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  1. I'd like to see him trade out one (or more) of our UFA forwards for some picks back. I don't expect we'll get any long term help beyond that with what we have to offer.
  2. I still care, but work has been busy which means time to discuss a team that started strong then seems to have fallen off a cliff is limited. I don't like to dwell on the bad. I thought we looked good on Sunday, but it was against Detroit. It was hard watching that one since it was in the middle of the NFL playoffs. I would watch a period then, switch back to football, then back to hockey, etc. But since I typically watch sports on a delay to skip commericals etc it worked out ok. Anyways Vegas will be a bigger challenge than Detroit. It'd be nice to get back to back wins. Let's go Buffalo.
  3. Yeah, while I'm glad to see the extension, I'd love to see something longer term. Or permanent. Apparently Indy was about to lose its contract (and other cities were trying to get it) but they were extended to 2021 last year: https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/2019/05/22/nfl-scouting-combine-indianapolis-events-shifted-television/1198030001/
  4. There is only so much he can do with all the bad contracts he inherited. I'm waiting to see how the team looks next year before calling for his head. He won't have the excuse of lack of cap space this summer.
  5. I'm hoping to keep my game attendance streaking going. Sabres have won the last 5 I've gone to, and the last game I was at started Jack on his consecutive game point streak with a 4 goal game. Then Im rushing my ass back to my buddy's place to pick up my car and head over to my cousin's for the Bills game. Let's get that double win today!
  6. Just reposting this here since they are showing it again tonight and I'm stuck with the Fliers coverage. I have center ice, not nhl.tv, but apparently you can activate nhl.tv with your cable provider by going to https://www.nhl.com/activate (thanks again nfreeman for the tip) And here is a link to the feed for the game: https://www.nhl.com/tv/2019020405/221-2003735/70130703#game=2019020405 You'll have to scroll around a bit, but there are 2 parts 1 just after the first and 1 just after the second period. There are markers to show when each period started so I just went back about 15 minutes or so from those until I found the start of each part.
  7. And for anyone else like me who wants to watch it that has NHL.tv or Center ice, I think this is the feed: https://www.nhl.com/tv/2019020405/221-2003735/70130703#game=2019020405 There are 2 parts just after the first and second periods.
  8. This looks to be where you have to go: https://www.nhl.com/activate
  9. Really? I didn't know that. I"ll have to look into that. I've debated switching over to nhl.tv, but I like to be able to DVR the games. That would make what I have the best of both worlds.
  10. Sadly I have Center Ice through Verizon so that's not an option for me. I think they said they were going to air it again, but really I just want them to post it on YouTube or Facebook like they have with some of the other stuff. Hopefully they will eventually.
  11. I'm annoyed about the Ray v. Domi thing. They should just post it online. I'm stuck with the Flier coverage tonight and won't be able to see it. Again
  12. Works been busy lately, so I haven't had time to check in here much. It's been a bit up and down lately, thankfullly more up than down due to Eichel. So in addition to rooting for a win tonight, I'm rooting for Eichel to tie the Game Point streak record. I realized earlier this week the streak started for the Ottawa game I was in town for last month where Eichel got 4 goals. And now if he scores gets a point tonight it sets up Saturday's game (which I'll also be attending) to break the record. It'd be pretty awesome to be there at the start and be there if/when he breaks it. Go Sabres!
  13. With the Bills doing so well I want to be greedy and get double playoffs this year. The prospects of that looked good in late October. Sabres need to start stringing together a bunch more wins though in December.
  14. Saturday's game really showed me the general state of the fans right now. There was very little cheering beyond when being prompted ie when they'd play the organ use the score board for a let's go Buffalo cheer. As soon as the organ stopped/play started the cheer immediately died. It was depressing. I'd keep cheering then it'd feel awkward when I was the only one. There was maybe 1 time someone else got an actual cheer going and it picked up a bit of steam then also promptly died. Eichel looked downright angry after each of his 4 goals. He celebrated briefly then looked like someone ran over his dog. I was hoping the win/big game by Jack on Saturday was going to be the start of a turnaround but we looked awful Sunday night. I was worried after our early success that we'd fall over once we faced some adversity and here we are with adversity. A lot of it. So far we don't seem to be responding. Is this on the players? The coaching staff? Probably a bit of both. The Krueger honeymoon is over and now I'm wondering what we can do to get the season back on track before it's too late. Hoping for another win here and maybe some kind of spark because we really need it. Sadly I've returned to Maryland yesterday so I won't be in attendance to make some magic happen again.
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