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  1. Just watched the Sobotka penalty again. I am mystified.
  2. Re: penalty on Vlad. It's not a new rule. 67.2 Minor Penalty – Player - A player shall be permitted to catch the puck out of the air but must immediately place it or knock it down to the ice. If he catches it and skates with it, either to avoid a check or to gain a territorial advantage over his opponent, a minor penalty shall be assessed for “closing his hand on the puck”.
  3. Is that what "closing the hand on the puck" is?
  4. Eichel takes a bun out of a hot oven atop the Buffalo crease.
  5. The seats are Pittsburgh ladies dressed as pierogies.
  6. I'm calling it. First 1,000-post GDT in board history (and certainly a record).
  7. When he looked straight into the camera, I suspected he's been coached up this offseason in that department.
  8. Is the first post in this thread our first "Popular Post"?
  9. The entire crew is dead, but one. The extinction-level asteroid is still bearing down on earth, and only one man remains to ride the atomic warhead into the massive rock. That man is Vladimir Sobotka.
  10. This one's still stuck in my craw. I think it's the last time I cried after the Sabres got eliminated.
  11. I'd speculate that Eichel was another of the dudes Kool-Aiding through a wall after Ralph had this talk with his captain. Remember Russ Brandon sitting down with Eichel after a game? The poor kid. https://www.democratandchronicle.com/story/sports/hockey/nhl/sabres/2019/10/02/ralph-kreuger-buffalo-sabres-new-head-coach-nhl-get-to-know-interview-family-players-communication/3830629002/
  12. I'd bet two of the last three hairs I have left that Vlad Sobotka was one of the guys ready to run through a wall for RaKru after the coach's speech to the team. You watch. You just watch.
  13. Do we need to go over who his first (major, anyway) hire was? Again?
  14. No. Doreen has strep throat. It wouldn't kill you to spend a little more time in the break room. There's a giant card, but I'm sure you'll be too busy vaping behind the dumpster to sign it.
  15. This is either sturm or drang. It seems more drangy, but what do I know?
  16. I was referring to stuff like "in history own end." I just go with the opposite of board conventional wisdom. Hasn't let me down yet.
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