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  1. You are at least ten years behind. The revenue streams made possible by new technology seems endless at this point.
  2. They are not killing off the golden goose. Thry just replaced it with a platinum one. They just don’t need people in the stands anymore. Sure, they would like more but they have gone away from thinking that they need fannies in the seats buying concessions and stuff. The business model is completely different. The NBA was the last league to start to see the shift but they are now in lock step. Baseball attendance has been down for at least the last five years.
  3. That’s if you put any stock in the AHL developing guys that end up being top 4 forwards. It’s possible that I may once again have to have neck fusion surgery. If I do, I’m going to spend my rehab going through every teams top four forwards and document how many played more then a half of a year in the AHL. Anyone want to predict how many? 124 forwards. How many spent more the 40 games in the minors!
  4. Their goaltending is average to decidedly well below average and their special teams stink. If they hadn’t been bad for so long we’d all be kind of encouraged by this.
  5. Yeah. If you consider one game way behind. 14-15 to 13-16!
  6. For what it’s worth, and I only know you through here, you’ll do fine. You already passed three of the four criteria I set when I interviewed someone. 1) you have proven you can learn 2) you can make an intelligent argument for what you believe to be true 3) you seem to be able to admit you were wrong 4) ??
  7. I forgot you are still dealing with that student thing.
  8. I’d be willing to wager on that. I’ll take before the trade freeze before Christmas, you got everything else. $100 tip to some random waiter/waitress that looks like they need.
  9. What decade you living in where you expect a fourth liner to chip in 15-20 goals? For the record, I see Asplund as a third liner but you are projecting fourth line status with high third line, low second line numbers.
  10. As I said, this is coming with people wagering on which player gets the first shot and whether the first goal will be a backhand or a forehand
  11. Attendance in all major sports is dropping for a whole assortment of reasons. That’s why most new stadia are being built with less actual seats and more bars, restaurants and common areas. Blind loyalty is no longer a motivator to buy tickets. Easy access to secondary market tickets is just another reason season ticket sales will continue to plummet.
  12. You have to multiply number of scouts attending game and age of said player and then divide by plus minus ranking and if number is greater then 10, it’s an E4.
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