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  1. I am an occasional poster, but a frequent reader. I would say my reason for not posting often is due to my lack of hockey knowledge. Pretty much all of my knowledge is from watching sabres games and reading here. I don't have the extensive knowledge of players in the league like some here. Sometimes I feel I do not have something significant to contribute, and don't want to just blow hot air. I am a young fan, and I think as my hockey knowledge grows, my post quantity is likely to increase with it.
  2. The thing is though, everyone else in the division also has a tougher schedule as well. They all face chiefs/chargers/broncos/raiders and Rams/Seahawks/49ers/Cardinals. The Patriots also face Ravens/Texans, so I think that yes, we should be favorites in the AFC east.
  3. Lazar has been taking OT draws since before Jack has appeared injured.
  4. That is due more to a lack of point producers on the team than him being outstanding. A quick check puts him not even in the top 60 in ppg (I couldn't find the stat on a site, so I was looking at the top scorers and roughly checking, stopped after I got to the 65th top scorers)
  5. That may be, but 24 points in 35 games and a -12 in the AHL doesn't give me any hope that he will be a competent NHLer next year.
  6. I wouldn't expect him to blindly dump money into the organization either. I think he would probably spend more than the average owner though.
  7. I think I would tend to agree. I think Pegula has enough money and cares enough that he would be willing to spend more than most teams, which may have gotten us out of this losing slump by now.
  8. I did. He made a few nice physical plays, but wasn't particularly impressive.
  9. I believe that he was on the top line similarly to how girgs and Vesey were on the top line earlier in the year. Neither of them belonged there, but due to injuries, they were placed there for a few games.
  10. So do our new lines look like: Oloffson-Eichel-Reinhart Skinner/Johansson/Kahun Vesey/Lazar/Simmonds Girgs/Larsson/Okposo Thoughts?
  11. Jbott said he "could play both wings", so it looks like the expectation is for him to play wing, not center.
  12. Panthers were the ones who made this trade, they used our pick, which they had already aquired
  13. Risto often plays in front of the net on PP1. If we have a replacement for that, it helps to relieve some of the loss of potentially losing Risto.
  14. It was a fake tweet. Karrlson for a 3rd. That woulda been unbelievably good.
  15. Wouldn't be surprised if we see erod/sheary + a dman for another forward
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