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  1. Good lord why would the sabres put a lot of the season on journeyman backups and big time question marks. Get a legit 1a/1b type goalie and let him run with Ullmark.
  2. At zero point in that game was Germany hanging with Canada lol.
  3. I’m good for whatever proposed rule changes you guys like.
  4. That’s unbelievable. No way that should count.
  5. Nice pass from cozens on this goal that will be disallowed. Would of had an assist.
  6. Cozens second line winger is too bad. Wanted to see him at C. Good to see Quinn playing a regular line.
  7. Feels like awhile until we play the pens. I could see them battling for that last playoff spot down the stretch and will have a ton of head to heads.
  8. Is that amount the qualifying amount The sabres originally offered or did they end up paying more?
  9. I cannot wait to not only watch Quinn and Cozens but watch the two of them playing together. I hope that line sticks and both have a good showing. First pre-tourney game for Canada is against the Russians tomorrow at 6 for those interested (and can get the feed).
  10. Something about witty names something something....I can’t remember the exact name. Hopefully true chimes in.
  11. So if some of the Canadian teams are forced to play out of us cities that would throw the whole proposed divisions out of whack. All Canadian division may only have 4 or 5 teams. The whole model would have to be revamped.
  12. It's sure looking that way. They won't be getting the 56 games they had first reported under this scenario.
  13. So we’re theoretically one month away. Im assuming there will be a two week quarantine for players arriving plus two weeks of training camp. Surprised we haven’t heard any official announcement yet.
  14. Take a look into suicide rates during Covid vs precovid and come back and talk to me. Mental health is very real even if u poo poo the idea that watching a bunch of dumb jocks can increase ones mental health.
  15. Unpopular opinion but I’m in agreement. My mental health would improve immensely with something else to get the mind away from the pandemic. If only for a few hours.
  16. Our last two first rounders both playing together on the first line for team canada? Wow I can’t wait for Boxing Day!
  17. Something to look forward too. I assume teams that missed the playoffs can probably open camp after Christmas sometime so likely about 3 weeks away for Sabres. World Juniors will be a nice Segway into the season. Thank God hockey is back!
  18. Reports were January 15th and 52 games. That's my bet but they need to hammer this out soon.....
  19. What goalie would be targeted? How big of an upgrading are we talking? What do we do with Hutton?
  20. You've mentioned the goaltending upgrade a few times now. I'm very curious to see if this comes to fruition. I actually have a quite a bit of faith in Ullmark but have zero faith in Hutton. With a condensed season and possibly hub cities I can only imagine the number of back to backs and playing time the backup is going to get. Do you still think an upgrade in goal is coming? This team has to make the playoffs this coming year and that is by far the biggest question mark still outstanding IMO.
  21. He's turning 24 in a couple of days. If he ain't ready now he never will be.
  22. I don’t recall seeing him at Center very often, if at all.
  23. Sam was the main. Mitts was the other one. Maybe it was just a case that he wasn't good enough period. But when drafted it was to be a centre and he did not work out being put on the wing (again maybe it wouldn't have worked at C either). We have two legit centres on the depth chart so I have no problem with him sliding into 3C rather then 2 or 3 winger.
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