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  1. I'm actually feeling fairly confident that we get a win tonight for some reason.
  2. Is the condition whether they place in the bottom ten or if they pick in the bottom ten? I was thinking it was the latter
  3. Well you see, when a man and a woman really love each other...
  4. Also, there are other free agents.
  5. Also factor in the part where he is significantly above a ppg pace so far.
  6. At the game, missed Jack's penalty and they never showed the replay, so I didn't know how legitimate it was
  7. At the game, Hutton has kept this team alive. If we had Lehner we would likely be down 3-2
  8. I just recently remembered my favorite Hutton moment. This play caused the stadium to be the most pumped I (in person) have seen it be during the tank years.
  9. If there is another that wants to do it, I would be willing to join.
  10. What's long and hard and a polish bride gets on her wedding night? A last name
  11. I think there should be an option for Mitts as there is a chance of him playing wing (top 3Cs of Eichel Samson and Berglund).
  12. I was driving a tractor for a couple of hours in the sun. No biggie, just now I have the wierdest burn lines. Burnt back of the hand but not the fingers.
  13. I'm right with you doohickie
  14. You made me curious so I poked around a bit. In written Hebrew there were no vowels. However there would sometimes be markings to indicate that a vowel was supppsed to be there. As YHWH (Yahweh) is the sacred name of God they would rarely write it and not say it out loud. This led to in more modern times people translating YHWH to Jehovah which is incorrect.
  15. I don't know if it is for other reasons, but because God's name was so holy, the Jewish scribes couldn't even write it, so they would omit vowels.
  16. Maybe this is a sign that next year is the year he thinks we will actually start to be competitive and this year is just separating the wheat from the chaff
  17. That's actually a good idea. Any suggestions for me?
  18. Its okay. That is a song with Linkin Park in it.
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