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  1. Just saw this piece on MSN Sports by Chad. Gives a little more info than just the tweet itself, thought i'd share it in case anyone wanted to read it https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nhl/could-the-sabres-not-qualify-brandon-montour/ar-BB17VarI Just like all of you it doesn't make much sense to me that we'd fear arbitration with Montour or that we'd risk letting him walk for nothing. This whole thing could just be clickbait for all we know. I also don't understand why in the tweet he says he could be traded tomorrow. Since the new year date is on October 9th. With the draft on 10/6, I'd think we'd have until roughly then. But i'll admit, I'm not well versed on these things.
  2. Currently the 4th longest atm. Before a couple minutes pass & i get corrected again lol
  3. yeah i left the possibly out, edited it prior to your post... I wasnt quite fast enough!
  4. Besides from this possibly being the longest playoff game in NHL history, Korpisalo just set the record for most saves in a playoff game. Breaking Kelly Hrudey's save mark of 73 saves, a record that stood for 33 years. Crazy
  5. Playoff hockey is about the only time you'll hear a man hoping for more periods 😛
  6. Bogosian slipping & falling at the blue line, poised to give up the puck is just like old times. Korpisalo is playing lights out so far. Not like we need any lessons on how far stellar goaltending can take you. Hasek schooled everybody on that. This game could go on forever...
  7. U guys who say the Jays game is on local tv. Who's ur provider, Spectrum? Verizon FIOS? Verizon guide has a totally different game scheduled, but if you disregard that & go to that channel anyways, the Jays game is on. My father wanted to watch the game & was arguing with me that the game wasn't on because he saw the guide. I told him to just humor me & check out the channel & he just called to apologize to me haha.
  8. Yeah my 1st thought obviously was Crosby with Sheary. Sheary's probably the perfect example of that
  9. As a Sabres fan I know the feeling. Not about us scoring in a playoff game (because its been so long since we've been in one) or about paying for talent (see half our roster), but i can still relate lol. I'm still optimistic we'll get this thing turned around though... one day. It's always darkest before the dawn & we haven't seen sunshine in a decade. But while i think its extremely unlikely they'll trade a Marner, after getting knocked out of the playoffs in the 1st round for what, the 3rd season in a row if im not mistaken? There very well could be some thoughts that what they have now isn't working & to take an area of strength to fill out a big area of weakness. Stranger things have happened
  10. The link you provided has the word "edit" in it & brings up an error while viewing. I'm guessing because you didn't save it or publish it. Didn't even get out of the gate with this one, we've reached a new low haha
  11. Yeah Nashville works for me too. Even though I'm still disgusted any of these teams at all have a shot at #1OA. At this point for me its about making the best out of a less than ideal situation. Whatever team gets 1OA, I don't want them to be from our Conference
  12. Yeah i really like that shade of blue i think. Reminds me of the blue in the 2018 Winter Classic jersey (which was one of my favorites). And the striping tweaks the traditional for a bit of an edgier look. Some cool ideas for sure. I just hope the official jerseys are something we can all be proud of. I remember before the slug came out there were lots of interesting concepts like this floating around that got me excited about our new jersey. And then the slug came out haha. They absolutely nailed the 50th Anniversary jerseys, so i can't wait to see what they come up with now.
  13. There are some pretty cool jersey ideas on the 1st page of this thread from years ago. I remember some other ones from back then that were pretty cool too, but i couldn't find them on the internet. In my search i did however come across this page full of some good looking concepts that I didn't see posted anywhere here. Here's the link of them if u'd like to check em out https://buffalohockeycentral.com/2020/06/26/sabres-jersey-concepts/
  14. Thankfully i never bought anything with the slug on it. Thought so then, still think so now haha.
  15. Appreciate your exercise with the trades... it'd be great to get Monahan but there's no way in hell they'd trade him for Casey & a 2nd & Montour. Maybe if Casey was further along in his development, but even with our 8OA idk if it gets it done (though it'd obviously would be more enticing for them where they'd have to think about it). But if Calgary had missed the playoffs this year, then I could see the Flames wanting to make a move like that. He's their 1C & PP1, signed to a decent contract for a couple more seasons. Getting rid of him creates a hole in their lineup where if they made that trade, now they would be looking for a 1C/2C to replace him. Casey obviously isn't that guy & Backlund & Bennett aren't 1C material. Backlund could fill that spot if needed, but their C spine would be neutered. I'm no expert however so who knows, i could be totally wrong (wouldn't be the 1st time haha). I just think you're undervaluing Monahan. I also think Montour's value has dropped a bit (even if its just slightly) since when we traded Guhle & a 1st for him. And Casey's value is well, in the eye of the beholder. And that 2nd rd pick has a 25% chance at making the NHL, years down the road. So really the trade is a 1C for Montour & a couple prospects. Would u make that trade if you had Monahan? Maybe if their GM was Jbotts they would do it. I also would hope we made some move at Goalie for next year as well, unless you're going with: Hutton can see clearly again & betting on him to turn things around.
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