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  1. Yes, I agree. I wonder though that if say there wasn't anybody he liked, it may be similar for other GMs, making it difficult to get a deal done.
  2. Maybe he just didn't like anybody that was left?
  3. So who is the next best Swedish LHD left on the board?
  4. How long do you think till he will be ready?
  5. Not too familiar with him. How do we feel about this?
  6. adding Lehner could not possibly devalue ROR. He is not signed to a contract, it would only be his rights as a RFA. It would keep ROR's value the same or increase it.
  7. Who's better: RoR Who would I be more keen on trading: RoR
  8. No, that is definitely not something I would recommend. I am just saying that build would not work for us as we do not have excellent goaltending. Far from it actually.
  9. Alright, I see it now, my bad. Good work, carry on.
  10. I realize that, but if we don't keep him, he doesn't count against the cap. You have us keeping him at 4 million, and still needing another goalie. If we keep him I don't see us getting some one else, and if we don't keep him we would have 4 million to spend elsewhere.
  11. I realize that, but I wonder why you said we needed another goalie if we had Ullmark and done a tender for Lehner. That's already 2 keepers on the roster. Unless you were planning on sending Ulmark back to Rochester.
  12. Thanks for working all of this out. Just one question: do we really need to have a qualifying offer for Lehner and sign a goalie?
  13. If we get Tavares, RoR is going to be traded. However the chances of that happening are slim so I voted for him to stay.
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