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  1. Done (except for the atrium part). You can hear crickets during the "give it up for" and "let's hear it for" prompts. There has been near-disdain for some of the musical choices. There's no way to win that battle for such a cross section of people. I don't mind it though. Would prefer songs of silent movies of course.
  2. I don't think you quite nailed it. You can, however, bounce quarters off JW's ass, and we don't need our lady folk to see that. I looked up John's first post. It was to brag to GoDD that he (John) had gotten some story right. John didn't come "here" with any noble intention of interacting with fans or providing value. His contributions, with a few exceptions, are not appreciated or respected, for good reason.
  3. The one thing they need to quit doing is try to get a chant going when the chant is already starting. Let the crowd be organic. I hear this every time I go. In the organist's defense maybe he can't hear the far reaches of the building. Have someone whose job it is to tell him to hold off.
  4. Well said. The onus is always on the communicator not the communicatee. Thank you. The Sabres media department has almost all of the media eating from their hands. It's amazing that hours to a day after player availabilty the same 10 stories are circulating. UPON RETURN GIRGENSONS IS LOOKING TO REGAIN SCORING TOUCH
  5. I also disagree. I could be wrong. It doesn't feel like we do that a lot. Mostly because we all know deep down we've been full of ***** for years and the receipts are out there.
  6. The element of surprise can be so compelling. Although it was planned and predictable, bringing Rick onto the ice was jaw dropping for me. Subban singing the anthem. I might never forget his big sigh and then the remarkable performance that meant so much to him. Imagine that Perreault pops up some night in a big game for a live performance of The Wonder of You. Keep it coming, Sabres. "You won't believe what happens next." (Still waiting for Sabretooth to rapel down and reveal himself as Rick or Taro to stand up a take a bow.)
  7. Kate Smith, missionary, white not whole grain hot dog buns. And we liked it!
  8. I say keep the fish away from the candy! That solves yer problem right der.
  9. I'd have the Sabres logo up there during play and 10 seconds before every faceoff. Make the people look at the ice.
  10. Allow me to probe deeper. Just relax. Here's an incongruous question: Given that there will never be another Rick, should the Sabres try and find one? Young, regional, inexperienced, style nearly fully formed. It worked once. You can't tell me there isn't a young livewire somewhere in the OHL. H/t woods
  11. Which leads me to... should the Sabres drop the simulcast and have a radio voice? Is "radio play by play" even a job that will exist in 10 years?
  12. "Great job Ted!" read the banner on Aud retirement night. Is Granato Nolan? Are these Sabres the 95-96 Sabres? Is Rick leaving analagous to the Aud closing?
  13. The ovation for DG showed he's firmly ensconced in the fans' hearts.
  14. Bet that "hazelnut" flavored "creamer" hit the spot, NS!
  15. You never noticed he looks like Newman with fleas?
  16. In rewatching the game I saw that my message to Rick made it onto the MSG door of the pressbox, which was plastered with many such love letters.
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