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  1. Possibly. But given the long time off from playing here in the States, what is it, 9 months before the Sabres might play a game again? I wouldn't possibly expect Pilut to come back at all til the following year. Why come back sooner just not to play yanno? So change in regime or not, at least for now i don't see it impacting things in the short term. Down the road possibly & i hope it does, at the very least so we can use that asset which is Pilut in some way that can improve the team. For whatever thats worth...
  2. I'd honestly feel more comfortable if we had Yzerman or Davidson or Gillis taking over. Kevyn Adams? A guy who can't even get the spelling of his 1st name right? Idk man haha. But like others have stated, i don't think we're that far away from being a playoff caliber team as it is. We don't need the best GM in the world, all we need is a competent one & we're a playoff caliber team. Maybe Kevyn is that guy, i certainly hope so. We'll know more once we see what he does. Sticks crossed i guess
  3. Well depending on how far those conversations went, the agent could get in contact with Adams to carry on with the discussion & probably will i imagine. This isnt the 1st time a GM got fired & the business carried on. I was just curious. We've been waiting & wondering for awhile who will get moved in & out & our GM Jnot is rumored to have been working on a deal & then gets fired before being able to. Its just fitting
  4. The firing of Jbotts should have provided some optimism for all of us. But after firing half the hockey department, some needed to go for sure but as a whole its pretty much done the opposite to me. Hearing the Pegs talk about how they want to surround themselves with Non Hockey people, when they have no idea how to run a hockey franchise, doesnt sound like the recipe for success. Sure our organization is leaner & more efficient today. But same thing happened to me after my house burnt down, i was leaner & more efficient, but everything was a mess & a huge pile of as
  5. I have to imagine that the Pegula's talked to Jack before they made this move, just to get his thoughts & opinion on it & even speak on behalf of the players. I wonder how that conversation went & how on board he is with Adams. Knowing the type of guy Jack is, im sure he said he's on board with whatever it takes to turn the ship around. But i really wonder if he feels more confident today than he did yesterday.
  6. This article here talks about what changed over the past 3 weeks. Goes into the discussions JB had with the Pegs about the restructuring plans & him being opposed to them. Maybe its just WGR messing with me but if u follow the course of events it seems probable his firing was at least due in part to those "philosophical differences" in this restructuring plan. https://www.tsn.ca/talent/buffalo-sabres-decide-to-start-over-once-again-1.1486570
  7. I would've preferred firing Jbotts because of the performance of the team. But now it appears it was at the very least partly due to him being opposed to these other staff cuts & the firings with the Amerks. So now Jbotts is a martyr?
  8. hey maybe we'll get lucky with the NHL Draft Lottery like we did with Dahlin Pretty much the only thing i'm hoping for at this point.
  9. You'd think a competent organization would at least do a general GM search while going thru the process of firing your current GM. At the very least just to see who is available that potentially could be better. Not us. To me there seems to be other reasons going into their pick of Kevyn Adams for why that was the case. More to do with their familiarity with him and/or ability to communicate/control him i guess. I suppose its possible Kevyn Adams is the next great GM & the Pegulas are the 1st to see it. But i'm not holding my breath
  10. I know we all like to compare the Sabres with the Bills for some kind of blueprint to turn things around. And i dont disagree that drafting well is critical, its something Jbotts himself has spoken about over & over again. The one caveat to that is in hockey it may take years for you to begin to evaluate a given draft year. Where in the NFL it can be the next season. For example we won't know the whole story on how Jbotts drafted & he won't even be around when we do.
  11. Stevie Gay Vaughan The Poo Poo Dolls Public Enema Tears for Rears The Beach Toys Nine Inch Snails Alice Pooper Thic Lizzie
  12. I remember this exact scenario being brought up months ago in another thread here but my answer will be basically the same. If you get the same return Quebec did then yes. But you could also get a ROR return as well. And we all know how well that worked out. Which return do you think Jbots could get? haha Also gotta remember that even after Quebec made that deal, it wasnt until 5 years later & after they moved across the continent to another city that they were able to win a Cup.
  13. Whalers games were some of my favorite games as a kid when i grew up watching the Sabres. Seemed there were always multiple fights & the games were always physical. Just something i remember with the few brain cells i have left from back then haha. I hope MSG puts these games on YT as well or i can find them somewhere else on there. I couldnt watch the broadcast on cable but i'd love to watch some of these games.
  14. Such a good idea releasing these games to watch now. I just wish it didnt end the way it did. Maybe if i rewatch all of these, the ending will change? Here's to hoping for the best!
  15. The good thing about all this is that kids are largely safe from this virus. With a mortality rate of 0.2% from 10-19 meaning theyre 99.8% likely not to be deathly ill from its effects. However they can still carry the virus & pass it to others, which is why closing the schools for a short time is a good idea. If i personally were a parent, I'd keep my kids home to play it on the safe side regardless of what NYS does. I'm sure other parents are doing the same, (even though it poses some difficulties with sitting in some cases). But it does seem like a State-wide closing will be a
  16. I imagine the AHL was waiting to see what the NHL did... now that the NHL season is suspended, i imagine the AHL will soon follow suit
  17. Send an email of your plan to Botterill... seriously. He may not read it but if theres even just a chance at it, i say its worth it! ?
  18. Looks like ur gif is from that Good Time movie by the Safdie Brothers. Such a underrated gem imo. But can you imagine if Risto had broken the glass on that ghost hit? He would've been on every sports bloopers highlight reel from now til eternity. He's lucky it didnt happen haha
  19. Yeah anyone who thought UPL might be up here next year were out of their minds. It often takes 2, 3, 4 years in the minors for a goalie to properly develop & be ready for the pro game. This will have been a good learning experience for UPL. As he now has a better idea of the speed of professional players & what he needs to work on. Sure it wouldve been nice to see him put up stellar numbers & dominate. But a solid learning experience that'll aid in his growth isnt that bad either. He's years away from ever playing here. I'd expect him to play well in Cinci down the stretch her
  20. Rick Vaive's toughness Andrew Peters' willingness to buy you drinks on Chippewa late at night Derek Roys ability to get young hot girls Dominic Hasek's desire & will to be the best Eichel's talent mixed with some LaFontaine & Mogilny on top Kyle Okposo's contract but used on this Frankenstein player ?
  21. An upgrade at goalie definitely needs to happen. Ulmark going down definitely hurt us, but there have been far too many soft goals let in this year. However, we also can't expect every goalie to be Hasek either. Over this season, heck focus just on this roadtrip, there were plays where our defenseman made bone headed plays or where we werent tying up attackers sticks or playing heavy on their body, leaving forwards wide open & alone with space & hanging the goalie out to dry. There were lazy or misguided passes by our forwards that led to oddman opportunities that RK needs to ask what
  22. both guys blew it on that play, but Millers gotta stay with his man
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