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GDT: Prospects, New Jersey v. Buffalo, 7pm on Sabres.com 9/17/2022


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1 minute ago, Ctaeth said:

just tuning.  nice to see they appear to be cruising.  has the play been one sided or is it just the score?  also nice to see kisakov potted one, nice highlight there

Shots are about even, but the ice appears heavily tilted toward the NJ goal.  Lots of time spent down there.  Sabres playing a high speed, high pressure game; Devils have no time to think on O or D.

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3 minutes ago, PromoTheRobot said:

I stepped away for goals 3 and 4. How's were they?

Breakaway by Kisakov, Seeing-eye point shot by Sova.

Kisakov has some afterburners boy, I'll tell you what.

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5 minutes ago, Ctaeth said:

biron singing laaksonens praises right now.  2 assists, nice to hear

Yes I agree that it's nice to see.  He was a healthy scratch for some of the playoff games last season so I'm sure that got his attention.

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