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  1. Yep, let's criticize the fans who don't like what they see. Everything's fine. Classic SabreSpace. As for Tuch, I don't often read the GDTs, but I do enough to call BS on any notion he's a whipping boy. One can cherry pick comments of course. I almost posted about his brainless slash the other game, then his incredulity after sitting down in the box. I'd say the conventional wisdom is that Tuch is fine and should be a key piece going forward.
  2. Rick going all Milllllllllerrrrrr was fantastic. Yep, another fantastic ceremony.
  3. Buffalo fans are 38 year old virgins. Until the long sought desire is consummated there ain't gonna be no satisfaction in just seein' a nice bootay.
  4. We've grown apart since the kids left. I don't know what happened. You don't listen to me anymore. Sometimes I think if your calves ever shrunk I'd be out the door.
  5. I hope you get out soon. Also no reason to condemn me. #punctuationlivesmatter
  6. Great. Always such a fun day.
  7. Dudacek I appreciate your cold and clinical analysis of Buffalo fan behavior. Unless you've been around for decades of these two franchises, it would be head-scratching. Weird things just happen in Buffalo sports and almost never for the good. Hell ask any Bona fan about Bob Lanier getting hurt with that team poised to win a natl champ.
  8. That's the culture that has been created. Overcoming it will be enormously difficult IMHO. Case in the point the past several games. They should have been so hungry to close in on a playoff position that they looked like it was Game 7 of the final. But they have no clue what a big game is or how to approach one. It comes from Granato, sorry. He also has no clue how to perform under pressure.
  9. True. I also wanted Ford to recall the 1976 Pinto. It's not my fault they're still making ***** cars.
  10. I do and do and do for you kids and this is the thanks I get.
  11. Rough analogy: NHL Presidents Trophy team goes to 7th heaven to escape the first round. Now they won't be stopped. ?
  12. Oh, I will. Have no doubt. So amaaaaazing we're going to Snap it and Tok it on our IGs.
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