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  1. That team was 9-9 and had lost at home to Ottawa, 10-4. Imagine — this team is four points ahead of that team, and that team finished with 110 points.
  2. See, I dunno if she was on fire on fire. Pilut and Casey on the same team. Interesting.
  3. Not for nothing, Larry Larsson might have been the hero of the night. The game wasn't over when Kucherov's shot hit the post. The puck was swatted back toward the crease, where Larry sent it back from whence it came (Hutton's paddle was there, too, but I'm almost certain it was Larry's stick that did the trick). If the puck had gotten through, Miller was right there to jam it into an empty net with probably at least .5 seconds left on the clock.
  4. Vagas almost did it. (Let's just pretend their 0 points in 2016-2017 earned them the 31st spot.)
  5. The cheering and partial standing O before the last faceoff was pretty cool. Methinks the Sabres need to hire Swampy to mix their sound, because the crowd noise is never that discernible on MSG.
  6. Skinner was a figure skater? I thought that was a joke here.
  7. Watching the last minute again... the old lady with white hair who sits in the first row gave Kucherov the old skunk eye before the final draw. Hilarious.
  8. He reminds me so much of someone whose name we can't say on here anymore. A true fellow master baiter. Mike knows full well how much Buffalo hates him.
  9. An unsatisfying win over Tampa. That's how far they've come. Thank you, Carter Hutton.
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