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  1. It should be noted that Dudley has had several opportunities to come here and hasn’t. I said right at the beginning that he would be a good hire but his reputation has always been he doesn’t play well with others.
  2. Actually, yes and after being separated for about two years I could be talked into just about anything, especially if you have access to the same drugs.😜
  3. I don’t know what they gave me but once I was rolled into the “room” all I remember is giving them my name and birthday and next thing I knew I was being told I could get dressed. Great stuff.
  4. Anyway, thanks for the concern, everything went well. Get to wait another five years before a repeat performance. Everyone has been refunded except for Taro who has reserved a ticket for the next get together.
  5. Pavel Bure Bobby Hull Guy Lafleur Tony Esposito and the one that always gets me in trouble Bobby Clarke
  6. Not yet and vote is expected to be very close.
  7. For the record, I see no downside either. My implication was that his reputation is pretty public so TP and KP signing off on it would be a huge move.
  8. Corner of Delaware and Hertel, next to Burger King. Fenced in and I always see someone playing there.
  9. Dudley would be a huge get but there is a reason he has been all over. He doesn’t play well with others, especially superiors. If they sign him, it would be a huge shot at those who believe the owners meddle more then other owners.
  10. Have you ever seen Dudacek and Marty in the same place? Have you heard Dudacek’s French Canadian accent? How about Marty’s Western Canadian accent?
  11. They should fire anyone who even considers that trade for a half a second. There are definitely second line centers I would trade the pick for. A slow, mediocre one isn’t one of them.
  12. Actually, I’m just finding this out. Ten years ago the procedure was a breeze but the prep was awful. This isn’t too bad
  13. Thanks, I could use a beer. Instead, I am about to start prep for my colonoscopy in the morning. Somehow sharing this makes it less daunting.
  14. It’s up to you. You didn’t respond. If you want it back I can send if you confirm your PayPal the same. Otherwise you are set for whenever
  15. I have sent back the money to the people that asked and confirmed their PayPal or Venmo addresses.
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