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  1. Sam was the main. Mitts was the other one. Maybe it was just a case that he wasn't good enough period. But when drafted it was to be a centre and he did not work out being put on the wing (again maybe it wouldn't have worked at C either). We have two legit centres on the depth chart so I have no problem with him sliding into 3C rather then 2 or 3 winger.
  2. Yes having a legit 2C is going to help. If Cozens makes the team I hope he plays 3C. I don't need him starting on the wing. Every one of our future centres who started on the wing never went back. Shelter him but let him learn the position at the NHL level.
  3. What @SDS said. I don’t think it is possible.
  4. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not banking on Mitts for much going forward. I just don’t see the point in getting rid of him for peanuts either.
  5. Depends on the return though. If we get nothing back then what is the point? I’m with Wildcard on this one.
  6. It’s an enormous year. This team absolutely has to take that next step. Playoffs are required. Alot of pressure considering it will be a short season and we don’t know when it begins. We can’t ride into this year with such unknown in goal. Move has to be made there. I hope they’re still looking at ways to shake up other spots as well. Make or break year really. Management has to act like it and Hall signing gives me some hope.
  7. Ralph’s interview today was interesting. The amount of times he commented that ‘these are our goalies for now.’ Sure not a resounding vote of confidence. Language he used and as guarded as he spoke I would also be surprised those are the two they go with.
  8. Wow can you imagine if cozens has an outstanding camp and wins that job beside Jack and Taylor?
  9. So they pay more for Eakin then Fast goes for.
  10. JFC so much for our analytics gurus.
  11. Yep. I’m jealous. This. When there was a fake report the leafs were resigning him yesterday I texted my buddy. His first reaction was no way why the ***** would they do that???
  12. Oilers going all in. Surprised they had this much cap.
  13. Then please don’t post insinuating fact.
  14. Is Barrie news legit? Not seeing it anywhere else.
  15. Sure would make sense. Then again having 400 defence and lack of forwards last offseason gave me similar thinking. With this franchise I’ll believe it when I see it.
  16. What a ***** joke of a franchise
  17. Scored 3 shorties I believe and played a lot of pk. Was worried this was a Laine type one trick pony but don’t think that’s the case. All around player who may have huge goal scoring potential. I trust LGR and therefore wanted Rossi but let’s see what happens here, certainly potential.
  18. Who wishes we had good old JBotts now eh?
  19. Rossi or Perfetti then we’re thinking?
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