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  1. Problem with this speculation is that Dubas and everyone else could have acquired Miller for a lot less then Kapanen before Buffalo acquired him. Maybe his private numbers don’t match the public numbers always associated with Miller.
  2. I love Boudreau because of what he isn’t but the fact is he hasn’t translated his regular season success Into the postseason. For the record, I was wrong to think that you were the only one that thought he was defensive. I do, however, believe that article was written because it was different then what people associated with him.
  3. Not this year. 150 goals against and a -15 differential is among worst in the league. His theory, no matter how painted, is possessing the puck is the best defense which has been the reason for two dismissals with another one pending.
  4. Except that if TM was here they would have a true 2C and a starting goalie and according to your other thread they would be playoff contenders and trending up which is also how I see it so we kinda agree except you think what TM did was gut the team and I see it as he was moving JAG’s until he found the right pieces.
  5. OK, we keep having posters striving to be the first ever. I would wager $100 that no one has ever said a Bruce Boudreau team was defensive minded before this post.
  6. Pretty much this. For all intents and purposes, this is permanent. Besides the perfect facilities, the proximity to Toronto, Montreal and New York along with the weather that time of year and a city that actually cares about these prospects makes it difficult to imagine them moving it.
  7. Being that he’s a huge Bills fan and friends with Jim Kelly, he might waive but I wouldn’t take that contract either.
  8. He’s making $6 million. Buffalo can’t afford that without sending someone making that much and Chicago can’t afford to retain much salary, this the assumption I made.
  9. That’s not my job but they have plenty if he has the b__ls to take a chance.
  10. This seems to be JBOT’s new excuse even though he is largely responsible for it. Also, as per usual fans sometimes don’t put things in proper perspective. Half the league has $1M or less in cap space. This is not a Buffalo Sabre problem. You need to be creative, think outside the box and be proactive.
  11. They might fall below 8,000 season ticket holders if they don’t do something substantial by August, 2020.
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