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  1. Bryson is the only player with any jump today.
  2. Wherever. I don't want to know where it is; I just want Bjork and Eakin gone. On a Sunday?
  3. Can we hide Bjork in the same closet they "lost" Eakin in?
  4. These people are ruthless. (Wait... her name isn't Ruth, is it?)
  5. Makes sense. Krebs backchecks like a fiend.
  6. Yeoman's work though... good effort, kid.
  7. The mistake Kevyn made was not moving Ullmark and getting something for him. Not trying to match the Bruins deal was the right thing to do.
  8. One thing about Kevin is that he is a communicator. I think he made a big mistake with Ullmark; I hope he's learned from it. I'm sure he's done everything he can to protect Sabres' assets but even he can only do so much. I can see him taking some heat over the goalie situation until it's resolved, just like he did with the Jack trade. I also expect his resolution of the goalie situation will be as good as his result from the Jack trade.
  9. Because Granato wants him to practice with the team a few times before playing. Coach's decision (and probably the right one).
  10. Where are you better assured of an NHL spot in the near term than the Sabres?
  11. There have been games when the Sabres have outdrawn their opponents lately. It's not all Eakin.
  12. Kevyn Adams has yet to draft a goalie. Portillo was on JBott's watch.
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