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  1. I couldn’t care less about what the rest of the league thinks, or his contention for personal accolades/trophies. I simply could not care less about that kind of crap. I never care about that stuff. I care about what he’s doing for the team I follow. And I think Dahlin is doing fine. No issue with him.
  2. This is true. I think Power will get there. I really do. I think he’ll add a little pushback and use his weight to his advantage as he ages. I’m not in the least bit worried about Power.
  3. Interesting how height of a player should automatically mean the level of snarl or grit or sandpaper of a player. 🤔 I guess that perceived and expected concept will never go away. There are a bunch of players that are under 5’ 11” that played and play with a boatload of snarl grit and sandpaper. There are a bunch of players that are over 6’ 2” that do not/did not. I think the proportionality of height and how “mean” they play… Is outdated and very inaccurate. It should die a proper death just like the goon concept died. Although some like to hang onto it wishing for old times. Old times it will never ever ever return again. I remember those times very well… And they were exciting… But they are dead now. As much as one clenches their fists, it’s not returning.
  4. Perry is not only a punk, but a sometimes dirty MF’er. I haven’t liked him in many years.
  5. Annnnd again, you misunderstood now my post explaining @Sabres Fan in NS post. Yikes.
  6. I think… no.. I know you are reading what he said, wrong. It’s not beyond the realm of possibility that Levi could eventually be the best goalie for the Sabres since the Sabres had Miller. And it’s also not beyond the realm of possibility that Levi could eventually be the best goalie for the Sabres since the Sabres had Hasek. Pretty straight forward IMO.
  7. Pssst …. It’s Cozens https://www.hockey-reference.com/players/c/cozendy01.html
  8. Well said. I agree with a lot of what you said. So, what exactly do you blame DG for? What do you lay directly at the feet of DG only?
  9. Apparently every loss it needs to be repeated… With the exception of a prolonged stretch of losses, DG isn’t getting fired this season most likely. And neither is KA. I know this upsets many.
  10. Absolutely correct. That full mask is a PITA. He’s tried two masks tonight.
  11. Once he loses a tooth from a puck to the face, and gets another year or so of experience, he’ll start pushing over Ennis types. You just wait and seeeee!
  12. If that’s a serious question. Yes, all players do strength training as part of their summer program.
  13. I was kindly suggesting you use that gif. Since that is a German. Using a German rifle. And he sorta kinda is sniping. But hey, you want to use the American actor gif, go for it 👍🏼
  14. it’s not technically a sniper rifle… but the German made and used … MG42 is deadly as JJP!!
  15. Yes. And he knows it. Doesn’t stop him from using that gif though 😂 (wonder if I can find a German sniper)
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