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  1. Obviously it’s a long shot but when a 34 year old player faces reality, an extra year and a few million dollars might mean something. I just have problems with absolutes. Nobody knows what motivates different individuals.
  2. Most, but not all wingers can play either side. Sam played a lot of left wing early on, Skinner played RW for large stretches in Carolina. Sometimes it’s a coaches preference.
  3. Talking about Colin Miller, defenseman got Vegas.
  4. I was hoping that was just a bad translation.
  5. It’s funny how a respected analyst like Corey Pronman can disagree with a pick but admit that others are high on said pick and admit he may be wrong while others see things as black and white. This isn’t a science. After about pick two no one knows anything about these kids. I admire your passion and your analysis but it’s all just an educated guess.
  6. Wasn’t Faulk thought of the same way as Risto by the analytics guys?
  7. You do realize that a) other player has to agree b) the money will likely be significantly more.
  8. So just so I’m clear, some on this board don’t want to give up a third round draft choice to acquire a player that we would all be thrilled with if the third round draft choice turned into in five or six years?
  9. And is there a reason they can’t trade for Vesey and sign Donskoi?
  10. I thought we wanted a third liner who could score 35-40 points and not look terribly out of place if he has to fill in on the top two. If Vesey is our third liner and Sherry is our fourth liner I think you are in pretty good shape.
  11. Keeping if not keeping Teravainen had little to no impact on their record.
  12. You know better. They chose to keep the wrong guys and mis read the cap going forward. Larry Quinn is still waiting to take advantage of those cap strapped teams.
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