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  1. Yes, but the insinuation has been made that he is more of a "football guy" so logic would seem to suggest that if he were going to meddle, it would be in football and not hockey.
  2. Ty Dunne started his own venture and wrote an interesting piece on how much TPEGS wanted Mahommes and how he didn’t want to interfere with McDermott with the decision. I know PA’s head may explode but it’s a good read.
  3. I remember that most liked him but I vaguely remember some Zegras talk as well.
  4. I swear I thought this was going to be a story about how Anchises Bar or some other place was naming a “chicken” wing after her. Never dawned on me they were renaming a whole tv series after her😜
  5. Technically, he was already 20 when trophy was awarded, but it was his second season,
  6. I’m a big Springsteen fan, although I prefer most of the stuff up to “Nebraska” and a lot of the recent stuff. “Born in the USA” is probably my least favorite but I voted for Phil Collins. What he did to the Genesis legacy was criminal in my opinion.
  7. I’m not sure you are allowed to use that picture. He was my original screen name and I think I copywrited that pic.😜
  8. Nah, off the top of my head: Dawson Knox penalty on a free play, at least one if not two plays on the Hail Murray drive where Bills could have sacked him, pass interference on Worley, holding penalty on Winters when Brown makes great catch to convert 3rd and 24, dropped screen pass by Singletary that might have gone for a TD
  9. It didn’t help but it wouldn’t be in my top ten plays that cost them.
  10. 31 is definitely the target when you play four of the best offenses in the league and arguably the top four QB’s although I hate to include Tannehil(sic) in that conversation. The next six games, two rookies, a second year guy, Cam, Nick Mullins and Big Ben. Again, I think they are in good shape and I predict the storyline will be how the defense came together when a lot of it will be who they played.
  11. I was wondering the same thing. It was almost as if they thought the clock would run. The announcers mentioned the chance of block but I thought only way defense could score is if offense threw an interception and it was returned all the way. of course the bettors are freaking because it was -2.5
  12. They played basically the same game against Arizona and only some strange plays by Arizona gave Miami the win. Their defense looked good against the Rams, not so good against Arizona, Seattle or Buffalo. We will see at the end but I’m still confident Buffalo will have clinched before week 17.
  13. Buffalo is still the better team but Miami has the easier remaining schedule but the Bills will be alright. Going forward, it will be fun if Tua is for real but it’s way too early for that assumption.
  14. Come on. It was an incredible catch. They made some great plays to give Allen a chance, he succeeded and they just got beat by a better play. It happens when you play good teams.
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