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  1. All true. And the rare occurrence of them in 2021 probably makes them absolutely authentic and more meaningful. They may have a bigger impact on the team now then they would in the 70s to the 90s. Because few do it. Has to be organic. Can't be forced goon-ery If Eichel were to go out and fight someone tomorrow because we'll we've just sucked....need a spark. That's dumb. But if someone ran Hall and Eichel was the first guy in there and instantly without thinking started to retaliate and starts throwing down.....everyone sees that's real, a guy that cares and it
  2. If you got guys that do what Tinordi did, or Nurse, do you really want to be the guy taking shifts off? Computers can't account for that. There are 2 kinds of fights in the NHL. The one Cozens got into where no doubt he's trying to swing momentum of the game and make his own statement. Most likely little impact on the game. Then there is the responses of Nurse and Tinordi. Both very likely to have gotten both their teams just a bit more engaged. And if both equally now have everyone's attention...again tough to know or see in game difference. But you w
  3. The answer to that question isn't in the short term. Its not about changing the "momentum in the game." These dudes that respond like this earn the trust and respect of teammates and send messages to other teams that if you take liberties with our guys we won't take it like the 2012 Sabres did with Miller. That incident broke our team. Responses like this can strengthen teams. When did the fighting analysis become about "changing in game momentum??" We need to put down the computers.
  4. He's right the game doesn't need goons. It does however need tough SOBs Did I miss this last night? My God when this game was great But the data shows....
  5. I'm sure this had near zero impact on both respective teams. "But the data actually shows....blah blah blah"
  6. 7 even strength points in 19 games. Someone better come out with an X-ray showing us he's playing with 3 broken ribs. I'm not feeling elite lately let alone generational. Something is wrong and it's not just the coach him and Hall supposedly love.
  7. His value like most guys on this team has plummeted. You're a GM looking to get Hall. What are you willing to part with? And I'm starting to feel this way about the whole dam roster. Including Dahlin and Jack.
  8. Best way to ingrain in the organization losing is unacceptable might just be we have to fire coaches more frequently. Ralph should be fired at 4pm today. Adams should go behind the bench. He isn't doing anything anyway but being laughed off the phone by other GMs.
  9. That goal by Barzal beating Risto is the best illustration of what winners look like vs what perennial losers look like.
  10. Hall---Eichel---Cozens Skinner---Staal---Reinhart This is pretty much all I want to see the rest of the season. Do whatever you want with the bottom 6. But Olofsson should not be a top 6 forward. PP1 yes. He will be a nice 3rd or 4th line player on a playoff team that can play occasional top line minutes. Nothing more.
  11. I want someone not named Terry Pegula that has the ability to fire Adams. We all agree Ralph needs to go but why am I supposed to buy that Adams should be GM? I can't take anything they do seriously with them thinking Hutton was an acceptable starter even if they thought maybe it would be 35% of the games.
  12. This. Everyone but Cozens should be on the table. I think a good GM would have blown it up 3 years ago. A good GM doesn’t get garbage for ROR btw. Personally I think they been hesitant to do it because it's an admission the tank failed. This is all on Terry imo.
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