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  1. I didn't want to start a new thread, but I think one thing that needs to be considered about Granato is that he is a developmental coach, but he is also developing as a head coach. The month of March is showing him putting it all together and shifting from a stance of playing to develop the players, to playing to win. I think the one notable aspect of this is the way he shuffled lines yesterday. He's been doing that lately a bit in-game and it seems like he's learning when to do it and is putting good line combinations together. For instance moving Kyle Okposo into Hinostroza's spot on the Cozens line seemed to really wake it up. Kyle still provides solid on-ice leadership. They line is a good speed line with Hinostroza but with Okie it's still fast but becomes tougher too. If you look at the assists, especially the non-power-play goals, you see the benefits of Granato's line juggling: Olofsson from Skinner Okposo from Cozens Thompson with a secondary assist on Hinostroza's goal Tuch from Olofsson and Mitts At even strength, every goal had at least one assist from a forward, but none of the assists came from a scorer's usual linemate. That's effective line juggling. The team looks to Granato for development, but remember he too is still developing as a coach at the NHL level.
  2. Granato addressed that in his postgame presser- said that they need to stop being perfect and just do things. Juggling the lines seemed to trigger that: Instead of doing that perfect pass to your well-known linemate, they just forced more shots to the net and last night it worked.
  3. My reaction to those numbers from the game thread. I think I need to document it here
  4. Yeah, they always post the postgame interviews on Sabres.com (which redirects to your link). If they win I usually watch them when they're posted. They are the same interviews shown on the postgame show but since ESPN doesn't show that I have to wait until they get posted online. Go to the menu bar > Video > Latest Videos
  5. If they can beat the Wings in the standings, I think we can call the season a success. Earlier in the year the Red Wings looked they were well on their way.
  6. It might have been another thread too. I post so much I don't remember where I post. 😛
  7. Interesting picks from the Chicago media, in a game where their team scored 5 goals:
  8. That's a crap penalty. The only way to avenge it is for the Sabres to score a shorty.
  9. From the way Dunleavy described it (it was off camera), it sounded like the kind of play where they would have called a penalty on Dahlin.... except now he's an all star and *****.
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