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  1. I’m not a hunter at all … but …. If the Canadian and US govt’s had licenses/permits for Canadian geese only. Make it cheap like $10 per year. And you can “collect” up to 10 geese a year. Thin out their numbers!
  2. Roughly 24 hours later… I still say… I’ll choose to believe it’s a bunch of untrue crap. Until it’s not.
  3. I think Greenway will play 65+ games and grab 25-35 points in 23-24.
  4. I said it when Babcock was hired… Columbus and Philly will not do good this year. In part due to the lack of quality coaching.
  5. A quick search brought up this website about defamation lawsuit. maybe this will help iron out the confusions. https://www.alllaw.com/articles/nolo/civil-litigation/starting-defamation-character-lawsuit.html
  6. Oh there will be somebody most likely 😂 Plus I was just trying to do an exercise in corny lines.
  7. It’s not only … cool. It’s … sharp as well. Those that don’t like it are just seeing red.
  8. Jost will play 55-65 games. Grab 25-35 points. I like Jost as a guy who pushes the pace.
  9. I think he’ll take a step forward in his development. I’m hoping for a 40-50 point 2 way player who gets some time in the middle six. Mainly due to injuries.
  10. You have made a healthy number of threads that weren’t true. In fact a few of them were shut down. So I would think you’d be the last one to talk about “shouldn’t have a thread that’s not true”
  11. As of Sept. 9th, there are … more days until the Sabres season!
  12. He’ll get in 25 or so games. Grab 12-15 points. This is just a lost season for him.
  13. I think KO will have a 30-35 point season. Injured here and there. But a solid leader for the group.
  14. Name the two goaltender who played for the Sabres in the 2012-2013 season. What goaltender has a record of 38 wins, 16 losses, and 17 ties for the Sabres in 1977–1978?
  15. Hey Curmudgeon, I have never ever put my eyes on that photo before in my life until Saturday when I created this thread. So I’m not acting. Good day to you.
  16. Improving his shut down ability. A little more touch with the snarl and sandpaper to his game. I think he will grab around 30 points
  17. I’d like to see him round out his game even more this coming season. Be a solid 200 foot player. Barring injury, I think The workhorse from Whitehorse will get in the neighborhood of 25 goals, and 40 assists.
  18. And I started this thread on Saturday night. Which is five days ago. I take it you didn’t see that? And the fact that you brought this up …. Um … weird.
  19. As of Sept. 6th, there are … more days until the Sabres season!
  20. We should get that fun exercise on record. make a new poll …. How many wins will the Sabres get when they wear the goat head jerseys?
  21. As of September 5th, there are… More days until the Sabres season!
  22. I’d like to see Power round out his game a little more. If he stays healthy, I think he could play 78-82 games and grab 35 points. I don’t think he’ll ever have a mean streak like Dahlin has developed on occasion. But if he can squeeze the opposition to the walls and force turnovers, and perfect the art of clearing the puck away after the 1st save, that would be awesome.
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