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Sabres Announce GM Jason Botterill has been Fired. Kevyn Adams Named GM

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1 hour ago, Taro T said:

My original guess as to the driving force of the trade itself put in at 90% ownership & 10% GM with the deadline being 100% on ownership.

Am now giving more weight to the reports that Botterill felt it would be "easier to tear down to the studs" if the Sabres won the Dahlin lottery as moving it to 40% ownership & 60% GM.  (And the deadline for the deal still has to be 100% ownership.)

Never gave credence to O'Reilly being pouty face in interviews as souring the owners on him but did think that the Timmy Ho's incident combined with his brother hazing Murray's non top 2 #1 draft pick as leading them to believe that they could finish in last place without those headaches just as easily & if the GM told him he could get a great haul for him if he had to trade him led them to say 'make it happen #2.'  Have definitely shifted my guess in the past couple of months.

Thanks for the input.

Are there new reports? I've definitely been quoting Friedman saying that for 2 years now around here. 

Glad to see you shifting some of that blame over to a side where plenty needs to be. 

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