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  1. Yeah, the signs of that were there last year when the Bills finally made the playoffs and fans came out in droves to welcome them home from Jacksonville even though they had lost. This town is itching for ANYTHING to cheer for. That doesn't mean he's entirely wrong though. I was pretty young back in the four superbowl years, but there was A LOT of bitching in my experience. It was just drown out by those who looked forward to next season because most fans (rightly) believed we could do it again next year. And that I think is the real difference. There is no belief anymore, just doubts.
  2. SabresBaltimore

    Woman's Rivalry Series: USA v. Canada

    Bump! Today's gameday. 12pm EST on NHL Network in the US and in Canada: TSN 3 and 5, RDS plus streaming on TSN eStreaming apparently. Beauts goalie Shannon Zabados is supposed to be starting for the Canadians, so it's going to be a tough one.. Let's go U-S-A!
  3. I don't know you, so I may be generalizing, but In my experience Buffalo fans LOVE to urinate in Buffalo's own cereal. It's easier than holding out hope we might win and let ourselves be disappointed. Again. Better to just expect the worst so you won't be let down because you expected it all along..
  4. It's easy to get down on squandering that 10 game win streak from back in November, especially after that collapse on Friday night. However if you told me before the season started we'd be in the Wild Card race, I'd be really happy. I think Buffalo sports fans thrive on being miserable and complaining about their teams. It's about all we have some seasons. But not this season. At least not yet... We may make the playoffs. We may not. But at least we still have a shot. As NS said, it's been at least 5 years since we had a meaningful game this late in the season. I'm going to enjoy it and hope for the best. I think this is a team moving in the right direction even if not as fast as we'd like because we're all sick of waiting for "next season". Rochester is also looking better too, so hopefully that means we'll finally have a proper pipeline of new talent in the coming years. It's easy to be a fan when your team wins all the time. Buffalo fans know what it means to be a die-hard. I'm going to send them positive vibes... We've been saying it all season, but as the number of remaining games continue to dwindle it because more and more important: MUST WIN!
  5. SabresBaltimore

    Woman's Rivalry Series: USA v. Canada

    Yeah. 12pm. I did say that in my original post, but it maybe didn't stand out..
  6. SabresBaltimore

    Woman's Rivalry Series: USA v. Canada

    Anyone else been watching/following this? I've been following the Beauts a lot closer this year with the addition of Savannah Harmon from my alma mater (Clarkson) and the Rivalry series includes her playing for the USA for the first time along with several other former Golden Knights (and their head coach) on the Canadian side. Plus there are a few other Beauts playing (I think 1 more American, plus Shannon Szados). The first game was played in London, Ontario (I think?) and the Americans won 1-0. I'm not sure if that was televised, but if so I missed it. Last night's game in Toronto was very different with the Americans losing 4-3. I thought it was a great game and I'm really looking forward to the last game in Detroit on Sunday afternoon (12pm). Last night's coverage was on NHL Network in the US, but it was just the TSN coverage. I suspect Sunday will be the same (NHLN lists it again)
  7. SabresBaltimore

    GDT: NY Rangers @ Buffalo Sabres, 2/15/2019 @ 7:00 PM ET

    If we win tonight that's 9/14 points for this homestand and a 4-2-1 record. It's not enough to put us back in the Wild Card, but it goes a long towards keeping us in the picture. Winning tonight: puts us ahead of Caronlina if they lose tonight, and if not we'll remain 1 point back with a game in hand. puts us 2 points behind Pittsburgh puts us 4 points behind Montreal (although they'll have a game in hand) Really at this point we need as many wins (or garbage points) as we can get. All that means. MUST Win!
  8. SabresBaltimore

    Playoffs! Do you think we make it?

    I'm voting yes with my heart, even if the math tells me head we probably won't. Either way, I'm just happy to be thinking about if we'll make the playoffs this late in the season..
  9. Yeah. The way they have stuff up migrating certain settings proved to be an adventure. I basically lost half a day just getting back to a functional state.
  10. I've been spending my morning dealing with migrating my work computer from Windows 7 to 10..so I didn't get over here until now. Of course with our loss on Sunday we can no longer hit my arbitrary 10 point goal for the homestand. But I'm not giving up on the team. So Hopefully we get the next 4 points and end with 9. At this point of the season all EC games are critical, but especially against anyone in the playoff hunt. So tonight is probably the tougher of the two. Definitely a MUST Win.
  11. I was out yesterday morning to do my homestand point watch, but we actually played a pretty good defensive game and secured 2 much needed points. Having lost to the Canes though 10 points may no longer be enough. Our maximum points is now down to 11. Total ´╗┐Games played: 4 Total Games Remaining: 3 Homestand Record: 2-1-1 Total Points obtained: 5 Total Points remaining: 6 Points required to hit 10: 5 Record options: 5-1-1(11), 4-1-2 (10), So we need to pull out at least 2 more wins, and at least 1 point in every game remaining. Hopefully we look a lot more like yesterday than we did on Thursday. It's another afternoon game, and we seem to play pretty well in those this season. Once again we MUST WIN!
  12. SabresBaltimore

    All Hail Erod

    I wish the whole team played with the same level of effort ERod shows. He's never going to be a top 6 player, but he's definitely an important piece on a Stanley Cup team IMHO. I'm still a bit shocked no one drafted him, even with a late round pick.
  13. SabresBaltimore

    GDT - Carolina @ Sabres - February 7, 2019 - 7:00 PM EST - MSG-B; FS-SE

    Well I'm going to continue my push to 10/14 points for this homestand..cuz why not? Total Games played: 2 Total Games Remaining: 5 Homestand Record: 1-1-0 Total Points obtained: 2 Total Points remaining: 10 Points required to hit 10: 8 Record options: 5-0-0 (10), 4-0-1 (9), 4-1-0(8), 3-0-2 (8) So at a minimum we need 3 more wins in the next 5 games. Tonight is extra critical because we're tied with Carolina in points. Making this the most MUST Win of all the Must Wins. This would in fact be the worst game of the this 7 game homestand to lose. Let's go Buf-fa-lo!
  14. SabresBaltimore

    GDT: Sabres vs. Wild, 7PM EST, 2019-02-05

    So last game I said I feel like we need to earn 10/14 points to have a shot at remaining in the Wild Card hunt. That means we're now down to 10/12 points for this homestand. So we have to go either 5-2-0 or 4-0-2. That makes this another MUST Win! But considering Phil's approach to lines appears to be by rolling dice (or maybe flipping a coin?), I'm not sure how well we're going to play against a team ahead of us in the standings. Here's to hoping for a return to some of that November magic!
  15. SabresBaltimore

    Sabres Schedule Wallpaper - February 2019

    Awesome. Thanks!