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  1. Yep. So if that happens & i'd say its a pretty likely scenario, we would've traded a 1st rd pick of the 2019 draft & Guhle to end up with a 2nd rd pick in the 2021 draft. Sounds like hockey heaven to me
  2. Yeah if anything players would ask for a GTC, a guaranteed trade clause
  3. Well the chart is just for that particular statistic of GAR, which it just happens thats where Trouba falls on it. Last season with the Rangers he had a bit of a down year. He struggled with defending zone entries & while used on the PK he wasn't that good. He was dead last for short handed GAR on the team. If u want to read more specifically on him, this article here has a thorough breakdown of his past year. https://lastwordonsports.com/hockey/2020/09/12/jacob-trouba-bounce-back-candidate-new-york-rangers/
  4. its goals This is the chart of the 30th WORST defenders in the league with Irwin being the 16th worst for GAR
  5. Goals above replacement It measures the total amount of goals a player adds to his team relative to a replacement level player, and tries to do so by taking everything a player does into account.
  6. Not a very positive article on Irwin lol From the piece: Frankly, the fact that we don’t have to look ahead to a future that involves either player being on the team is a positive thing Overall Grade: F+ Even compared to other third-pairing defenders, these guys were bad by all metrics. I only put the plus in there because neither one of them actually caused serious damage to anyone on the ice or scored an own goal.
  7. Great video on him. Anyone wanting to know more about him & how his performance in the DEL league & tournaments correlates to the other leagues should watch this imo Thanks for sharing!
  8. A bunch of other people in this thread made the same comparison. There are a bunch of differences tho. 1 being that historically speaking, both the Bills & the Sabres have whiffed on 1st rd picks. Just that the Bills have hit on them more often than not with the new regime. This was KA's 1st opportunity to disappoint & given Quinn's consensus ranking, we reached a bit, and went back on our pre draft statements of using analytics to influence our decision & picking the BPA. As with all things, time will tell how this pans out & who was the best choice
  9. The big question i want to know the answer to is can he do a pull-up?
  10. Interesting that Quinn wasn’t even included in Larry Fisher’s Top 124 Preseason Rankings released last August, and by November was still projected as just a third-rounder. Now he's been selected at the 8th overall by yours truly your Buffalo Sabres! Really hope this pans out & he's not taking Okposo's spot on the 4th line.
  11. If we wanted Quinn, why wouldnt we try to trade down then?
  12. I'm glad they went to a commercial before the Devils pick & not before us, like what usually happens whenever Buffalo is drafting lol
  13. drafts going just like we hoped so far!
  14. Idk, but do the Sabres sign Skins to a more appropriate salary if ROR was on the roster? Probably. Once ROR was gone it created such a hole that it gave Skinner's agent all the leverage over Jbots. Had ROR still been there, i'm sure the final price would've been more reasonable, as I doubt any other team was prepared to offer as much as what we finally gave him. Could be wrong of course but that'd be my uninformed 2 cents lol.
  15. too many for both of us i guess... although this being 2020 with all its brought, its probably for the best. Keep puffing 😛
  16. Na i meant Anti Raanta from the Yotes. Had a brain freeze & said Bruins thinking of Rask. Arizona could move one of their goalies so 1 could be had i imagine. As for Ruutu idk who that is, other than Christian from the old days & Tuomo of the Rangers who plays LW
  17. Khudobin, Talbot, Kuemper if he could be had, Raanta from the Coyotes, Pavel Francouz from the Czech Republic Matt Murray is also available
  18. Saw that the Sabres are trending on twitter & the 1st thing i see is this : Good thing its just a bs post by some bs person lol
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