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    I don’t think that. Not at all.I don’t think that. Not at all. I didn’t think what I described was you at all. In fact I described somebody that I know.
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    What do you call a fan who… Casually watches the Sabres, has nothing but bad things to say about them, Especially when they’re not doing that great, But follows another NHL team super closely and loves that team… Especially when they are doing really good. And then when that team takes a downturn, and they aren’t good anymore… They jump back to the Sabres and act like they’ve never wavered from being a huge follower and fan of the team. When in fact that’s really not the case. They basically jumped from successful team until they are not, to successful team until they are not. what’s that called? 🤔
  3. KA is smart. He won’t bring in someone who isn’t needed. Wanted? Maybe. But needed…. He’s not. Patty Cake can go fool around in NYC with his choice of NYR, NYI, or NJD. Hell, even PIT can be a nice fit.
  4. Is Craig Anderson on the payroll at all? Is he mentoring the goalies? Or is he up just to hang out with the guys during camp? 🤔
  5. Who was the first player to wear number 48 for the Sabres? What forward did the Sabres select with the fifth overall pick in the 1971 NHL draft? What forward scored a career high 40 goals for the Sabres in 2018–2019?
  6. As of Sept. 21st, there are … more days until the Sabres season!
  7. Yep. And if you wanna go down more rabbit holes … Project C, Zero Tolerance, Slugfest, Discontent, Against All Hope, Robots Kill … I can go on and on ….
  8. Ok, but KA probably checked in on a lot of players since April.
  9. The first thing to do before training camp is to fill out those super important questionnaires!!! And more … And more … And more …
  10. Big time nonsense. The broad brushstrokes is amateur. I personally thought he was a pompous ass years and years ago. When he was rumored to be an interest for the coaching position for Buffalo, speaking for myself, I was hoping he would not get picked or would not be interested. I just never liked the cut of his jib.
  11. Agree. HFBoards (Hockey Future Boards) is way way wayyyyy more prospect, college, junior oriented than this forum. By comparison this forum barely scratches the surface.
  12. I don’t know if this has been mentioned already… But the Bruins named scumbag the captain.
  13. I must be living in an alternate universe. I never ever viewed Quinn‘s injury as so vital that because he is injured we won’t make the playoffs or be good. Or because we don’t replace his “talent level” with outside acquisitions we won’t make the playoffs or be good. I just don’t see his injury for 2023 being a tipping point between making the playoffs or not. Now if you’re talking Dahlin, TNT, Skinner, Tuch, or Levi …. Ok I can see that argument having merit. At least that’s how I see it.
  14. Uniting in the Face of Deadly Blizzards and Tragedy, Buffalo, New York, Is the Nicest Place in America https://www.rd.com/article/buffalo-nicest-places/
  15. As of Sept. 20th, there are … days until the Sabres season!
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