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  1. Dahlin's question should have been, "Who are you?" Thought provoking at least.
  2. If you were smart, you would shave your mustache and try to get over the border into Nova Scotia. I know someone who can help once you get there. Can you operate a tugboat? How is your western Scottish accent?
  3. It's sloppy writing and is prejudicial. I will never agree one can allegedly do anything. Adverbs modify verbs. How does one point a gun? You can point straight, calmly or wildly. One cannot point it allegedly. I'll die on this hill lol.
  4. If the Sabres' return to the playoffs is predicated on large and enthusiastic crowds at home, we are screwed.
  5. Who is we? When these stories make the news, do we have instant recall of the accused's background? No. We are conditioned to believe that charges against people are true. And even moreso when it's a young black male. Look at the headline. It's atrocious journalism. "Bengals’ Joe Mixon charged for allegedly pointing gun at woman" How about: "Police allege Mixon pointed gun at woman, file charges"? One is not charged for. And you don't make the claim someone did something and add "allegedly" to make it look fair. You can't allegedly point a gun.
  6. Went with DG. Woulda voted for Chefsah Pasta Saucah.
  7. Bert's froggy voice: wit da fog on da ice. They're saying this blast will be generational. If it blows through Buffalo: only very good.
  8. I know. My question was why have that many seats if the trend is toward people wanting to mill around.
  9. Can't help but think Granato got outfoxed again even with the last change. The home record is really damning. Pointing to players eager to please the fans is weak sauce.
  10. Bulldog might be right. I watched as the Sabres first goal was relegated to half of the screen as the announcers talked about something else. The chit chat during play is a huge turnoff, a clue to the viewer that even the announcers are bored with the game. Just awful. I wonder even as seats could be scaled back to a lower bowl holding 12k ish if local regulations could allow many more than 19k in the building to roam around wherever in various viewing areas.
  11. One can appreciate the letter and understand the proh-cess behind it. Given how awfully the average person writes, it's logical to call BS when the average letter pro athletes are trendily writing is so magnificent. And yes that sentence was awful!
  12. The first period puck hounding Globetrotter demonstration was something to see. Hate to say it, but it was Bills Bengals on ice.
  13. Probably just the opposite. Four more years of winter. He's probably grinning that grin.
  14. I guess. It really doesn't mean that much. You changed your wording.
  15. Are we trying to kidnap the vice president's granddaughter?
  16. I've eaten 110 percent of a pizza. GERD. Do you slow people need an explanation? I'm sorry that I try to make this place a little smarter and dare I say classier. I'm done. You people.
  17. I mean, we were told the pandemic had lasted three years in early 2022. So yeah. Words are fun.
  18. Everyone deserves a defense. Well, almost everyone. Tony Danza does not. The man's life is over. He made many mistakes. There's a complete story to be told. Whitewashing people is dangerous. If modern standards of cancellation were applied to this board, few would be left.
  19. Relax, bro. It was a Seinfeld reference. Even @Doohickie got it.
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