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  1. Playoff hockey is about the only time you'll hear a man hoping for more periods ?
  2. Bogosian slipping & falling at the blue line, poised to give up the puck is just like old times. Korpisalo is playing lights out so far. Not like we need any lessons on how far stellar goaltending can take you. Hasek schooled everybody on that. This game could go on forever...
  3. U guys who say the Jays game is on local tv. Who's ur provider, Spectrum? Verizon FIOS? Verizon guide has a totally different game scheduled, but if you disregard that & go to that channel anyways, the Jays game is on. My father wanted to watch the game & was arguing with me that the game wasn't on because he saw the guide. I told him to just humor me & check out the channel & he just called to apologize to me haha.
  4. Yeah my 1st thought obviously was Crosby with Sheary. Sheary's probably the perfect example of that
  5. As a Sabres fan I know the feeling. Not about us scoring in a playoff game (because its been so long since we've been in one) or about paying for talent (see half our roster), but i can still relate lol. I'm still optimistic we'll get this thing turned around though... one day. It's always darkest before the dawn & we haven't seen sunshine in a decade. But while i think its extremely unlikely they'll trade a Marner, after getting knocked out of the playoffs in the 1st round for what, the 3rd season in a row if im not mistaken? There very well could be some thoughts that what they have
  6. The link you provided has the word "edit" in it & brings up an error while viewing. I'm guessing because you didn't save it or publish it. Didn't even get out of the gate with this one, we've reached a new low haha
  7. Yeah Nashville works for me too. Even though I'm still disgusted any of these teams at all have a shot at #1OA. At this point for me its about making the best out of a less than ideal situation. Whatever team gets 1OA, I don't want them to be from our Conference
  8. Yeah i really like that shade of blue i think. Reminds me of the blue in the 2018 Winter Classic jersey (which was one of my favorites). And the striping tweaks the traditional for a bit of an edgier look. Some cool ideas for sure. I just hope the official jerseys are something we can all be proud of. I remember before the slug came out there were lots of interesting concepts like this floating around that got me excited about our new jersey. And then the slug came out haha. They absolutely nailed the 50th Anniversary jerseys, so i can't wait to see what they come up with now.
  9. There are some pretty cool jersey ideas on the 1st page of this thread from years ago. I remember some other ones from back then that were pretty cool too, but i couldn't find them on the internet. In my search i did however come across this page full of some good looking concepts that I didn't see posted anywhere here. Here's the link of them if u'd like to check em out https://buffalohockeycentral.com/2020/06/26/sabres-jersey-concepts/
  10. Thankfully i never bought anything with the slug on it. Thought so then, still think so now haha.
  11. Appreciate your exercise with the trades... it'd be great to get Monahan but there's no way in hell they'd trade him for Casey & a 2nd & Montour. Maybe if Casey was further along in his development, but even with our 8OA idk if it gets it done (though it'd obviously would be more enticing for them where they'd have to think about it). But if Calgary had missed the playoffs this year, then I could see the Flames wanting to make a move like that. He's their 1C & PP1, signed to a decent contract for a couple more seasons. Getting rid of him creates a hole in their lineup where if they
  12. I would too. Especially when you factor in our our draft history & what we've used our 2nd rd picks on. Jury is still out on our 2nd rd choices under Jbott, but nothing really blows me away with them. Sure we all hope UPL will be the real deal or that Samuelsson's career is at least as good as his fathers. But in 10 years prior really only Jake McCabe has done anything with us. Sure we've used others in trades but i'll take Strome over Asplund or Marcus Davidsson or the many other players we got in the 2nd. Sabres draft history in case anyone wants a good cry: https://www.hockeydb.com
  13. I just hope they don't screw this up. The reason for the change in the 1st place is because its "what the fans wanted". Idk if there's been any fan input into the design changes, but it would've been nice. Between the slug that got smeared across a windshield mess & the alumni jerseys from last year with the embarrassing spelling mistakes, I really don't have much faith that it'll be what we hope it'll be. But after so much disappointment over the years, getting this right should be a gimme right? As always hoping for the best.
  14. I hear ya. However when i lived deep in the heart of the West Side here, in the summer time i'd have a bonfire in the backyard, with a few grills going & my HD projector playing Katt's standup shows on the back of my house. And the whole neighborhood would come over, often people I didn't even know, with the demographics being heavily slanted towards african americans & hispanics. Maybe it was just the perfect setting for me but we would've had the cops called on us from everyone laughing so much, if it wasn't for the whole neighborhood being there too. Tbh watching his standup's toget
  15. Besides from the other names on this list. Katt Williams had some pretty funny standups back in the day. And from my childhood days i'd toss in Gallagher. He was pretty witty & he liked to smash things with sledgehammers. The sledgehammering alone gets him on my list haha These 2 still wouldn't be Top 5 imo... Just other names added that havent been mentioned yet
  16. I can't see Calgary trading Tkachuk, Lindholm or Gaudreau... suppose anythings possible but those are 3 players I can't see them wanting to move on from. I wouldn't move them, not for what we'd be willing to send their way, unless they really value our 1st rd pick in a deal. Vancouver makes some sense. I'd love to have Horvat but i cant imagine the Nucks would move him, as he's sorta like their Eichel & on a good contract still. But Boeser, Virtanen, Gaudette seem like attainable pieces. I also remember their GM Benning wanting Reinhart in the past, and that area is where Sam is from.
  17. Considering the rumor involves a team currently in the playoffs, at least we're spared all the potential trades regarding Adam Henrique. He's probably been talked about more here than on a Anaheim Ducks messageboard haha. But i wouldnt be surprised if these rumors are true. It's what I'd hope our GM is doing. Wonder if its connected to the rumor we heard about Jbot, how he had been working on a deal prior to his firing, or if its something brand new from KA. Either way i hope for the best!
  18. I was only speaking of the players who scored yesterday when i mentioned Sheary & Ennis... but yeah thats a lot of players. Thanks for doing the research... i guess you really could fill out a roster with all those guys haha. I'm sure you could perform the same exercise with other teams too. But given how many years we've missed the playoffs, when I see all these ex Sabres in the post season i can't help but reflect on all the mistakes we've made & wish i were seeing Blue & Gold on the ice instead.
  19. Sheary scores tonight, now Tyler Ennis. In years past I would see all our ex Sabres playing in the Playoffs while our players played Golf. And there'd be so many of them you could almost field a complete team of them, heck you probably could. But I used to wonder if that assembled team of ex Sabres were better than the team we currently have. Hopefully I won't have to think about stuff like that & we'll be in the dance soon enough lol
  20. I still buy the Rooties Blue Cheese tho ?
  21. For me its LaNova's on West Ferry because the size of their wings are as big as a little kids forearm (sorry for the visual but all i could think of haha). They're also made right. Fried, then sauced, then put on the pit to char & then topped off with more sauce. Lots of places skip that all important step. Mattina's on Delaware Ave in Tonawanda has pretty good wings too. They might even be bigger in size than the LaNova wings, but still have a good char to them. Gabriels is good for sure & their BBQ sauce is tasty. I also remember there being daily specials from time to time
  22. You can tell its Peak Offseason when we debate whether Sam can be a center on this team. Seems it happens every offseason haha. Just goes to show how long we've had this hole on our roster. I would say since he hasn't played C yet (while on a team badly needing one), we won't be seeing him at C & any help to that position must be found via draft or trade.
  23. Yeah i could get on board with Torey Krug if it could happen, with the addition of moving out Risto and/or Montour for some forward help. And to your bolded: "I'd like to see us land some Bruins or Blues" 1st thing i thought was the ROR trade where we got 3 Blues players back in the deal. How'd that work out? haha But to the overall sentiment, that was also one of Jbots goals i remember. Adding players that have had some playoff experience, since nobody on the Sabres has gotten that experience with the team itself. Yes, adding players that come from successful organizations that kn
  24. He'll get his 9 games & he'll stick to the NHL roster this time. Development wise, I'd be more worried about Cozens' if he had to play another season in the WHL. He's already risen to the top & likely learned as much as he can versus that competition. I want him to continue to grow & be challenged. If he had to play another season there, would his focus drop off, would his attitude change for the worse? Why even mess around with it. Plus we need him to contribute now. That doesnt mean we just force him into a role but i think after training camp & this extended period of t
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