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  1. This better not devolve into physics. I got a mercy C I think. But he drew the puck back.
  2. So who was our poster who did standup? This is going back a goodly number of years.
  3. So did that Hab keep the puck in motion toward the Sabre goal?
  4. I liked some of his early work.
  5. I served with Lou Gehrig. I knew Lou Gehrig. Lou Gehrig was a friend of mine.
  6. I heard it was pillow talk. Dodo loved her some Donnie. In training camp in St. Kits she gave him a cocoa and he smiled so nice. Later she knitted a hat for him after a book burning. But yeah the Comrie SO changes the situation. Playing Levi would have been bad optics before it happened and would look criminal now. For a GM with a rep for slow walking the rebuild, he can't possible want to offer any more ammo.
  7. I don't think he'll play until the Sabres are out of it, as it should be. The team and the fans deserve that much.
  8. Almost eliminated. 5 p.m. start on a Saturday. ESPN game. At the Isles. Expectations for the GDT should have been low. There's a process happening here, folks.
  9. Kyle's goal was... interesting. Kind of like the old fella who aims wait to the right of the hole, comes over the top, burns the worms and rolls it into the cup. Or it was sneaky good.
  10. Agreed. He is and always was our ticket to the dance. Still not too late...
  11. As great a posting season as Thorny is having... Who does the banners here? Can I get one? SECOND LONGEST TIME TO BE DISAPPOINTED 2011-2023
  12. But srsly did it appear as if KA tried to parlay that strong finish last season and those stirring RJ wins and being on the cusp a few weeks ago into Playoffs?!™?
  13. You're holding other teams to their season pace but sending the Sabres on a fantastic run. I don't see any way that 90ish points gets them in.
  14. They were a playoff threat. I hate them and this board and am not going anywhere.
  15. A possible glaring need is players who won't spit out the bit next March again. This could be additions or subtractions and if done right could yield surprises. KA better know his team better than we do. Of course this approach to building a team applies only if KA is concerned about making the playoffs... Or is alllowed to be concerned.
  16. The dreaded run to end the season. They already ran. That's all you need to know about this group.
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