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  1. My guess is he didn't realize how little time was left on the clock.
  2. That's about as balanced an attack as we've seen in a long time.
  3. Sometimes. Sometimes it's unlistenable. It depends on the topic and the guest.
  4. Interesting. Do you go to HF forums? Looks like an attachment from there.
  5. I tend to discount KA's first offseason with the team: He had just been elevated to the position. I think he had plans that he wanted to implement but rather than pushing them on the ownership and existing coach at the time, he listened to them and focused on a short term retooling to try to salvage the tankfruit. When it became obvious that wasn't working he was able to get buy-in from ownership to let him implement his plan to build the team as well as fire Krueger.
  6. It could be new titles for the brass: Kevyn to President of Hockey Operations, Karmanos to GM, something like that. I think we're just starting to see the result of Kevyn's strategic plan; I'd hate for that to get disrupted at this point. After 2 failed GMs it finally feels like we have a GM who both understands what a good team looks like, and can methodically take the steps to turn that into reality. I also like that Kevyn communicates up and down the chain. His upward communication seems to be stifling the "meddling" of ownership, while the downward communication ensures that his coach is getting the players (or types of players) to execute the kind of game plan he wants to.
  7. In my mind the biggest difference between the two is track record (which is undeniable for Yzerman). Hopefully in a few years we'll be looking back and seeing that Kevyn on par with Stevie Y.
  8. They were so much more awful then, they're better than that now.
  9. I think I said something similar in a "favorite Sabre" thread the year we signed him. I quipped that he would be my fave Sabre due to the Cup winning goal he would score for the team or something along those lines.
  10. I think he is faster. You see him when someone tries to blow by him; he's not the pushover he was.
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