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  1. Thanks for posting that. For those of us watching on ESPN+, they didn't come back from commercial break on time and we missed all of the fallout. When the game came back on the ensuing penalty was already down to 1:11.
  2. You could send Bjork to Rochester. If someone claims him, meh.
  3. Allowed the tying goal at 19:59.1 And then this filthy shootout winner.
  4. There is a whole generation of stars about to wink out. Ovi, Bäckström, Crosby, Bergeron, Marchand, are all getting long in the tooth. I think in the next year or two, the Caps, Pens and Bruins are going to fall off the table- they will either not even make the playoffs or struggle to make a wildcard spot. Islanders and Bluejackets are bubble teams. I think you're going to see the Sabres pass most of these teams next year, and Detroit, NJ and Ottawa will be chasing us. It's time for a changing of the guard and the Sabres will be at the forefront.
  5. Ovechkin out with a UBI (looks like a shoulder)
  6. He didn't care about the consequences of his moves. He thought he could bring in misfit bad boys who could put up good stats and the poor attitude somehow wouldn't rub off on the young prospects.
  7. I love the guy but I have no desire to bring back exes from Minnesota.
  8. I remember being happy with acquiring Skinner precisely because of that.
  9. Actually I try to think that we are at an inflection point of tech/learning, that may be the biggest since the advent of writing. In early classical Greece, memory was the accepted way of learning. If something was worth knowing, it was worth memorizing. This applied not only to analytical things like math and science, but to the arts and literature as well. Plays were learned and came down through generations by memorization, for instance. Effective speeches and rhetoric were memorized. Writing was first used for transactional record keeping- I've getting 10 sheep from you for 20 bottles of wine- I'm giving you 15 bottles now and owe you 5 more... that sort of thing. When people started writing down speeches and plays, the elder generations mocked the younger upstarts, calling them intellectually lazy. That's basically what's happening today. Us old farts look at the way younger people use electronic devices and the internet and sneer at them. But that's becoming the knowledge of the future. It used to be that one had to memorize knowledge. Then one had to learn the knowledge with aid of written reference. Now one needs to know how to find knowledge. We've already seen examples of inventions and ideas coming from rank amateurs that are changing the world (think of the drone geeks in Ukraine using their drones in new ways to defend against Russian troops). The future way of think is here; those of us in the older generation are being left behind. It happens tot he best of us, Lindy.
  10. To be honest, I would be in favor of this moving. Possibly look at other woods than the hardwoods they've been using. Find something a little whippier.
  11. Who do you want to win? Who do you think will win? I'm pulling for Minnesota this year. Marcus Foligno is my favorite ex-Sabre. I think Florida will win. They seem to be peaking at the right time.
  12. Marchand has over twice the penalty minutes that Skinner does.
  13. I'm going to answer the question as yes. Marchand is a hack and he's dirty, but he's also pretty skilled and has a way of getting opponents off their games. In that sense, Skinner is our Marchand. Both have similar offensive output. Both get the other teams off their game. But what makes Skinner better than Marchand is that Skinner isn't a dirty hack.
  14. General comment from not only today's game, but the Sabres of late: I was watching the Stars-Kraken game. The Stars tried several stretch passes and cross-ice passes. The missed most, if not all, of them. Not that they were defended, but that the Stars passers kept missing their targets. The Sabres were like that earlier in the season. Now the Sabres hit those long passes routinely. It's a huge, huge improvement in the play of the team and gives them a big advantage when they can flip the ice with stretch passes. And it's not just the skill lines that do it: All lines and defense pairings are hitting long passes for the Sabres right now. They are playing like a unit and I think if the Sabres played the Stars now, the Sabres would win handily.
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