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  1. The Bills dominated the Jets. Only you and Gregg Williams think they barely won.
  2. But that’s so subjective. Allen throws a TD to Davis were only he could catch it and they call it a poor throw. Mshoomes throws a pass that Hardman makes an incredible catch and they marvel at Mahommes vision and ability to throw at all different angles and trajectory. We finally have receivers that can catch the ball and now they want to deduct points based on catch radius. Whatever.
  3. I’ll ignore the lifestyle quote but I wouldn’t give up that for Kessel either.
  4. I think, like Freddy Andersen, he had a $5M bonus so he is actually only $1M cash this year and $6M next year.
  5. Don’t forget, they didn’t draft Marques Johnson because they had Dantley and then traded Dantley for Billy Knight. They shot themselves in the foot a lot. One thing to remember though, is that these were pre Bird/ Johnson days and the NBA was struggling. Their finals were even on tape delay. That made it difficult for Snyder to find a buyer.
  6. Fact of the matter is that Snyder actually saved the ownership early on when original owner bailed. It would have been great if he was able to foster a better relationship with Bob Rich or Seymour Knox. Eddie Donovan has built a team ahead of its time and made some smart, savvy moves. He wasn’t afraid to take chances. He drafted McAdoo when everyone thought he was signed with ABA, even tried to draft Spencer Heywood and thought he deserved Artis Gilmore because of earlier trade with Bulls. There are still people that will tell you the Braves had a deal for Doctor J before Nets got him. They needed an owner with the same foresight. We will never know.
  7. What an amazing front court that would have been. Malone and Dantley dominating inside, McAdoo running free outside. What a match up nightmare. The small forward a baby bull, the power forward a gazelle and they were 21, 21 and 25 years old with a 22 year old Shumate able to backup both at center and power forward and I think Jack Marin would have backed up AD.
  8. Yeah, can you imagine a front court of Malone, Shumate and McAdoo along with Randy Smith in the backcourt. Ernie D was done in by injury but they could have found another PG.
  9. Toronto is supposed to be a front runner for Matt Murray.
  10. Thank you for the Bob Kaufman reference. Still miss the Braves and still believe if they had the right ownership they would have been Buffalo’s first “major” sport champion.
  11. So if Servelli reported that the Sabre’s were interested in Pietrangelo we’d all laugh at the rumor and carry on. He reports that the team is “considering” an internal cap and it’s taken as gospel.
  12. Almost every player drafted is some sort of consensus. Most NHL GM’s have no idea who the players are and rely on their scouts. Tim Murray was one of the few GM’s who did any actual scouting.
  13. While I agree with all of this, I want to keep the goal posts in the same place. My whole “argumentative” mood is the result of the original post which implied that Skinner pulled a “Stafford” by having a career year when his contract was. This, in spite of the fact that he had a nearly identical season two years previous as well as scoring over 30 goals two other years.
  14. You can do whatever you want but when you make statements that are inconsistent with the facts, expect to called out. His history is completely inconsistent with the label of “contract year” spurt.
  15. You are stating an opinion. The facts say otherwise. He is a legitimate top winger who has four seasons over 30 goals. You implied that his “contract year” was outside the norm. History shows otherwise.
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