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  1. Yeah. That's always the case with Toronto and to a lesser degree Ottawa too. Probably a few others. I'm sure there are a few others. I'm coming up to Buffalo for the 11/16 game against Ottawa. I'm hoping there won't be too many Sens fans.
  2. Big game against a big divsion rival. Need to bounce back from Monday, especially starting a 3 game home stand. Hopefully our barn can have some level of energy near to opening night. There won't be the pregame stuff to get the fans riled up, so we need a strong start.
  3. I liked that despite going down 2 and being outshot all game we still came out with a point. I think Columbus plays a more physical game than either Pittsburgh or NJ. I worry that the new system doesn't match up well against those kinds of teams. But it's 3 games in, and we've got 5 points, so hopefully they learn from this and do better next time. My biggest concern is how they react from being behind in a game or after a loss. Or worse a string of losses. Last year's team didn't not recover well from losing. That can't happen anymore. So hopefully Wenesday night goes more like the first 2 games.
  4. It also looks like most games this month will have the MSG-B feed avaiable. At quick glance it looks like just @Sharks and @Rags don't. Typically anytime it's a dual MSG game (Islanders, Rags, Devils) they never do dual feed. Not sure why the rest of the west coast trip is available but not the Shark game. In a similar fashion when the Sharks play in Buffalo later in the month the San Jose feed isn't available.
  5. Oh man. I hope not. If my hockey package doesn't include all non locally available games because of a competing premium service I'm going to be really agitated. I was thinking about getting ESPN+ because it carries the Clarkson University hockey games, and you can bundle it with Hulu and Disney+ now. But I didn't know they were carrying NHL games this year. FWIW, this PDF lists both feeds for (the cable version) of Center Ice for today: http://indemand-corp.s3.amazonaws.com/Sports-Schedules/NHL-Schedule-2019-2020.pdf Mon, 10/7/19 6:30 PM Buffalo Columbus Game HD 2 FSOH Pre/Post Mon, 10/7/19 6:30 PM Buffalo Columbus Game HD 4 MSG-B Pre/Post - DUAL FEED
  6. Really curious to see if we keep up the effort tonight. We beat Pittsburgh. They beat Columbus, so we should be able to beat them too. But Columbus is a grittier team and probably looking to bounce back from their loss. Let's get #3.
  7. To me the real test will be they bounce back from each loss. Do they play a full 60 minutes every night? Or do they let it spiral? It's easy to be upbeat and play hard when you're winning. It's a lot harder when you lose, especially a few in a row. I'll enjoy every win though, and hope there will be more of those to come. Looks good so far.
  8. I think we have a slightly better roster from last year. I'm hoping we have a better coach, but need some time on this. There is still some dead weight we need to get rid of, but I don't know if we'd be better off just cutting them and playing some young unproven guys or just hoping they don't bring us down too much until we can get some more depth. Only 1 year left on a bunch of contracts I want to be rid of. I can't see the roster moves from Twitter posted earlier, but I hope/assume one of them was bring Olofsson and possibly Jokiharju back up from Rochester? I also like the addition of Johansson as a winger. As a center..not as much. So we'll see how that goes. Regardless of our opening day roster, it's a new season so I'm going to choose to be excited and hopeful. And if that proves to be wrong, it'll be cheaper to buy tickets to the games I plan on going to later this season. Let's Go Buf-fa-lo!
  9. Yeah. This is why I don't get why PSE is fighting with the NWHL about it. Just let them have it back. The only thing I can think of is they are worried their past association with the brand will lead to confusion by consumers or something. Like if the NWHL has as terrible of a season as I'm expecting with most of the top players sitting out, they don't want people to think they fielded yet another terrible team. People already are pissed off at the ***** teams they've been fielding for the teams they DO own to also get dragged down for one they don't.
  10. I don't think it's a matter of being sensitive. I'd think calling the Sabres "The Buffalo Men" equally terrible. It's also the only team in the league with a name like that. The other names: Minnesota Whitecaps Metropolitan Riveters Connecitcut Whale Boston Pride Personally I'd like to see them resurect the Blizzard or Charge names.
  11. I thought this was interesting for those following the whole Woman's pro hockey news. Personally I think the Beauts are a terrible name and if PSE buys/creates a new team for a "WNHL" or whatever in partnership with the NHL, I'd have liked to see them come up with a new name. The logo is fine, since it's a Buffalo like most other logos but it does include the team name as part of it, so it would have to be tweaked at a minimum. I wonder if this will lead to issues with the team using Harbor Center next season to play/practice/workout etc. https://www.theicegarden.com/2019/7/2/20604347/buffalo-beauts-trademark-dispute-developing-nwhl
  12. Would I have liked to pay less? Sure. But it's not as though we'd have been able to sign someone for less with his production. And I think the chemistry with Jack is important, which we know he has. So let's hope for a good off-season improving the rest of the team..
  13. Yeah. 2 of those players are rookies I've never heard of. The other 3 are veterans of the league, but not names I recognize from the National teams.
  14. So far, there are 5 players who have signed for next season on 3 teams. 3/5 are signed for Boston https://www.theicegarden.com/2019/5/21/18632671/2019-2020-nwhl-roster-tracker-season-5-womens-hockey-forthegame-free-agent-signings
  15. Yeah, I think they'd be dumb to cut either us or Minnesota out of any future plans. Minnesota may be harder due to distance, but they were also the first/only team to turn a profit. And Minnesotans love their hockey.
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