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  1. Unless Raymond ends up being excellent which is still a real probability. I know we have hearts set on guys but immediate draft reactions are funny a couple years later.
  2. Days like this I wish I didn’t cut cable. Would love updates in here!
  3. Derrico

    So #8

    I kind of like the sounds of Sanderson myself. Ducks
  4. Derrico

    So #8

    Lmao. Going to be so many disappointed ppl in here. Seems like it’s Rossi or bust and we pick 8th ffs.
  5. Agree with your last sentence but the teams before us may feel the same way.
  6. The fact so many on this board are so high on Rossi means other gms will likely feel the same and I’m assuming he won’t be there.
  7. My prediction for tonight is some will be happy, some will be pissed off and we won’t really know how it went for atleast a year.
  8. Yes this is my exact observation as well. He doesn’t need a change of scenery. He needs more drive, strength and consistency.
  9. It would be in Casey’s best interest to pull his head out his ass and train harder. This ain’t high school hockey in Minnesota anymore.
  10. Man you don’t even know how much that comment means. Thanks buddy. Thanks buddy. Sorry the switch over had this impact.
  11. Thanks again for taking over. I will be there for the first half hour of the draft atleast and have set some prerankings.
  12. Derrico

    So #8

    Yes but also not surprising.
  13. Thanks @Eleven but @SDS is now administrator so it will have to come through him haha. Sorry for the inconvenience guys. Just not in the right headspace to run it right now.
  14. Or I could transfer to you @SDS in the meantime as you have more familiarity and can find a way to get it transferred to @Eleven
  15. I got to a desktop and can change it. @Eleven I think you may need to change your settings. I can’t transfer the league to a couple of people because they have email identified as hidden. For instance I can transfer to @SDS but not @Eleven. Could you go on and try and change that setting and maybe it’ll change on my end?
  16. Yes I will play. Thanks for taking over my friend.
  17. Wildcard, you, pi2000, north buffalo, JSB, NorCal, true blue, wyldnwoody, SDS Theres a team called clownshoes and waratahs whom I’m not sure.
  18. I only have access via the app and I don’t see where the option would be. I’m terribly sorry. I could either set the draft with who we have in the league and just go from there or you may have to start a new one. Do we know if anyone said they were out?
  19. I’m sorry man, I looked through the league settings and don’t see where I’m able to transfer the league. If I knew everyone was in that were last year I’m ok to set up the draft and keep my team. Did we have anyone say they’re out?
  20. Thanks buddy. I really wish this wasn’t the case. Back in ER right now. I’ll check out later how I can go about this.
  21. I’m really sorry guys but my health has really flared up again negatively. Could someone else please take over running this league? I’m sorry, I just don’t have the energy for anything else.
  22. When are you back wildcard? It’s usually not until a day or two before the season
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