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  1. Ok, I seem to have two definite, Teri and NB, I’m assuming for one ticket each. I’ve also had three other posters react to my post but not sure if that means they are in. Please pm me with interest and number of tickets needed and I’ll explain process to those who haven’t done it before.
  2. I’ve used it a couple times recently with good results but I’m not surprised to hear of your experiences. Like every other industry, help is hard to come by and standards have been lowered.
  3. I know there’s a Little Steven gif for that, but damn if I know how to post it. Nice, that you are back though
  4. I think they will ask for an unprotected 2023 1st. They won’t get it. I think it will end up being close to the above but like I said previously I’m still betting it won’t happen.
  5. Trying to gauge interests in doing this again this year. We are back up to 8 tickets and save for 4 or 5 games we will have our choice of games. Cost will again be $100 per and I’ll need money by September.
  6. Actually disagree. Prevailing sentiment is that Chicago wants to rid themselves of both without looking like they are forcing them out. Best way is to send both back to their hometowns.
  7. Again, I don’t see them giving up significant assets. Chicago wants to be bad. They want a graceful exit strategy for both Kane and Toews. Trading Kane to his hometown is that. As Elliot Friedman stated, “it’s a romantic notion.” I just don’t see the downside.
  8. If it was completely up to me, and it’s obviously not, I acquire both Toews and Kane with Chicago retaining half of cap hit, sign Letang to a one year, $10M contract, trade for Quick and see how it goes. If come March things aren’t going well, I trade Kane, Quick and Toews, recoup some assets and resign Kane next off-season. See, I could be an insider…..
  9. There are a ton of factors going into this. While he wants to finish his career in Buffalo, he’s not going to just let them dictate the terms. If Buffalo doesn’t step up, someone else will and it could be a lot older Kane coming to finish up his career in Buffalo long after they could have used him.
  10. I’m old, tired and hung over. Reading comprehension only at around 25% today.
  11. Or, they trade him this off-season and he decides to re-up with the team he gets traded to. A lot of people seem to be assuming it’s now or next off-season but there’s no guarantee he’s free next year.
  12. I like Comrie. In my opinion, either Quick or Campbell with Comrie is the best way to go. I wouldn’t mind Varlamov. Also, I’m not sure I would count on UPL at all.
  13. Quick and Campbell seem to be the consensus favorites. Quick, because he would almost certainly waive his no trade clause to come back East, and had only one year on his deal that only pays him $2.5M and Campbell because he’s exactly the type of person KA wants, wouldn’t be too pricey, and could just be a slow developer a/k/a Tim Thomas.
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