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  1. Since we are talking tickets, i have six tickets for Calgary day before Thanksgiving. Aisle seats, row 20, on the blue line. Also, Minnesota game, 2 tickets, front row, by penalty box
  2. Tickets secured for the eight people that paid me. Anyone that still wants to go and sit near these “select” eight, pm me and I’ll tell you how much I can get them for
  3. what is your paypal address, trying to figure out either how to transfer funds from bank to paypal or from my bank.  Dont do it enough and forgot how...?

  4. Don’t forget, I would like money by Friday.
  5. Okposo is going to be delicate. He is extremely respected, a free agent who wanted to come here and all that compounded by the what he went through with the concussions. He is more likely a candidate for the Nathan Horton treatment.
  6. People are whispering about my appearance? You know I’m in a fragile state right now. What you mean? What are they saying? oh wait, you were kidding? me too😜
  7. $97.50 unless you are from Sweden. For some reason MODO sent an extra $1.75.
  8. As of today, I have four tickets paid for. For those who haven’t yet paid, please do so by the 16th. Thank you all for always making this a smooth process.
  9. 1) Anyone that thinks they aren’t trying to improve the roster isn’t paying close enough attention 2) Thst said, none of us want another ROR trade were they just take the best offer 3) This is new territory for the NHL. RFA’s want short term, big money deals and they are not only holding up the process this year, they have GM’s re-evaluating their future contracts. 4) Mitch Marner deciding between an offer sheet and Toronto will likely send the market spinning. 5) JBOT isn’t going to go on radio and say OMG We are screwed if we have to go with Mitts. 6) While I think they will make one or two moves before the season, they do not have to. They have the flexibility to be cap compliant without using LTIR. 7) Since I’m feeling a little Wookie today, how about A) Winnipeg gets Risto and a MTL prospect plus a MTL first. B) Montreal gets Laine C) Buffalo gets Domi
  10. I’ll let you know if any other tickets become available or someone drops out
  11. It’s official MODO is signed sealed and delivered. Plan accordingly.
  12. In response to a couple of pm’s, yes, my PayPal address is the same. PM me if you need it.
  13. So that’s nine plus myself. I will only take money from these nine as I’m not sure if I can come up with any more at this price. I have other friends that sit in same sections as well as a connection or two so if anyone else wants tickets near these I may be able to accommodate them.
  14. So now I have TARO MODO DARK JOSIE WYLD WILDCARD and I believe NORTH B has as well but no pm as if yet
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