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  1. Anthem singer's voice is like fingernails on a chalk board to my ears.
  2. I was skeptical about the Stars moving to Dallas. If Dallas can do it, Houston can.
  3. You sure about that? I mean does Subban provide any help or is he just another deck chair to shuffle around?
  4. You never know, maybe he'll be brilliant for a year, sign him for another, and then let the talent bump him aside.
  5. I think they'll move to Houston and be successful there. Houston is a pretty big-ass city and can support both NBA and NHL. Having an upstate rival in Dallas will help them get established, since there are existing sports rivalries. If I'm the Houston ownership group, I keep the name coyotes (we have them in Texas too), go to back to the recent milquetoast howling head logo (or possibly come up with a new one) and keep the original Kachina coyote logo as their third/throwback jersey. I think that's too cool to let it die altogether.
  6. I'm apparently not being clear. I didn't say the contract situation influenced the decision to give Ullmark the time off. I think you've got the connection (if it even exists) backwards. What happened when Ullmark's dad died was just normal people treating each other they way they should. No ulterior motive. But in the aftermath Linus said, "I feel a lot of gratitude towards...the organization and everyone around it." Given that, I think Adams may have gotten the impression that Ullmark felt at home in Buffalo and would very likely sign here, even as the trade deadline passed. That impression, that assumption, is where Adams made his mistake.
  7. ...or possibly competing Houston-based groups.
  8. Dahell does that even mean? I've found Donny Meatballs to be forthcoming and transparent, with the one exception being injuries. Then I don't know I can believe him. Look at all the times he reported players as "gametime" decisions, then day-to-day, then week-to-week, then.... .... ....
  9. I've heard both: Some reports of a soft tissue injury; others (and maybe they go back to one person's speculation) mentioning concussion.
  10. Hayden, Caggiula, Bjork, Ruotsalainen, Eakin... probably in that order. Fire any of of them into the sun. If they come back, send them to Rochester.
  11. I think I'm one of the people who posted about it. I can't remember the source but it was more speculative than authoritative.
  12. Rumblings, yes. But he traveled with the team to Florida, so who knows?
  13. The mistake was not giving Linus the time off. The mistake was thinking that having done so would ensure Linus would re-sign. Occam's Razor.... yeah, you're probably right. Build the rest of the team. Let's see if it changes going into next season.
  14. Yeah. Especially if you remember last season Ullmark took time off when his father passed away; the Sabres were very supportive. This was in January: Apparently not that much gratitude, at least not as much as KA was betting on. I think this was a mistake on Kevyn's part and I think he learned from it. If not, he's a fool.
  15. He's so cute. I just can't quit him. DIE PANTHERS!
  16. There was a time when people would try to beat each other to post the GDT right at midnight. It was easier for me because I'm on central time so it wasn't as late 😉
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