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  1. Marty Biron was on Howard and Simon this morning. He said he believes Ullmark will be the guy this year and he doesn’t believe the Sabres will do anymore tinkering to the roster.
  2. Yes we all of the sudden have a potential problem (on paper) of not being able to keep everyone. Have to wait til the season starts and gets going to evaluate. There will be a lot of decisions to be made at the trade deadline, but will we be buyers or sellers?
  3. No it was a promotion they were running. Might still be able to qualify for it 🤷🏻‍♂️
  4. I got a free Eichel 50th anniversary jersey for opening a checking account at Key Bank a few months ago. Also got a 50th anniversary puck and a clear bag
  5. It’s ok guys. A guy I work with told me that all this stuff will be over after the election. So we won’t have to worry about bubbles and all that stuff
  6. I definitely agree that the uniqueness of these games wore out years ago. I’d still like to go to one at whatever the stadium will be called in the future in orchard park
  7. You’re higher than a hippie in a helicopter
  8. Need it to come back to Buffalo. With fans. I still kick myself in the ass for not going to the first one
  9. There’s going to be a season. Hell even the WNBA had a season. I have no idea what it will look like but they are going to play
  10. We wait 77 more days until the season starts
  11. That is just pure speculation and I won’t have any of it
  12. Well I didn’t believe we had a snowballs chance in hell that we would sign Taylor Hall either 🤷🏻‍♂️
  13. Isn’t Pilut gone? I know he signed a contract in the KHL but do we still keep his rights? I was always confused on how that works
  14. I’ve now had 2 wake ups and it’s still a reality that the Sabres signed Taylor Hall, arguably the best free agent available on the market...
  15. Pure nostalgia. He’s 40 years old now.
  16. He’s going to have a bounce back year. Plus winning usually cures all.
  17. Can’t believe Hoffman is still unsigned I think he’s about done. And I believe he wants to be on the west coast anyways
  18. I’d definitely switch out Cozens for Reinhart on the 2nd line
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