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  1. SabresBaltimore

    GDT - Maple Leaves @ Sabres - December 4, 2018 - 7:30 PM (EST)

    I refused to make a thread again today since the results for yesterday sucked. I'm banning myself from starting any GDT threads in the future. While every game is a must win, This is a REALLY must win for 2 big reasons: 1) Toronto fans love to invade our barn and we need to send them home feeling like they wasted their time/money. No joy for them in our house. Ever. 2) We need to end this 3 game losing skid and get back to winning. There are a lot of other reasons why we need to win like: division game, showing we can beat another top team, nationally televised game, etc. But those are my top 2. My big questions are whose in net tonight, and who comes back from injury? Typically he's been playing Ullmark on the second nights of back to back. I feel like our goaltending tandem continues to be solid so I'm good either way. I'll be curious if Housely decides to play Hutton again or not though given the importance of this game. We also have the rest of the week off until Saturday night. They mentioned last night Pommers may be able to go tonight. Sheary seems to be close too. I haven't heard anything about Mccabe. Getting all or some of those guys back would be a big help, particularly McCabe.
  2. SabresBaltimore

    GDT - Sabres @ Predators - December 3, 2018 - 8pm EST

    Well if Sheary is back, that'd explain why no call-up for Pommers. I hope Risto is good to go tonight and that yesterday was just a maintenance day or something.
  3. SabresBaltimore

    GDT - Sabres @ Predators - December 3, 2018 - 8pm EST

    Is Sheary back tonight? I think I'd rather keep Tage on the Middlestat/Okposo line either way. I'd probably also play Rodriguez over Elie
  4. SabresBaltimore

    GDT - Sabres @ Predators - December 3, 2018 - 8pm EST

    I haven't seen one. With Berglund returning Friday night, they scratched Elie. I image both will play tonight. Maybe they'll call up someone for depth for the home game against Toronto?
  5. I didn't see a thread for this, so I figured I'd make one. Sabres are on a 2 game skid, while the Predators are coming off a 5-2 win over Chicago on Saturday making them 5-5-0 and their last 10. Both teams have 37 points, but Nashville has the current tie-breakers without a head-to-head record. This is the first of two big games back to back. Will Hutton start tonight or tomorrow? Or will Housely play him back to back? Let's Go Buf-fa-lo! I get up at 4am for work, so an 8pm start is rough for me. I'll probably try to stay up for the whole game, but I'll likely be taking a nap before tomorrow night's game against the Leafs.
  6. SabresBaltimore

    GDT - Sabres @ Panthers - November 30, 2018 - 7:00 PM (EST)

    Yeah, and we're still ahead of them in the standings, so they were going to have a similar motivation as the Bolts did last night. They are playing Chicago on Saturday before our Monday meetup. Hopefully we stay focused on tonight's game and not the big games coming up next week..
  7. SabresBaltimore

    GDT - Sabres @ Panthers - November 30, 2018 - 7:00 PM (EST)

    With our upcoming schedule (@Nashville, Toronto) this is a game we need to take advantage of. Florida is coming off a loss as well, and are 4-5-1 in their last 10. They last played on Wednesday at home against Anaheim, so they'll be more rested, but we're a much better team.
  8. I was OK with us losing on Tuesday to San Jose (ideally in OT). I am NOT OK with us losing to Tampa. So let's get that streak to 11 boys and set a new franchise record! Tampa is only 6-4-0 and their last 10. What a bunch of losers. They are coming off a 3-1 loss to the Ducks on their home ice. Let's extend that streak to 2..
  9. I don't want the streak to end, but of all the games this week for us to lose, this is the one, ideally in Overtime so we still get a point in the standings. But western conference team is better. The next best option would be Florida. So I vote we HAVE to lose, we lose Friday at Florida ending the streak at 11. Actually nevermind. I vote we end the streak when we win the Stanley Cup. That's realistic, right?
  10. That's a good point. I'm just simply looking at point totals for those games. I don't have a good/easy way to do that without way more time than I'm willing to put into it (looking at individual game stats/making a spreadsheet). I do think this team would fall apart if we lose either Eichel or Skinner for more than a game or two, but productions from other places does appear to be up slightly at least from the pure point perspective.
  11. I was curious to see the trend, so I contrasted the 9 game streak with the 9 games prior to it at least 1 goal from 12 players (9 not counting the top line) 4 players not from the top line with 2 or more: Okpokso (4), Berglund (2), Sheary (2), Middlestat (2) 3 goals from defensemen at least 1 point from 19 players (16 ignoring the top line) 14 of those have more than 1 point 16 points from Defensemen So it's not dramatically different, except the goals Pommers scored (7) are little more spread out than in the last 9 (he only has 1 in the last 9) 9 game streak Record: 9-0-0 Just Eichel/Skinner: 21points: 10g, 11 assists Everyone else: 63points: 20g, 43 assists total: 84 points: 30g, 54assists Previous 9 Record: 5-2-2 Eichel/Skinner/Pommers: 39points: 16g, 13a Everyone else: 50 points: 15g, 35a total: 89 points: 31g, 49a
  12. With regards to secondary scoring. During the 9 game streak (NHL.com stats) we've had: at least 1 goal from 17 players (15 not counting Eichel/Skinner) 4 players not named Skinner score 2 goals: Thompson (3), Middlestat (2), Sbotka (2), Reinhart (2) 6 goals from defensemen: 1 from each of our top 7 minus Scandella at least 1 point from 18 players (16 not counting Eichel/Skinner). 15 of those have more than 1 point. 27 points from Defensemen So things are trending in the right direction, even if Eichel/Skinner are still carry the bulk of the load.
  13. Definitely a bit of mix between luck and good. I am still worried about how top heavy our scoring is. We're getting a lot of points from our defense man though, and we have finally started to see some more scoring from guys on the other lines. We're not as balanced as the post lockout years where we had nearly 5-7 guys with around 20 goals. My guess is we'll have a few 10+ goal guys, and maybe only 2-3 with 20+. Both Eichel and Reinhardt's goals are down (although Eichel's still racking up the points). Pommers has 9, but his production has tapered off, and he's not playing with Eichel and Skinner as much now. Okposo and Sheary have both done it in the past too. For the Detroit game, I had their coverage and they were talking about our balanced scoring, but I don't really buy that looking at the numbers. During the winning streak though it has been different guys coming up big. So maybe that's what they meant.