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  1. I've often suspected that @Brawndo lives about one minute in the future. Now I'm sure of it.
  2. The Fitz penalty resulted from Dahlin jumping in the rush and no one backfilling him on the blue line.
  3. Bryson plays such a direct game. You got the puck? Give me it. Tipped in front.
  4. On the other hand, he's been immersed in his current (college) team. They're his friends, his hockey family. The Sabres are an abstraction to him. I saw someone ask him about how much he paid attention to the Sabres and he said essentially "very little." Having just come out of the tournament I think it's likely he needs some time to decompress and think about his future. At this point he might not even know whether he will return to college for another year.
  5. I will refrain (at least for now) naming any favorite posters. I would point out, though, that there is considerable Venn Diagram overlap between that group and Posters I Have Put on Ignore at some point in the past.
  6. Nick Lidstrom is the Red Wings vice president of hockey operations. Coincidence?
  7. That's why I said the last couple years. He played no games last season but he was at Northeastern.
  8. He's not back all the way yet, but Ollie is starting to show the kind of game he had before his injury, when he was arguable our best forward. (Other forwards are better than him this time, but he's increasingly starting to play that well-rounded game.)
  9. ...other than a title. Like someone said: Once you leave the NCAA that door is closed forever. If that's been his goal for the last couple years and he thinks it's a real possibility, I could see him staying in college.
  10. I tend to agree with Norcal on this point: But I just don't see the need to bring him in, just because he's from here. I think he's likely on the downslide of his career and I don't want another contract like that.
  11. Truth be told if it were me, I'd keep Byson over Fitzgerald even though I like both players. However (to bring it back on topic), if the rest of the league sees Bryson as a more valuable asset than Fitzgerald, that may mean less going out the door in a trade for a RHD mentor to Power (and Samuelsson). The problem in my case is that except for Butcher and Miller, I would like to keep all our Dmen. I think they all bring something to the table. But if we're bringing in a RHD vet, someone's gotta go.
  12. I don't know who has access to fancystats, but for the charts that have the red and blue bars showing how good someone is, and the chart that shows how a given player makes other players better or worse, I wonder if what it would look like to plot all the Sabres' Dmen... who is the best? Who makes other Dmen better to the greatest extent? Dahell for?
  13. I think it's more a case of Bryson shoots left and Fitz shoots right. And Fitzgerald already has an established partner in Samuelsson. On the other hand, Bryson has been a complementary partner to everyone they've paired him with.
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