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  1. But not for cornerbacks. That's why I'm surprised. Secondary coach and a safety coach. Offensive line coach but no tackle coach.
  2. I used to be able to eat a whole one. Now mother and I share it.
  3. TIL they have safety coaches now. What's next, individual portions of tapioca pudding?
  4. Again, welcome. Tonight we have pistachios and no bake oatmeal cookies for snacks while we read your preseason outlooks from now until the end of time. Look under your placemats for my artisan, organic Franks Hot Sauce Lube. I love Buffalo! -Miro
  5. I know, right. I hate how good they are and how they beat us. Plus the Cup banners. Boooooo.
  6. I find that sad. I'm anti-drinking of course. Been drunk twice in my life and vowed to never do it again. Battin' .500 so far.
  7. I know it's a throwaway, joke ending. But I do wonder about professional athlete behavior in 2023 and if the old stereotypes still (or ever did) ring true. My guess is that the night before a second game in two days on the road there are no shenanigans. I am not saying that a lot or most young male pro athletes don't have their fun. But last night? I doubt it. There's too much money at stake. These guys are all CEOs of their personal corporations. Could be wrong of course.
  8. I'll file this along with the Bills sterling defensive rankings. The eye test says neither team can stop anyone when it counts.
  9. That's outstanding. My question was too vague. I guess I didn't think I needed to make it clear I was asking whether he's in the "room for improvement" category. I was not suggesting he should be in "need to replace." Put another way... Is he an elite, fully formed coach? Any concern about in game decisions?
  10. I wanted to provide a little different perspective on this season. There's an elderly woman, a retired doctor, where I work. She's the real deal as a Bills fan. She remembers Jack Kemp, for crying out loud. After the Bills beat the Chiefs, she was in tears. I won't forget that. Nor should anyone forget 14 wins, that kickoff return or the incredible story of Damar Hamlin. Although we lost this year's quest for a championship, to paraphrase the doc in Cincy, along the way we won the game of life. The Bills are really good and really relevant and should be in the conversation for the title for quite a few years to come as long as Josh is Josh. They have good coaching, very good management and maybe even a great owner. I'll paraphrase someone else, with a twist — Bill Polian circa 1994. The current Bills can't hold a candle to the Super Bowl Bills, but as for these seasons in the life of a franchise: we might not see their likes again for a very long time. Enjoy.
  11. Where do you put head coach in this rundown? I've been slow to come around to modern gameday tactics, but at long last I yelled at the TV when he (went for the field goal) edit: punted from the Cincy 41. That was defeatist and had to be demoralizing. Punting on fourth and two, I still will defend. Logically I'm not so sure I'm right.
  12. The lack of urgency there was disturbing. I'll say something that might surprise: Terry knows football. There will be changes in the coaching staff. No way it's Sean tho.
  13. The quit came on the field goal. Coaching out of fear. OK take it easy Football Gods. Go get some cocoa.
  14. Would you really go for it there?
  15. Just getting gashed. That tight shot of Frazier's face definitely won't get old.
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