. I will add that Frolic was a complete disaster and made little sense.
  3. Better but still not enough with regards to “in game strategy” but they’ve made a decent commitment in team building and planning. Just because someone makes decisions that we don’t agree with doesn’t mean they aren’t using all the knowledge at their disposal. RK is probably one if the most brilliant minds in sports and is an economics genius. We might not agree with what he chooses to believe but to think that he doesn’t know the numbers inside and out is naive or arrogant. I respect you and your opinions and hockey knowledge but I don’t know enough about you to judge your mindset.
  4. I may be wrong but I believe I was the only one who used the term irrelevant.
  5. A) I didn’t call facts irrelevant. I called comparing eras irrelevant B) nobody who has been paying attention would call me a Botterill apologist C) my point all along has been if he acquired JT Miller instead of Johansson, no one would talk about lack of depth. D) we are in complete agreement with regard to last sentence
  6. Obviously impressive research but all irrelevant. Analytics has changed the game and especially the way coaches deploy their players leaving a completely different spread of production. On top of that is the fact that similar to how Diggs changes the Bills’ receiver core from below average to above average, a legit 2C changes the Sabre’s depth dramatically, assuming that said 2C impacts Skinner’s production.
  7. This is exactly right and why the numbers just don’t add up. All the “doomsday” scenarios font account for these facts. I am not trying to downplay the virus but the actual death rates won’t come close to the millions projected. And I have another question. I know that New York City has some issues on their hands but as far as Erie County is concerned, how are 260 cases and maybe 40 hospitalizations causing chaos in our hospitals? The numbers don’t match the rhetoric. Thats all.
  8. When sports analytics is wrong, they call them outliers. When health analytics is wrong, they say see, our draconian response saved us. Unless everyone just stops taking any precautions, the death totals aren’t going to come anywhere near worst case scenarios,
  9. One of the only good things that is going to come out of this pandemic is the realization that most people haven’t a clue when it comes to analytics. These projections of millions make no sense other then explaining worst case scenarios which only happen if we do nothing.
  10. I’m not sure that last paragraph is true. Barasso was a son of a bitch but he was special. Haven’t seen the list but after the top 10, I believe very little separate the next 40/50.
  11. Thats exactly right. At least this guy has speed which I believe is something they need throughout the line up
  12. You have to have watched the first few years of the Sabre’s to understand how unbelievable Crozier was. Plus he was acquired for Tom Webster so there is that.
  13. I was going to mention Ann Wilson and Stevie Nicks. I also have a soft spot for Janis Joplin but an entirely different sound.
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