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  1. The hockey actually does duck league wide. Some divisions aren’t playing defense. Some divisions can’t play offense. The Bruins have actually been worse 5 on 5 then Buffalo. The way people on this board, you included, talk, the Sabres are the worst team ever. Their record, in spite of not getting the expected play from Eichel, Hall, Skinner and Dahlin are right in the middle of it. I’m done with this endless conversation, I’ll be back in April when the playoff race is more obvious.
  2. He is a nut case. On the other hand, given his extreme political views it would be interesting to see how we could discuss him without violating separation of political thread and hockey related threads,
  3. Arizona, Ottawa and a couple other teams are going to be willing to take on $6M in salary in return for for two years of a $6M cap hit.
  4. Like Free said, he’s only owed $4M each of the last Beto years. Further, $2M next year is a signing bonus, so they could trade him after July 1st and new team would only owe $2M in 21/22 and $4M in 22/23 so he will be very tradeable in offseason. Becsuse of his standing with team, it will be an amicable, smooth divorce.
  5. I know it’s tough to watch at times but a lot of this team is new and had little preseason and the guys that have been around have been through three coaches and three GM’s. Burying him in the minors only relieves about a million dollars in cap and that would be exhausted on any replacement.
  6. It’s hysterical to me that everyone equates effort and work ethic with Lindy Ruff. When he first took over people were up in arms because his team played so much more passive them Ted Nolan. It took three quarters of a season for people to understand that developing a true system actually took time and guys that looked like they were not trying were actually playing more responsible. Krueger has been implementing a more rigid defensive posture and people hate it. Just wait till the next two games, Trotz versus Krueger, it might be like watching paint dry. I hope everyone got to read
  7. First, I apologize for the term ridiculous. Second, given your propensity for hyperbole, forgive me if I don’t take it as gospel. I know people are frustrated and I love your particular passion but this team is going to be in the middle of things and when they are we will both be there cheering.
  8. This is so ridiculous I don’t even know how to respond.
  9. The players concessions took some of the urgency other team was feeling but I think the goalie in question will still be dealt but teams are still feeling we’re they stand.
  10. Staal apparently can’t play back to back and Hutton just can’t plsy
  11. Every game in this division went to overtime yesterday. I know everyone wants “style” points but every point is even more important this year. Win anyway you can.
  12. There is no doubt that something is bothering him. He seems to have a lot of trouble accepting passes and stick handling. It does not seem to effect his shot.
  13. Wow. Nothing from their obviously injured captain. Nothing from their 9 million winger, Their generational defenseman is still struggling. Apparently their coach sucks. They have played six games against two of the top five teams. And yet? The underlying numbers say dumb coach’s system leads the league in quality shot suppression, possession numbers are good and: Their record is 4-3-2 and would be 6-2-1 with better goaltending. Sounds to me like process is working.
  14. Jersey is better and Isles and Pens may not be as good as people think.
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