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  1. Why? The return they receive for a Eichel will likely have minimal impact on this season. Why is there any pressure for them to do anything before they are ready?
  2. You do not retain salary when you are trading a very good, young player on a good value contract. You only retain when you are dumping a bad contract. It’s as simple as that.
  3. A little perspective, while the Sabres are in obviously worse shape then most, I talked to someone at league offices today that told me several teams are dealing with a significant drop in season ticket sales. On top of that, just read a tweet from a Pittsburgh reporter who said today’s announcement regarding season ticket packages in Pittsburgh was the first time he ever heard an in arena announcement.
  4. I agree that some click at different ages just don’t think it has anything to do with when you start playing them in the NHL.
  5. I’m talking about players in general.
  6. And I still think this is crap. If someone is mentally weak enough that they are messed up by their early years they were never going to make it anyway. There really is no way to prove it short of creating an alternate universe but I believe “bad at developing” is just a euphemism for “wasn’t very good in the first place.”
  7. We were also allowed to put all seats we didn’t buy in pause with right to buy them back next year.
  8. Who didn’t believe it? Our group went from a height of 21 tickets down to 6 this year. On the plus side for those who still bought tickets, the secondary market should be a little higher when trying to sell to fans from other teams. Their choices will be to buy at season ticket price from us or box office price from the team. I will be supremely pissed if the team offers discounts on tickets. By the way, don’t feel too bad for Terry, most of the lost tickets revenue will be made up by paying about $30M less in payroll.
  9. It’s funny to me how we dismiss insider information that we don’t believe but refer to it to back up things we believe.
  10. They offered him the deal he said he wanted and I think he planned on signing it till the Bruins stepped in. The Sabres were surprised someone offered more. I think Ulmark was surprised as well. You can’t blame anyone for picking the Bruins over the Sabres at this point in time.
  11. The Sabres will never admit it but they thought either Ulmark or Kuemper would be their goalie this year. They never envisioned someone exceeding Ulmark’s ask or Seattle signing Grubauer and scuttling plan B.
  12. I think some fans would and when you’ve lost the numbers that they have lost, some fans might be too many. The Bills lost 700 season ticket holders over a vaccination policy. I know four people who dropped out of Sabres season tickets over it. The passion some people feel about singing the National Anthem at sporting events, no matter how misguided, is real to those people.
  13. While I agree with this, the Sabres are in no position to alienate any more segments of their fan base.
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