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  1. Great info! I have to say… and maybe it’s just me. It probably is … In my opinion, anything above a 2.90 GAA isn’t “respectable”. It’s kinda average or as it gets into the 3.3 range or higher, teetering on the verge of kinda bad. granted, and I know a lot of things go into those numbers and why it happened etc. I’m just talking in a vacuum about just those numbers specifically. I certainly hope the goaltending duo this year is better than a 2.9 GAA. again, maybe it’s just me.… Probably is.
  2. I don’t know if this has been posted yet …
  3. His refusal? Really? If you think as a GM he wasn’t taking calls and making calls to try to upgrade the defense and goaltending, that’s on you bro. It takes two GM’s to make a trade right? Whatever the other GM wanted in return for an asset that KA wanted, was too rich. Or KA’s offer was too poor for the other GM to bite. And as far as free agency… KA talking to their agents, the cap hit was too much for what KA wants to spend. I see nothing wrong with having a budget for the position of goaltender. Of course there is a slim possibility he is just so enamored with UPL and Comrie. Analytics dept. be damned. But to say that he flat out refused to upgrade… In my opinion is rather ignorant. But you can certainly have your opinion and I can certainly have mine.
  4. But but they like have that tough guy Lucic so they should be hunky dory 😎
  5. He was pretty good in Anaheim. He has been pretty good in Florida. Hmmmm …. Where was he in between Anaheim in Florida? And who was his coach? Hmmmmm 🤔
  6. As of August 14th … Days until the Sabres season
  7. I don’t care how much either one of them shine… I send them for more developing outside the NHL.
  8. As of August 13th, 60 days … Unfortunately there is no photo of it… That I could find, but …. 60: Paul Gaustad (2002-2003) Gaustad holds the record for the shortest time wearing a unique number for the Sabres. Although most will remember him as No. 28, he spent just under six minutes of a game against the Colorado Avalanche in 2003 wearing the number 60.
  9. The Sabres will be good because … No more Eichel or selfish, self absorbed, myopic personalities on the team. More quality depth than last year. Goaltending overall looks slightly improved. (On paper). The youth gained valuable experience and will grow from that. Showing improvement overall. The Sabres will not be good because… It hasn’t been announced officially yet, that Dahlin is extended. Too late in the summer now. Just wait until next Summer to say anything. They are doomed. 😎 Not enough Ryan Reeves on the team. Like, the Sabres are gonna get soooo pushed around and not respond and stuff. Oh and they aren’t a “big team”. 😉
  10. Yep, me too. Or I “glance” their cart with mine so I can get through. Makes a noise and it registers with most people after that. I personally don’t like any dogs in grocery stores except for working dogs/support dogs. I am pretty confident in saying that not every dog I see in a grocery store is a working dog/support dog. I am also sympathetic to not leaving your dog in a car that is too hot or too cold while you go shopping. And to that I say, shop for 10 minutes at the most and get what you need and get out, or take your dog home first and then go shopping.
  11. The US govt has had secret projects and programs since it’s birth. And they kill and will continue to kill to keep those projects secret. Why do you think gasoline is still the prominent reliable fuel in the world to power vehicles? why do you think metered electrical power is the predominant energy source for homes? do you think the technology hasn’t been created? A cheaper or free technology? Why do you think certain drugs and vaccines come on the market, and allegedly it’s the only game in town to help or cure a human condition? it’s all about the Benjamins. Once they figure a way to monetize it, then it gets exposed or brought into the light. It always has and it always will. On the topic of UFOs, it will be interesting to see the next step in monetizing that exposure now. Instill a certain level of fear. Then … Buy this, wear that, eat this, avoid that, increase tax, spend more money etc. and I frankly couldn’t care less if someone thinks that sounds completely insane and impossible to happen or have happened.
  12. What forward did the Sabres select with the eighth overall pick in the 2017 NHL draft? On August 7, 1992 The Sabres traded Stephane Beauregard and a fourth round draft pick to the Blackhawks for what goaltender? Who replaced Rick Dudley as coach of the Sabres in the 1991 1992 season?
  13. Good analysis! I would like to see À la cart pricing per channel. And just see how many people do in fact like it over the long term. Living in Western New York, I personally stream spectrum through Roku. so I just pay spectrum for Internet and a cable package through streaming. And I split the cost with a friend for Disney+. And a family member allows me to log into their Hulu account to watch any ESPN+ Sabres games if I need to. That is all I do. No Netflix, no Paramount+, no Max, no Amazon prime. So I get all MSG Sabres games, and all regional TNT games. For me personally, if I couldn’t access any ESPN+ games anymore through my Family member, I would not pay the extra money to get Hulu and ESPN+. I would rather miss three or four Sabres games a season and not pay for Hulu and ESPN+. But that’s just me.
  14. Good point about the Canadian to American money conversion. I took what I found on a website about gas prices on average that were recorded yesterday for Ontario. And in liters. I multiplied that by 3.7 L which equals 1 gallon. so for me that conversion came to $6.23 per gallon. And yes that would be in Canadian money. I then found a website that records average gas prices for New York State. I think that data it was only a few days old. And that was $3.75 in American money. So yes, I forgot to do the conversion. I overlooked that. you obviously found different numbers… So be it. 👍🏼 The overall point whether it be my numbers or your numbers is… Ontario pays much more per gallon than New York State. obviously you can get into all kinds of wormhole/completely off-topic reasons why that is…. And I certainly am not interested at all in discussing that here. And I bet absolutely no one is interested in reading it either. Because that is not what the question was and that’s not the overall point anyway. 👍🏼
  15. With the conversion of Litres to Gallons …. The average price of regular unleaded gas in Ontario Canada as of yesterday is $6.23 per gallon. NY State is $3.75 per gallon.
  16. In my opinion they should do à la cart. Have a basic package of say 12 channels. Some of them being “local” where applicable. Have a set fee of say $50 which includes any fees and surcharges etc. Then, every channel you want past those 12 channels is an extra $2.00 a month. Let the bad channels die out, and let the good channels thrive and succeed. So if you want a grand total of 24 channels, it would be $50 + $24 for the additional 12 channels you want à la cart. So your tv cable bill would be $74 a month. I am just spit balling, and of course the totals can be adjusted to be more monetarily attractive to more people. I think more people would pay for that gladly knowing that all the channels they are receiving are exactly the channels they want. And I still think the cable companies would make an absolute killing with that price structure because more people would stay or come back to cable services like spectrum instead of streaming.
  17. ❤️❤️❤️ love it. Evil incompetent clueless Good Competent knows what he’s doing muahahaha
  18. Oh c’mon @Eleven, you know better than to complain about this! There are very few catchall threads. I mean if you wanted to discuss Tage Thompson, it would have to be a summer discussion or off-season thread. then if you wanted to discuss Tage Thompson after Sept 24th, you would need to make a regular season Tage Thompson thread. then if Tage Thompson gets injured, you would need to make a injury discussion thread. then if he was out for a couple weeks and came back, you would have to make a … Tage Thompson gets inserted back into the lineup where does everybody else shuffle to? thread. then if Tage Thompson and his wife were expecting a kid, you would have to make a thread about that. then if you wanted to discuss Tage Thompson in prior seasons compared to this season, you would have to make a thread about that. then if you wanted to discuss Tage Thompson and whether or not he is a true number one center in the NHL, you would have to make a thread about that. then if … and that goes for all the players, and coaches. So having three or four or seven threads about KA is quite usual. 😬
  19. It’s early March, The team has a great record. They look awesome. They are going to make the playoffs no doubt. Only injury is skinner who has been out for a couple weeks and won’t return until the end of March. Then … Dahlin goes down with an injury that takes him out for the season. Next game, Tuch goes down with an injury. He’ll be out for a few weeks. Next game it’s noticeable TNT isn’t playing like he used to and looks to be playing thru an injury. The goaltending duo starts to slip in the next few weeks. They miss the playoffs by a couple points. Fire KA? Fire DG?
  20. @Night Train you are going cause unnecessary shiiiiit in a hockey thread. Please don’t do that.
  21. Read thru the thread, I’m sure you aren’t the first person who has inquired about this 👍🏼 There are a few threads on the subject I believe as well.
  22. As of August 5th … days until puck drop
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