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  1. Yeah, that article is a little too detail on the legalities for me. Trying to follow it all made my head hurt. My bottom line take aways from it were: The same kind of VISAs used by the NHL are harder to use here because they wouldn't allow those players to both play in the NHWL and have another job unrelated to hockey. That's a pretty big dealbreaker for most players since they don't get paid enough to live on, unlike the NHL players. It also wouldn't allow those players to bring their families with them, another big dealbreaker. So I feel like a lot of Canadian players will end up not playing because they simply can't afford to and there would be a much more limited number of slots if they go from the 5 Canadian teams the CWHL had to two teams the NWHL is trying to expand to. The NWHL did have some Canadians, including a few on the Beauts, but I'm not sure the exact details of those. We're close enough to Canada that maybe they were living and working their primary in Southern Ontario and simply commuting? I'd be curious to find that out. I know at least one of the Beauts got her American citizenship this year.
  2. I know he did for awhile after being fired. Not sure if he still does though.
  3. So obviously our next head coach needs to come in and save us all from mediocrity. And probably play both defense, and goalie and probably second line center. Is Jesus available? I heard he could walk on water... I've liked most of JBotts moves, but the O'Reilly trade still has me shaking my head. If he can re-sign Skinner without handicapping our salary cap, I think we're moving in the right direction despite the way this season ended. I like what's happening in Rochester from the little I've been following it. If we don't see real improvement (either finally make the playoffs or just missing out in last few days of the season) I'd expect he'd get fired, but I can never tell what the hell the ownership is thinking. I don't know what's going to finally fix things. Is it the ownership? Is it because fans have become so jaded they'll blame the good players like Eichel or Dalin or say how Reinhardt didn't do enough? Something had to change. They way this team played down the stretch, there was no way they could keep Housley. I'm not sure who can fix things, but at this point we could do a lot worse than Lindy Ruff. He's changed his system multiple times over the years to fit the players he's had, and that's the kind of coach we need right now. I don't want someone with a killer system. I want someone who take what he's given and make the playoffs. In the meantime JBotts has a lot of work to do this offseason if he hopes to keep his job..
  4. Man who the hells knows what will happen now, apparently the investor who backed out of the CWHL wants to take over and revive the league with a new board: https://www.theicegarden.com/2019/4/5/18297226/reports-former-cwhl-investor-interested-in-league-graeme-roustan-investor-nhl It also sounds like there is still some unfavorable feelings between many CWHL players and the NWHL based on how things went down in the first two years of the league: https://www.theicegarden.com/2019/4/5/18292808/womens-hockey-in-north-america-is-no-stranger-to-turbulence-nwhl-cwhl As an aside, I do love seeing 3/5 top scorers from my Alma mater. I'm really hoping Loren Gabel ends up with the Beauts next season. However with all the flux right now it's anyone's guess.
  5. I agree that's part of it. But he's also said he doesn't like the business model of either league. So I'll be curious if their investment comes with conditions. NWHL is an LLC. If they are going to grow, they probably need to incorporate.
  6. Some additional details: In talks with the existing stakeholders for Toronto/Montreal. No restricted free agency this year, which should make it easier for players to move around. 24 games next season. https://www.theicegarden.com/2019/4/2/18292409/nwhl-add-two-canadian-teams-receives-significant-investment-from-nhl-montreal-toronto-bettman-rylan I feel like a large part of the Sabres problem is too much interfere from non hockey people at PSE. But I agree, we don't really know.
  7. Interesting about the NHL investing. A bit surprising given past statements from Bettman. I'll be curious to see the details. Will they be selling the teams? Will Toronto and Montreal stay in tact, or brand new teams? How do they handle the draft? NWHL had theirs already. I think it's good for both leagues and for Woman's hockey whatever else ends up happening.
  8. Maybe PSE is more hands off with the Beauts?
  9. Yeah. I don't think they afford to absorb too many teams, so you take Toronto, Montreal and which other team? Brampton seems the easiest in terms of travel, especially now that it would have to go international. Maybe do 2 divisions like: Minnesota Toronto Brampton Buffalo Montreal Boston Connecticut New York I'd hate to not be in with Boston and Montreal, but given where the teams are, I'm not sure how else you'd split it up.. And I agree about the 3 game playoff and more regular season games. I'm just sure if they can afford to expand both in size and games at the same time without some serious surge of investment from say the NHL and/or partnering with NHL teams/ownership.
  10. It sounds like that's what Bettman wants. I'd like to see the NWHL absorb the CWHL teams that it can, but ideally try to get ownership groups for each at the same time instead of being league owned. A lot of these partnerships seems to involve financial help, but it's probably be better if the associated NHL team was maybe the same ownership group, or maybe something closer to what the league does with the AHL? I guess whatever works best for the players, leagues, sponsors and any ownership they have beyond PSE. I'm not sure what the right answer will be, but hopefully they can figure something out before the fall.
  11. That seems likely as there were apparently already rumors about adding them prior to last season. I've also seen they were looking at both Pittsburgh and DC. I'm not sure DC could support a team. Ovechkin and the Capitals finally wining the cup have certainly seen a rise in popularity of Hockey around here since I moved here back in 2004, but I still don't think there would be enough support. Depending on where they play and the schedule, I'd consider getting season tickets. At a minimum I'd try to go to all the Beauts games. The NWHL played its all-star game in Nashville this year, and they partnered with the Predators, including having Shannon Szabados on during a Pred's intermission to help promote the weekend.
  12. Not exactly related, but I was talking about attendance numbers, apparently the NWHL announced theirs: Minnesota: 1,200 Buffalo: 1,101 Riveters: 721 Boston: 706 Connecticut: 423 (source :https://www.theicegarden.com/2019/3/28/18285556/nwhl-releases-details-2018-19-season-attendance-merchandise-sales-viewership-growth-dani-rylan) Connecticut was HORRIBLE this year. The Riveters (despite having some high profile players like Amanda Kessel and being the defending champions) weren't much better, at least record-wise. Connecticut may have had better attendance early in the season by the game I saw the Beauts play there at the end of the season the arena looked like a ghost town. Apparently between tickets and merchandise the Whitecaps turned a profit this year. I'd be curious to see what the CWHL's attendance numbers looked like by comparison. I'd think Toronto and Montreal would both have good attendance at least, but the CWHL haven't been very transparent I guess. On the topic of combining the leagues I didn't realize CWHL was nonprofit, while NWHL is not. Also travel between countries, even if they keep to a weekend only schedule for now may be too much for some of players since all of them need full time jobs to earn a living while trying to play hockey at professional level.
  13. Some interesting articles I found on this: https://www.theicegarden.com/2018/11/28/18116023/cwhl-loses-major-investor-as-roustan-capital-withdraws-financial-support https://www.theicegarden.com/2019/3/31/18289380/q-a-with-cwhlpa-co-head-liz-knox-cwhl-ceasing-operations https://www.theicegarden.com/2019/3/31/18289259/what-we-know-and-what-we-dont-about-the-cwhl-ceasing-operations-womens-hockey
  14. Hmm. I had only ever heard about the Devils and Sabres. It does look like the Whitecaps are partnered with the Wild last summer just ahead of joining the NWHL and apparently the Pride partnered with the Bruins back in January. The two Boston teams has always been one of the biggest issues between the two leagues. I guess the Pride won out over the Blades even before the CWHL called it quits. Looking at it closer the Blades moved to Worchester last season, probably because from what I can tell most of the fan support in Boston swapped to the Pride already anyways. I'm not sure who the Connecticut team would partner with since the Whalers are long gone and there aren't any other teams up that way now. I'm biased, but I feel like the NWHL has been doing a lot of the right things to grow the sport, although their success will definitely be built on the CWHL no matter what happens from here.
  15. Yeah. Bettman is on record saying he won't put the NHL's support behind either of the leagues until they figured it out, so I guess this is one way of doing that. There have already been signs of cross promotion with the NHL beyond what the Pegula's have been doing here in Buffalo, in particular with some NWHL players being at the NHL all-star game this year. The Metropolitan Riveters have partnered with the NJ Devils, although I'm not sure what the exact details of that are, since I believe the Riveters are still owned by the NWHL.
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