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  1. And just like that, the Sabres became a respectable franchise again. You bring in arguably the biggest fish in the pond and you deserve some respect. Now they have to put it together on the ice. Kevyn Adams might be more popular than Josh Allen in Buffalo for the night
  2. Not always like this. A lot of teams aren’t spending to the cap. Teams are basically penny pinching
  3. I need to know that we are at least trying to sign a marquee player. I get that we are not a desirable destination but the fan base needs to now that they are putting in an effort to improve the team
  4. In all fairness to him I have to imagine that most people are bad at remembering to change the filter in the furnace.
  5. So you’re staying we still have plenty more time to be disappointed?
  6. I agree. That’s why they drafted arguably the best goal scorer in the draft. I really hope they throw an offer to Hall or make a trade for a legit goal scorer. Hall is a pipe dream but it’s not that far fetched that Adams can bring someone in via trade
  7. I keep telling myself that I didn’t have high expectations coming into today anyways...
  8. Have you ever not been serious a moment in your life? I mean I know I wasn’t serious when I asked if anyone was hanging out at the airport...
  9. I’ll bet Adams can’t even fly a jet. What an awful hire
  10. I’m on it. There is nothing right now. Absolutely nothing
  11. As much as I want it to happen, I don’t have faith in the front office to pull the trigger. What move would you like to see?
  12. Ask me in 4 years how this draft class looks. I’m on the record as liking the Quinn pick. I think he might even have a chance at making the team. The rest of the draft is up in the air. I’m sure a few of these guys won’t even put a Sabres sweater on in their lifetime
  13. I did that twice. But thanks for paying attention to me. I think there is also an “ignore” feature here
  14. Holy *****. So many knee jerk reactions. It’s not like we let Eichel walk here. I’ve also read that they are still in negotiations. Let’s not get the pitch forks out yet
  15. I think the key word there is “can”. I believe Cozens was drafted to be a center. Reinhart can also play center but I also wouldn’t be surprised if he gets traded at some point. Quinn is a pure RW that loves to shoot the puck. But I’m also in the minority of actually liking this pick
  16. Well I’m sure that you know way more than Adams about hockey
  17. Yeah you’re probably right. Still love the pick though
  18. I mean I get it. Sabres fans now are what Bills fans were 5 years ago. Just angry at everything.
  19. I think me and you are the only ones. The talking heads seemed to love the pick. But the guys here are also very fickle I’ve noticed...
  20. Well I guess I’m the only one that likes this pick 🤷🏻‍♂️
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