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  1. Springtime distraction Young girls on Boston Common Turn your head, Ramsey
  2. If my theory is right about Rick's first game, it would have been apropos.
  3. I got a better source. Cupcake's on the Twitter.
  4. Click on the arrow in the previous post.
  5. In an odd twist of fate, the Sabres farm team went on to win the Calder Cup in 1973 at the Aud.
  6. Playing loose with no pressure does wonders. My automated response to all of these threads: see me in November.
  7. sabres.com says to expect some kind of final tribute to Rick after the game. I'd like to see this happen while he rapels to the ice a la Sabretooth.
  8. How do you feel about being hypnotized?
  9. A story about Rick on sabres.com leading up to RJ Night said he called his first Sabres game on October 10, 1971, as the Sabres hosted the Pens to start the franchise's second season. But the Sabres' media guide for that season says Ted Darling, the voice of the Sabres, would do all games on the radio unless they were televised, and then Rick would take over on the radio. The home opener was not televised. If the media guide is right, Rick's first call was in Boston on October 14, and his first game at the Aud was against the Leafs on November 21. Another mystery is whether Rick has, indeed, called a hockey championship in Buffalo. He did Bisons road games in 1969-1970. The Calder Cup was won on the road that season. I know some of our posters go back that far. @PromoTheRobot? Then there's this question that exists only in my head. Did Rick ever call a game from home? I know Ted did, during the Blizzard of 77. But I swear there was a night I got the distinct impression Rick wasn't at the Aud. It was never talked about as far as I can remember. I wouldn't be surprised if he did it but didn't want it advertised because of his respect for and deference to Ted, which exists to this day. Have at it. Any others?
  10. "I'm gonna get killed out there."
  11. Lindy's not wrong. He's railing against the misuse of technology. You put your gizmos down when dinner is served.
  12. My alternative was a snowy CHCH. Those few times they showed the Leafs at the Aud... oh man. Amazing.
  13. My dad and I were at the 89 Open there. One of the holes has an elevated tee. We stood at the bottom of the hill about 50 yards below the tee. We saw two balls fly out but had no idea who had hit them. Down the hill come Jack Nicklaus and Tom Watson side by side. Thrill of a lifetime.
  14. Rick sounds like he could go on forever. Also... if the NHL called penalty shots by the book it would be a better game.
  15. Pretty sure that's a picture of a picture about to be taken. And even my peers down at the Groves don't say invalid anymore.
  16. It still gives me goosebumps. Go figure. Wasn't it just the playoff video intro in 07? I recall when it was briefly supplanted by a fight song. There was a mini riot. Don't recall if the fight song was the same as the ditty Marv wrote and sang.
  17. I let my blood, sweat and tears rain down on them. I am a 300 man. No issues. I think the seats are city of Buffalo recycling bins but that's OK. I noticed this year that the lighting is brighter. I hear no complaints about the ice. Srsly what more do we need? That said I don't usually visit concessions or waste troughs.
  18. Fun with words. I like to exaggerate as much as the next fella, but the definition of dilapidated from the official dictionary of SabreSpace (MW): decayed, deteriorated, or fallen into partial ruin especially through neglect or misuse. That's a bit strong for the condition of the arena. Get some frat boys from local colleges, buy some kegs and let them do community service for one Saturday afternoon. Done!
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