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  1. I think so too. I think losing the franchise player has a big affect on the coaching search
  2. Yes, for two reasons: 1. We stunk 2. We wasted a generational talent like Jack Eichel. This was the season that I accepted the fact that we have to move on from him
  3. Same. I’m vaccinated so I’m not wearing a mask. A few guys who were anti before have now signed up for the shot
  4. Today I no longer have to wear a mask at work. I’m pretty stoked because it’s ***** hot in there
  5. With the cap not moving, won’t be easy to do it now either
  6. Eichel is injured and makes 10 mil a year. Adams would be an idiot to trade him this offseason. No way would any team give up appropriate compensation for a healthy Jack Eichel. Let him get the surgery. Let him get to full strength. Hopefully he returns to form and be the productive Jack Eichel that we all know and love. If he still wants out, do it at the trade deadline next season
  7. Sam has always been underrated with the fan base and that includes myself. He’s not a superstar but he’s a solid contributor and can make some plays. At this point I’d be more upset if he was gone than Eichel, and before this year I had quite the man crush on Jack Eichel...
  8. Week 1 we will host the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday September 12th 1pm
  9. I would think that he does 🤷🏻‍♂️
  10. In the last 10 years I’ve probably watched a total of 20 mins of playoff hockey. It’s depressing
  11. My no trade list for Eichel: 1. Boston 2. Toronto 3. Philly 4. Any other team in the East
  12. Can you tell us non listeners what Paul said?
  13. Nope thats not it either. Kim is divorcing Terry and marrying Jack. She’s getting the Sabres and Bills in the divorce. Jack will be part owner and trading himself to the Bruins for Hall and Lazar
  14. I commend him for staying as long as he has
  15. I probably should have, but she also shouldn’t have been a total b word either
  16. One I time I bought an ex girlfriend an espresso machine for her birthday. She loved coffee so I figured she’d like it. Nothing fancy just a cheap Walmart one. She didn’t even finish unwrapping it when she said “I hope you kept the receipt”. That was the first red flag in the relationship. It was probably about 3 months later we broke up
  17. I don’t like any of you enough to consider giving you an award
  18. He’ll be carrying Dylan’s bags into the arena
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