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  1. What, no GDT? This is one we should win but Montreal was been playing better lately so.... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Look for Mitts to break though, lifting the Sabres to victory.
  2. I believe Adams was already counting on turning over the core at that point, or at least wanted the flexibility to do so.
  3. The unique style that makes Skinner hard to play with makes him difficult to play against. Now that he's starting to play well with his linemates, the goals are coming.
  4. I like to think that when the Sabres are finally playing meaningful games at the end of the season, Granato will be that fiery.
  5. They play that SO LOUD that when you hear it as a fan of the opponents, it just totally deflates you. THAT'S and awesome goal song. I still hate the Stars but I admire that. You wouldn't believe how loud they play it here. Like, it's so loud it could induce labor.
  6. I'm not saying we need to battle all the time, but I want some level of chaos to get the other team... well.... a little scared.
  7. I mean... I want to see players that will go to battle for each other. It doesn't have to be fights all the time but even if we're not winning, I don't want them to be doormats. Chaotic Good is fun.
  8. That's Pantera? Pretty cool. When Dimebag Darrell was killed virtually every musician I know in the area (including classical) had a good story to tell about him. He was a very well-liked dude. Darker than the Aud?
  9. I seem to think you're right. I'll let you know after the game Sunday.
  10. Me neither. We'd all be better off if we didn't take ourselves so seriously.
  11. Oh I got that. I'm kind of the same way, but people seem to think that only teenagers use gifs. Old souls I guess.
  12. What a cute little gif. Totally made your point. Well played.
  13. JJ will be fine and we already know that. Give someone else a look.
  14. Oh... quick add: I haven't experienced it in person, but the live music at Nashville Predators games sounds pretty cool, especially when they get known artists to perform. And... while I HATE it as someone rooting for the visitors, the Stars goal celly audio is pretty impactful. It's just a deep bass THUMP THUMP and everyone yells, "DALLAS" then THUMP THUMP, "STARS" about three or four times. If the Sabres wanted to take back the KBC from visiting Toronto fans, something like that might do the trick. When the Stars score, as a fan of the visitor, that celly just makes me want to wilt.
  15. The Sabres are my favorite team, as is the case for most people here. But there are things that some franchises do that I can like and admire even if I don't favor that team. Just off the top of my head: Jerseys- Columbus thirds ("Civil War Steampunk"), Coyotes Kachina jersey (the native style art). Goal traditions- Columbus cannon. Game win- Not sure if they're still doing it, but I kind of like the Hurricanes' orchestrated post-game cellies when they win. Mascot- Gritty is awesome. I think Sabre Tooth could use a re-do (possibly just as a personality, not even the look) where he is a little more.... subversive, especially toward opposing teams. And actually, I'm going to cite something about the Sabres that I think it really cool: Rick. Adopting/sponsoring a service dog that goes to a veteran at the end of the season is just too cool. As other things pop into my head I will add them. What do you like about other teams?
  16. Yep. Aware of that too. They do some cool stuff. There are things that some franchises do that I can like and admire even if I don't favor that team. In fact I think I think I'll start a thread about that.
  17. That's what happened with the Boychuck deal: He was already paid his signing bonus of $2.75 million for this year, and his salary for this year was only $1.25 million, but his cap hit was $6 million. So basically for a million the Sabres got $6 million toward the cap floor, insuring that even transactions during the season won't dip them below the floor.
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