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  1. Cozens going to be playing with the big boys. I like the idea of giving him a guy like Skinner to play with rather then starting him on a typical Sabres third or fourth line usually comprising of all scrubs.
  2. Not surprising as I'm not sure where else he would play with no OHL season. I think with the huge number of games in short timeframe he will get a couple of games in. Very much doubt it goes over the prorated 9 (do we know how many they are allowed? I'm guessing 6?).
  3. I was really hoping for Borgen, glad he made the cut.
  4. Unfortunately I agree. But didn't they have all last seasons real games as evidence that it didn't work? Again, what a chance they are taking wasting another Eichel year, Hall year, Dahlin year. You can't sign Hall to finally go for it this year and stick with such unproven goaltending can they? It appears they can. Hope it works out but this is almost as disastrous as JBOT not replacing 2nd line C when it too was so obvious. Everyone and their grandmothers have major concerns about goaltending yet here we are on the eve of the season going with these two again. For what it's worth
  5. Good points. The coach is the coach and I don't want someone who's focus is more on keeping players happy then keeping players motivated and in the best position for the team to win. If you don't like your ice time or line mates then work harder at playing the system and moving up in the lineup. You shouldn't be happy based on what you've shown from last November to today. Blame RK all you want, the guy is too talented to be completely invisible for long stretches like he was last year. Ya this should be an interesting waiver list I would think. Anyone know what the cap situati
  6. You’re going to sit there and explain to me how skinner was anything but a disappointment last season?
  7. Maybe, just maybe, Skinner needs to get his head out of his ass. Why do we have to caudle these players? He wasn't good enough last year and by all accounts isn't good enough in this years training camp either. I'm assuming RK has tried over the past year tactics to get Skinner playing like he wants. If Skinner isn't playing the system and they've had this discussion for awhile and nothing has changed then I have no problem RK calling him out as a wake up call.
  8. The alternative is wasting the one year you have with Hall, Dahlin still on his ELC and yet another prime Eichel year.
  9. While I agree, I thought I read somewhere from canes fans saying skinner played on their third line there because he essentially did better with guys that would play more grind it out type hockey then high skill. The potential options are not great but I’m fine him being used out of the top 6. I was hopeful Cozens would be showing more to join skinner and make a great third line.
  10. I can’t believe we didn’t upgrade our goaltending. In a condensed season backups will be playing a ton. This decision could easily cost us into missing the playoffs. We tried it. It didn’t work. Move on.
  11. Really is make or break year for Borgen. I'm glad he's getting a nice look. I think he surprises and gets a regular spot when one of the top 6 gets moved in a deal.
  12. I’m not sure I’m thinking Covid but why did Ullmark show up later then everyone else and still have to be in isolation? I’m sure the players all knew the date well in advance.
  13. Unfortunately Girgs injured in the game....
  14. Penalty shot for cozens Stopped.
  15. Should be 2 apples for Cozens so far.
  16. Dahlin just so smooth. I forgot how much fun it is watching him play. So smart, so skilled. We need him to break out this year.
  17. Always hard to tell in a game with minimal contact like this. But last years whipping boys in Mitts and Thompson look pretty good today. Mitts wheels are noticeable and Thompson has been the best player on the ice for either team thus far imo.
  18. Thompson sure looking darn good. One game I know but he's sure noticeable......in a good way.
  19. Heck of a shot he rang off the iron as well. I know his shot is never what was questioned.
  20. I swear I didn’t read this before posting something similar in Quinn thread hahahahaha.
  21. Not as impactful obviously but I see this as the Josh Allen of draft picks. Fans hated it at the time because others were still on the board (Josh Rosen) but incredibly hard working kid that wasn’t a high recut in younger years. Will be fun watching his development. I hope this could be a guy that takes nice steps each season based on hard work every offseason.
  22. Joined Atleast I thought I did?
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