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  1. Didn't know where to put this, so I stuck it here. I happened to look at +/- earlier today. Jack and Scandella lead the team with +13. I was surprised at who was in 3rd- Jimmy Vesey with a +10. Vesey has been quietly playing a very solid game since mid-November. Unsurprisingly, Mitts is worst on the team with a -5 currently
  2. Last year, we were doing well throughout November IIRC. It wasn't until really December till we crashed.
  3. Tfw the sabres get the devil's coach fired.
  4. Jack is currently on a pace for an 111 point season
  5. Then, I would be inclined to agree, good hockey trade, but only time will tell
  6. In my opinion, you cant call anything a good trade unless you know what was given up. Maybe Detroit gave up way too much.
  7. That definitely matches what I was seeing... I was pleased with how Gilmour did though
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think he's a RD, while Pilut is a LD
  9. Pilut? I don't think Montour and Sam will likely be that cheap, unfortunately
  10. I'm hoping we don't need him up in Buffalo much and Keep him cheap for re-signing next year
  11. One problem with this: Dahlin is already playing LD. Our RD that are playing currently Risto, Miller, and Joker
  12. To my untrained eye, Ullmark looked very good. He faced a lot of tough shots.
  13. Also of note: Lewan was part of an offensive line that allowed 5 sacks and lots of pressure
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