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  1. What about McCabe+Larsson? Give them a center to partially fill the hole left by Trochek.
  2. For some reason, Im feeling optimistic about this one 6-5 sabres. MUST WIN!!!!!
  3. The Chinese students here at U of R would all have been back before the outbreak really got bad, you have to remember that there are a billion people in China, and there are only around a 1000 Chinese students at UR, and some wouldn't have gone home for the break.
  4. Unless it was just an end of the period thing, like what has frequently been done before
  5. While I don't necessarily think that what Wawrow is saying is true, I would say there is a difference between reporting possible trades and something that happened in the past. If I say there are trade talks of X player for Y player, there is the reasonable excuse of well, one team wanted an additional 3rd, and the other didn't want to give that up. But with this, he is reporting something that has happened(Or didn't). If I were a sports reporter, this would be something I would be more cautious to report, as opposed to a trade rumor. If TM were to fail, and then LaFontaine was average, we would be a lot happier with him than if LaFontaine was just average to start.
  6. Is it time to play like we don't care for lafreniƩre? Step into a minefield for Byfield?
  7. You can't beat Brawndo... you just... can't.
  8. That team is gonna be nasty if so.
  9. So far, it's looking alright to me: 3-0-1 GO SABRES!
  10. Only the Capitals have more points than us in the last 10 games in our conference.
  11. *Jeff-Evan-Marcus Or you could have the JRS Johansson-Rodriguez-Skinner
  12. MUSTang WINdshield. I started disguising must win in other words 3 games ago- and they've been playing well, so I'm superstitiously continuing that until they lose.
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