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  1. And of course there’s nothing wrong with Terry and his companies trying to save tax dollars. Hell, everyone tries to save on paying taxes when they can. Regardless of what people think is moral or slimy, most try to save on taxes legally. And some … politicians, actors, athletes, and everyday joes try it illegally 😂
  2. Meh …. Ok. Cool. Does it affect me as a fan of the Sabres? Nope. Have at it Terry.
  3. As of August 28th … more days until the Sabres season!
  4. The one and only Cody F’in Franson!
  5. I forgot where I read it or where it was mentioned… It might’ve been the article… But if they redo the seating… Pegula may ask for the county to step in with tax money. and they are aware of the seating issue… But it was in regards to some seats being in disrepair. And that may not be addressed for a couple years. But as far as redoing all of the seats in the entire arena. It’s a pretty hefty price tag. And in their view not a top priority as of 2023.
  6. Eleven commented on projection onto the ice features. Yes they project things into the ice when the Sabres and opponents hit the ice while the lights are still down. Weather you like it or think it’s old, dated, lame, or not good enough is another discussion entirely 👍🏼
  7. Yes they have one. It’s still used at every home game. 👍🏼
  8. As of August 26th … more days until the Sabres season!
  9. I agree. I’d love to be a part of the fan food council 👍🏼 One thing I don’t understand why they don’t advertise… Is you can get a hot tea. You just have to ask for it at concession stands and they have tea bags in a cabinet located under the coffee makers. It’s funny because half the concession staff don’t even know this. Many times my wife and I would have to tell them to look under the coffee makers in the cabinet to find the teabags 😂 ”ohhhhh I didn’t realize we do tea” yes, you do… And it should be advertised right underneath the Tim Hortons coffee. But it isn’t.
  10. Some good improvements mentioned overall. Not ALL improvements they have planned were mentioned in the article. So I expect others besides those. Albeit small changes, but changes nonetheless. Keeping Delaware North is unfortunate. But it is what it is.
  11. Obvious Red meat for the haters … Roth said. “I think the appetite to do a massive, massive board like some other places is probably not there, and that’s more a ‘Terry aesthetic’ thing. But you’re looking at a major upgrade. Ultimately, he’ll decide what he likes and how much he wants to spend. These things aren’t cheap.”
  12. What forward did the Sabres select with the 5th overall pick in the 2003 NHL draft? What two numbers did Don Luce wear? In feet, what are the dimensions of a standard ice surface in today’s NHL?
  13. Ignoring the usual whining and bitching about all things KA…. I’m surprised he was moved, but understand why. I’m also surprised it was only a 4th, but understand why. Oh well, moving on. Thank you and Good luck Boosh!
  14. I’m cutting onions over here. F***!!!
  15. I don’t see this news yet on WGR 550, or the Sabres website , or WIVB
  16. None. Pssst …. He has given up assets and picks to acquire players he’s wanted.
  17. What number did Mogilny wear? What forward scored a career high 40 goals for the Sabres in 1998-1999 season? Who replaced Mike Foligno as captain of the Sabres during the 1990-1991 season?
  18. Great info! I have to say… and maybe it’s just me. It probably is … In my opinion, anything above a 2.90 GAA isn’t “respectable”. It’s kinda average or as it gets into the 3.3 range or higher, teetering on the verge of kinda bad. granted, and I know a lot of things go into those numbers and why it happened etc. I’m just talking in a vacuum about just those numbers specifically. I certainly hope the goaltending duo this year is better than a 2.9 GAA. again, maybe it’s just me.… Probably is.
  19. I don’t know if this has been posted yet …
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