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  1. After a tough start I think the Bryson/Fitz pairing have had a decent game. Right. But Bryson-Dahlin and Fitz-Muel are decent pairings.
  2. Except we scored on one before the whistle blew. So officially two I think. Thompson is such a good all-around player.
  3. The only way to stop Peak Skinner is to hook him. And even then it sometimes doesn't work.
  4. If anything I think it's a case that Bryson just can't overcome Fitzgerald. I think they're both pretty good, but they're both complementary D types that can support a dominant Dman on a pairing.
  5. Bjork is where Sabres offense goes to die. He's like a more mobile Sabotka.
  6. I hope they're just evaluating Bjork to determine if he stays with the big team or they decided to slide him down to Rochester via waivers.
  7. Eakin better not be on this team next year or I'm going to flip out.
  8. I think the second sentence is the reason for the first.
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