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  1. Can't wait to see how our Sabres look tomorrow when RaKru starts coaching, we should be in for a treat!
  2. anyone needs help with streams for the games, send me a pm
  3. Washington has been one of the better teams in the league for years, Sabres have been one of the worst. And this game is following that script to a T.
  4. My thoughts on the advertising are at least its subtle & the ad isnt like what you see overseas where the ad is placed right smack on their forehead. This is probably as good as it could get imo
  5. And so ends the dream & years of forum threads/posts about how we should try to get Cirelli. or does it?.... Great deal for Tampa on a team friendly contract... must be nice
  6. none. You obviously have never bought a superyacht 😛 I have no idea on how much the one cost that they were recently building, but the one they previously owned, called Top Five had a price of $18,000,000.
  7. Great day by Patterson, heck great season so far. 1st rb to rush for back to back 300+ yard games since Ricky Williams did it in 1996. Its a shame that coach pulled him before he was able to break both those records. But watching the interview after the game, Patterson is a class act. Mentioned all his teammates & said all he cared about was the win. Really impressed by this kid. Patterson for the Heisman!
  8. Pretty much agree with the assessments except for Mitts sniffing the roster at all. And you don't give Thompson that contract to be the 13th forward, so i fully expect him to be slotted in. So i'd guess Lazar & Mitts are the odd men out. Wish we had some hockey going right now. F the year that was 2020, we can't be rid of it soon enough!
  9. Just read this on espn. The NHL considering realignment & a new hub model to deal with the covid situation. https://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/30293981/realignment-potential-another-hub-model-table-nhl-commissioner-gary-bettman-says
  10. pretty good deal for Edmonton. Personally I would've rather we pay Kahun the contract that Girgensons received, or how about split it between the 2 of them? It is what it is i guess. I'll be curious to see how he works out for them & hope i don't curse KA for not re-signing him later this season lol.
  11. threads like this are largely pointless & fans throw their hot takes around, so we shouldn't take it too seriously. But the question was who is & will be the better "player". Some might value scoring goals as the most important, others may value a more all around game or more "complete player" if you will. For me its not close between the 2 given the small sample size for VO & the years worth of growth from Sam. That record you spoke of, VO scoring his 1st 7 goals on the PP is the same reason why i see Sam as being better. Sam scores the vast majority of his goals at ES &
  12. I went Olofsson for both. No of course I didn't, Reinhart Reinhart. Not even close. Sam's younger, smarter, more well rounded, better along the boards, plays in front of the net & is a better passer. Also been much more productive over his career, on even strength & just in general, & has much more experience. Not much of a choice really. Maybe a better poll would be Skinner vs Reinhart
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