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  1. While I agree with a lot of what is written in subsequent posts, I disagree entirely with the original post. Players know details such as no movement clauses in their contracts and anything read into the players interviews is a false conclusion.
  2. I would vote for LGRM. I like several posters on the board and have tremendous respect for guys like Taro, Dudacek, Eleven, et al, enjoy the humor of Ink and unintended humor of Wookie, but for information and to learn a little about the analytical process it’s LGRM. And, I apologize in advance for those I omitted.
  3. I don’t know, I listened to it again and I don’t see it as vaccine skepticism as much as the right to choose. I do think it’s surprising that he admits to not being very informed on the subject.
  4. This is how false internet rumors start. He never said he wouldn’t get vaccinated. He said he wanted to see the numbers first. He will get vaccinated. Hopefully they make a big deal about it so some of the mindless souls who care what athletes do will get one too.
  5. I don’t think they can play Pittsburgh in the finals!
  6. Fans laughed at Sakic. Old school hockey guys laughed at Sakic. Smart hockey people didn’t.
  7. So he needed a year and a half working as some assistant in charge of something to be respected as a GM? Shanahan, Yzernan, Salic all had less then two years working as assistants to assistants so they were more qualified? Everyone was laughing at Sakic the first two years until they realized what he was doing. Adams has the respect, the pedigree, the education to do the job. Who knows if he succeeds. History has shown there really is no blue print on who is the best person for the job.
  8. Experience does not define respect. Adams has spent his life building relationships and earning respect. As a player, Adams had the same level of respect from his teammates as Drury. I love Chris Drury. I will correct anyone who thinks he didn’t want to stay here. Kevyn Adams is the same kind of guy and it’s unfortunate that the Sabres past missteps in hiring has people making snap judgments about his abilities.
  9. He was not two faced. He accepted an offer and Golisano changed his mind. They should of had both Drury and Briere and ownership blew it.
  10. How does Danault get only $600K less then Sam? I’m calling bunk to these numbers unless Seattle drafts all AHL’ers and then signs 12 free agents to $6M deals.
  11. If Danault gets anywhere near those numbers......
  12. Those numbers seem way high. Even with the née TV deal the cap is expected to remain flat. I’d be surprised to see any contender pay those numbers.
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