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  1. Of course. I think what you were getting at is: if the team knows a player won't be in the next two games, can he accurately be called "day to day"?
  2. FTLOF, it's the Panthers. The Sabres need it and they will get it — big time. 6-1.
  3. Can one be day to day for a week?
  4. One of the things I've noticed is how from the time you arrive until the time you leave, cameras are sweeping the crowd and you could be on the video board at any given moment. Your ticket authorizes the Sabres to do it, but it's really too much. If you wanted to temper crowd behavior, it's certainly one way to do it. Big Brother etc. Not sure the Sabres are bright enough to have figured that out though. Imagine if cameras had been recording everything during Bruins games at the Aud circa 1988.
  5. Eichel is a third SI piece away from being out of hockey. Enough!
  6. Voting has opened and will continue until 8 a.m. Friday.
  7. What goals deserve to be in the final four? Slight change from previous rules — vote for as many goals as you like (not limited to four). Ristolainen down the right wing to win Habs game in OT (4:27) Dahlin pass from the slot sets up McCabe against Wild (2:43) Skinner off Eichel's back pass in Boston (3:06) Pominville's late backhand shot is game-winner versus Wild (7:47) Skinner from Eichel off faceoff to tie Habs game at 5 (3:49) Eichel puts one through Penguins goalie in overtime to cap comeback (7:49) Okposo give Sabres late lead against Habs at home (7:31) Skinner picks puck out of air on backhand to tie Habs late (7:40) Mittelstadt scores ninth goal with fans singing Sweet Caroline (7:38) Tage Thompson one-timer in Detroit (6:11) Ristolainen puts puck between his legs and goes to the net against Sharks (2:27) Skinner wins Habs game in overtime with shot from atop the crease (8:06) Mittelstadt ties game in third in Pittsburgh (6:55) Skinner backhand wins Sharks game in overtime for 10th straight win (7:25) Girgensons steals puck and scores against Kings (2:15) Eichel rushes and scores in Washington (3:02) Reinhart and Eichel combine to assist on Skinner's goal vs. Coyotes (0:40)
  8. Mittelstadt and Skinner both advance due to a tie. Stay tuned for regular season, Round of Now 17 voting.
  9. Gotcha. Now I see that the minimum number of games required by the league is 12. Seems arbitrary, but whatever.
  10. Why is Lehner considered to have a better save % than Laurent Brossoit, who has played 10 games? Also: Ullmark is listed at 10 on the league leaders page of nhl.com, but he's 16th when you look at a list of all goalies. Only a couple have played a handful of games, so even if you throw out those guys, it doesn't seem to add up.
  11. I think I see what you did there.
  12. Goal of the Year is normally for the entire calendar year (two half seasons). Because of the stark contrast in the two half seasons, it was decided to leave the second half of last season in the dust bin of history.
  13. Transformations: Robin Lehner was what Carter Hutton had been for the Sabres, rock-solid. Carter Hutton was what Robin Lehner had been for the Sabres, unreliable. Then when Lehner's mask came off late in the game and the camera closed in, we saw a new man. Hat tip to Weave. It was the kind of moment where sports takes a back seat.
  14. One of these four goals will join 15 others on a magical journey to immortality. Or something. Voting ends at 8 a.m. tomorrow. Mittelstadt ties game in Pittsburgh (6:55) Skinner from Eichel in Boston (3:06) Eichel empty-netter in Boston (8:11) Larsson scores late in first against Flyers (3:20)
  15. This is going to be somewhat simplified vs. previous years. First of all, as discussed above, we're only going to consider current season goals — and no shootout goals will be in the running. Sorry, Casey. In the "regular season," there will be 16 candidates and we'll get to select four goals from the list. Top four vote-getters will make the playoffs (1 vs. 4, 2 vs. 3 etc.). But first... a play-in for the 16th slot. See separate thread soon.
  16. That right there is 90% of this team's problem of late. The confidence they had in goal was huge early in the season; the opposite has to apply.
  17. CBW patch is for former Islanders majority owner Charles Wang, who died in October.
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