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  1. There certainly was no love lost between Quinn and Rene Robert.
  2. Have a safe trip. I know those roads in between.
  3. I can't speak highly enough of the meds I'm on. They have really helped me to function normally, have a clear mind, and alleviate much of the mental pain and suffering from past events.
  4. Oh, the good old hockey game Is the best game you can name And the best game you can name Is the good old hockey game 99 Cup Finals, Game 6, Dallas at Buffalo Well, Brett Hull's skate was in the crease When he "scored" that No Goal They stole the Cup and took it down To that Big D Texas hole They had their fill with that parade While Sabres fans were filled with rage But that's ok, 'cause Dallas has No Stanley Cups since that day
  5. We all know that he's never going to live that down, but that's as harsh and horrid as a refrigerator magnet I saw a few years ago that said, "Welcome to Illinois, where our governors make our license plates!" (Complete with Blago in a zebra prison suit.) (BTW, that was not meant to be political. Just comparing apples to apples.)
  6. What's interesting is that one of my favorite preachers is a native Glaswegian. However, he's been in Cleveland, Ohio almost 4 decades now. He still has that thick Scottish accent.
  7. I hope Tua doesn't land in Miami. There's going to be a war in my house if he does.
  8. I plan on listening to the game on my way up to Springfield, Mass. I have a delivery appointment up there in the morning. BTW, I hope #SabresMafia is out in full force at the game. One of my friends lives a short distance east of Dallas. I have no idea if he'll make the game, but I know he pulls for our boys.
  9. So true. In retrospect, had I been fully cognizant of my issues years ago, I would have perceived and handled things much differently - including education.
  10. Truckers do it to other truckers almost all of the time. I have 16 1/2 years of driving experience to prove this. Speaking of trucking, driving a big rig with an empty trailer going through high winds. Keeping it upright is no small feat.
  11. Letting one rip as I am fast asleep, which leads to the dogs either jumping off the bed or barking like crazy - and I sleep through all of it.
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