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  1. They came back from down three against the Red Wings, that other divisional upstart, in the second game of the season by pulling the goalie early (scored two with the goalie pulled).
  2. I hope the league reviews the hit for further disciplinary action.
  3. Good to hear Marty call out Hinostroza for not contributing in the regular season.
  4. Granato gave it a look, figured they'd call Butcher pushed him in (which he kinda did).
  5. Anderson looks like he wants goalie interference.
  6. I think he's got a cold. Sounds down a half octave. I know how he feels.
  7. But after watching both videos (ugh), is there really a likelihood that one is more successful than the other?
  8. And out of all the ex-Sabres I see in these clips and still playing around the league, Marcus Foligno is the one I most wish was still here.
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