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  1. Its okay. That is a song with Linkin Park in it.
  2. We might as well... He's done more to make fans happy than ROR did.
  3. So how about the two firsts, nylander, and Balloo for Karlsson followed by Risto for forward help?
  4. The Sharks pick I believe is rolled to next year if the sharks miss the playoffs, it's not a simple lottery protection. I could be wrong, but I seem to remember that.
  5. Shoot. I read Thompson as Thomas at first and was wondering why everyone was so incredibly pissed.
  6. Nice call, now you better hope the return is good. Some people were killed for being the bearer of bad news.
  7. No, he's a blues insider. The trick is to get one for every team except the sabres, then you are well informed but there aren't any leaks in sabreland
  8. I put yes to St. Louis. Free agent (hoping Bozak) to start the year, and eventually Mitts takes over.
  9. We got a nice intra team rivalry there between Dahlin and Pekar
  10. If Dahlin turns out how we want him to be... Yikes, that'll be a big chunk of the cap tied up between him and Jack.
  11. I'd be content if the Isles re-signed him. That would put the sharks back into the ROR bidding war.
  12. Maybe this is where all the blues to sabres buzz is coming from
  13. I could especially see this with a trade to Minnesota, where there are a lot of wingers that could potentially be coming back.
  14. To be fair, I only know Robert Thomas, and not very well.
  15. We finally have a LW that deserves to be on a NHL team
  16. That's actually something I thought of as well.
  17. YES! I myself got in an argument about the pronounciation and was told otherwise. I was bummed because Dall-in sounds so much cooler than Dall-een
  18. Alright here's an idea. Finish somewhere around 15th, start a culture change, somehow win the lottery, then win the next 8 cups.
  19. When there isn't need factored in. (Like this case) When there isn't need factored in. (Like this case) When there isn't need factored in. (Like this case) When there isn't need factored in. (Like this case)
  20. Okay, not even the tiniest bit of excuse for that.
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