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  1. That goal was a direct result of Dahlin taking an extended foray into the offensive zone. The defense was never set.
  2. Doohickie reporting for duty! Just got back from my morning bicycle ride; what did I miss?
  3. Well not everyone is as old as me (and apparently @LabattBlue)
  4. /thread.... at least for those of us of a certain age.
  5. Normally I get through the summer on baseball. But here in north Texas our team has already been eliminated from the playoff hunt (technically the Rangers are still in it, but they are in second last place in the whole league, 12 games into a 162 game season and I'm not expecting a turnaround.) It's gonna be a long summer.
  6. And one last thing: If you think it belongs in another thread, why not move it there? You have the ability to do so, don't you? Wouldn't that be easier and take less time than ranting on your own forum?
  7. I think you're blowing this way, way, WAY out of proportion. Since it involves a specific Sabre, posting it in the NHL thread seems like an odd choice. That's kind of the point: It's not really worth its own thread, but it doesn't cleanly go into any other thread. It's a judgment call. Your judgment and my judgment are different.
  8. Is he the best since Lindy? Clearly. But the competition isn't particularly strong.
  9. Well Okposo almost died in the neurological ICU. He had to pretty much completely rebuild his body after that.
  10. So... start a new thread for a single tweet? Serious question.
  11. Oh go on. You're always that guy. 😄 I think that's a question that is best addressed after next season. Will he still have anything left? Will Kevyn want him? Will KO want to play? I think if he's playing like this at the end of next year, sure, sign him to a two-year deal.
  12. If he was that hurt he shouldn't have been playing. He's streaky and probably will remain that way. I think declaring he would have another 30pts if not over that is unlikely regardless of injury. Olofsson has never been close to 60 points let alone 80 and while I think 60 is a reasonable ceiling, 80 seems above his abilities unless it is some type of 1 year fluke type of thing. This is the crux of the argument: Is the *real* VO the one from this season early and late, or does he (and will he continue to) disappear for long stretches of the season? Consider these stats: So when you look at it that way, in his prime, non-injured periods this year, he's been twice as good as he's been overall in terms of production as expressed by xGF (assume points, which this discussion has been using to measure production, roughly follow). So one of these conditions is true: This year's sample through October and since the All-Star break is indicative of the "real" VO and assuming he stays healthy is what we can expect going forward. His period of low production after the injury was part of his streaky nature and his production this year is typical of what to expect going forward. He is injury-prone, Samson isn't, so one must take that into account when gauging VO. Samson's best ability is availability, which sets him above the oft-injured VO. All three of these are true to some extent: He can be streaky, injuries will continue to affect his availability, but when he's on, he's gold.
  13. I've been watching all along. I think the only time it dropped off for me is just before Krueger was fired. But I wanted to watch the youth and see them develop. It's just a damned shame we didn't have a better head coach until now.
  14. Donny in the postgame: "The puck wouldn't settle." Several posters noted that in the GDT.
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