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  1. No rookies & no idiots seems like something we would've shot for from the start.... Here's to better luck this time!
  2. My Sabres goal for this game is for us not to give Vladar his 1st Career NHL Shutout. LETS GO BOYS!
  3. I just finished watching the game. I took a screenshot of the stream i was watching, right as the buzzer sounded to end the game. Really speaks a thousand words Thank the Gods Reinhart when he went down wasn't seriously hurt too, bcuz we would've had another: "Lowest Moment to be a Sabres fan" after the one last week
  4. I agree. But i also remember most of us saying the same thing about RFK vs the coaches that came before him. But it makes total sense this would be the case with Granato, as he should be able to relate & speak to the boys better, for all thats worth.
  5. Ulmark goes down, we traded Johannson, Hutton goes down. Welcome to the party Dustin Tokarski! Go show em what you can do!
  6. Okposo being benched (regardless if its for injury) is the best Sabres news ive heard all day. I do hope he's alright & back to 100%, but i'd like to see someone else in that spot. Asplund > Okposo always at this point. Looking to see if theres any signs of life out there tonight GO SABRES!
  7. Everytime i think we're reached the lowest point, we end up going even lower. I thought the bankruptcy & team almost moving was the lowest point. The tank years were the lowest point. Last year was the lowest point. Last month. These past 2 weeks. I just hope this lowest point today is really the lowest point & the only place we can go next is up. I'm mad as hell & can't take it anymore
  8. Casey DeSmith doing his part to give the BILLS the win
  9. But at the same time, when we face another teams backup goaltender, isn't that when they usually get their 1st career shutout? We can't even really count on that with this team lol
  10. Honestly i dont know what else one could expect. Its been a trying start to the season (to understate it), you finally score to make it a 2 goal game & well, I wouldnt expect the boys to be going around like its Chariots of Fire or something. Of course we'd like to see more energy or passion out there, but surely theres bigger things to focus on than how high Olofsson's teammates lifted their sticks after a goal? Dont mean for that to sound confrontational or anything, just saying haha Regardless we need to have some success out there quick before the whole season implodes
  11. I hear that all the time but Bill Belichick is known to put his players thru hell to toughen them up, he was pretty successful. You look at what the BILLS are doing with their "process" & culture. I don't think its hard to make the leap that if you want a hard working team, they need to practice like a hard practicing team. You can't be all soft & coaxing to your players & then expect them to be dogs & go thru walls for you. I think the best coaches would have elements of both in them, knowing when to be good cop/bad cap so to speak. But our teams have been soft & wea
  12. What is that, 3 commercials in the past 3 minutes? lol
  13. Sam back from the locker room & on the ice... Good sign
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