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  1. You cancel, they send you an offer for about $6/mo for 6 months, in six months you call to cancel and they give you the same deal for another 6 months. Wash, rinse, repeat.
  2. Just don't let the app see your location. It can be weird about home markets and such.
  3. Yes, I am assuming that he could be traded. He signed with Boston, a playoff team with Cup aspirations, which is an indication that he was marketable. As I said in prior posts he could be dealt prior to the expiration of his contract. To me, the mistake by KA was not in the failure to sign him. B is the key point here. To me the mistake was assuming he would be able to sign him and not getting something, anything, for him at the deadline. He was tradable but I think KA was a little to cocky on that one; he was sure he could sign Ullmark. Hopefully that was a learning experience for him. Well no ***** Sherlock, but we rehash all kinds of stuff on this forum we can't change, and prognosticate on future things we can't influence. That's the point of the forum, innit?
  4. I'm just saying, I think that considering the hot garbage we've had the last couple years, he was the only unexpectedly good one. I would have ridden him more until he failed (and he probably would have, but maybe not?)
  5. (and I'm only half-kidding. In a small sample size last year and this year, he is statistically the best we've had. The only thing holding him back is the small sample size and I think it was a mistake by the Sabres not to play him more and see what we had.)
  6. I think they're both pretty funny.
  7. I would say yes. Prior to the injury, and while Mitts was out, Tage still adjusting to center and Tuch not yet here, I would say Okie and Olie were our two best forwards all around. After the injury, it wasn't just his shot that wasn't there; all the strides he'd made early in the season seemed to have slipped. In the last week or two, he's finally getting back to where he was with his all around game before getting injured. I wouldn't say he's our best forward anymore or even close to it, but that's more about new faces coming in and young players maturing. I think his shooting accuracy isn't quite 100% yet, but at least he's not afraid to shoot anymore and is able to put some mustard on it.
  8. Well I did, but in another thread. And that was before Casey got hurt too.
  9. Depends on the injury and the chances of reinjuring it while playing. It could have been a question of having scar tissue and even with physical therapy it doesn't loosen up until he started shooting "for real." He literally had to work it out.
  10. I think you're right, unless playing in the USHL somehow gives him a "college" year. He didn't get to UM until 2020.
  11. If anything I think he held onto the puck a bit too long. In a game like last night's, though, with a lot of scrambly play, that wasn't necessarily a bad thing.
  12. I'm telling ya, it's gonna be Anderson, UPL, and when Anderson inevitably gets hurt it will be one of the kids. If it works, Kevyn will be a genius. If not it will MOAR SUFFERING.
  13. How did I do? 1) Leading scorers - Goals, Assists and Points Skinner - 32/18/50 - pretty close Olofsson - 26/20/46 - If he'd stayed healthy, maybe. He's on an 82-game pace for 20/27/47. Mitts- 24/30/54 - If he'd stayed healthy.... 2) Team record 41-33-9 for 91 points.... just missing the playoffs - Yes, Optimism is my middle name 3) Team MVP Mitts - Nope.... Tage or Dahlin would have been better choices, possibly Anderson 4) Team ROY JJP - Nope... Muel in my opinion. 5) First Player traded Eichel (okay, after him Miller)... I was half right. 6) First player recalled from Rochester JJP - Who was the first callup? I don't remember... EDIT: Murray 7) Surprising in season move (trade or acquistion) The NHL debut of Devon Levi - incomplete. Could still happen 8.) Best surprise player Tage Thompson - Bingo. Although Dahlin has also been a pleasant surprise 9) Biggest disappointment Dahlin... he will be okay but not great which will make the fans furious. - So glad to be wrong here. I would say that Dell is probably the biggest disappointment but it was probably wrong to expect anything from him.
  14. My cousin did that years ago. In a cast for months.
  15. I rewatched the video... it was essentially a "rolling stop" at a Stop sign. Never quite came to stop but came very close. I think Anderson told the ref what he thought of it as he skated off. Not what I saw. If this were a playoff game, that would have been the equivalent of the Music City Miracle "lateral." Simply too close to take it away.
  16. GIve him a handful of games this season then let him see what he needs to work on in the A. If he signs.
  17. I replayed it.... He didn't quite. He almost did but the puck was always moved forward even if it was just a tiny bit.
  18. I really think they need to add a Dman to the shootout: Once the shooter touches the puck, a Dman can chase starting from the blue line. That would get rid of all that slow down to a crawl stuff.
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