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  1. Ok this is the Bounce back game … Sabres … 4 Hawks … 3 Skinner, VO, or Dahlin with a goal
  2. Finished bingeing the latest Yellowstone episodes. Series is finishing next November. Allegedly. Now I’ve started The Lazarus Project. Two episodes in… like it so far.
  3. What two numbers did Craig Ramsay wear? On Nov. 13, 1974, what forward had one goal in each period of the Sabres’ 8-6 win over the Canadiens? What defenseman did the Sabres select with the eighth overall pick in the 2013 NHL draft?
  4. Two sides to every story. If true, that idiot should be out of the league for good. The league will be a better place without him.
  5. This team could really use a Sam Reinhart this season.
  6. Damn, wish it was scumbag instead of Frankenstein. Feel bad for the other person involved obviously.
  7. @eman @Taro T so you saw what I saw. That Ehlers goal wasn’t Comrie’s fault really. Power was obstructing his view. He moved his body out of the way at the last second and let it fly past him hoping Comrie was tracking it. Overall I thought Comrie played solid.
  8. Is it just me or did Power completely screen Comrie’s view when that puck came in?
  9. As long as you also punish all the stupid shots taken that harmlessly rebound off of skates, legs, and sticks. Where passing would have been a better choice. 👍🏼
  10. Is it just me or was Power completely blocking the view of Comrie when that shot came in?
  11. This will be said ad nauseam all season. And yet, he will play the entire season unless he gets injured. 🤷‍♂️
  12. Whoever you haven’t made a goal scoring gif for yet… you should totally use this gif for him 👍🏼
  13. Bounce back game. Sabres … 4 Jets … 3 Tuch, Cozens or Dahlin with a goal
  14. Yes, the singer screwed up. Yes, he’s not the first. Yes, he won’t be the last. Slow sports news day …
  15. https://theathletic.com/5056769/2023/11/12/roman-cechmanek-death-flyers-kings/ Roman Cechmanek passes away
  16. Progress you say? The locker room is more unified than it was in years past. The pipeline has more talent than it had in years past. The team itself has more talent than it has had in years past. (except goaltending). The PK is better this year than in prior years. Yep. That’s all I got.
  17. Yea I’m thinking thumb. I hope it’s not wrist
  18. maybe You missed the last time I proposed this to you… Unless you just ignored it… So I’ll try again… Because you never answered it yes or no… I’ll make a friendly wager with you. $50 to a charity of your/my choice. On ANY NHL team he plays for this season …. If Patrick Kane gets more than 59 points in the 23-24 regular season, I’ll donate to a well known and established charity of your choice. If Patrick Kane gets 59 points or less in the 23-24 regular season, you donate to a well known and established charity of my choice.
  19. Why ask this question after this game? Why not the game prior? Or why not the game after? Let’s ask this same question after the next win, and again after the next loss.
  20. https://www.buffalospree.com/features/the-bills-curse/article_f69316bc-1673-56cc-910e-1f5773525bcd.html Hmmmm …. 🤔
  21. Ugh … Well, Kane is pretty much on the radar now if he wasn’t already. damn …
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