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  1. Don’t give them a reason to move the franchise.
  2. Help me out, please. Who’s Chia? As for Mike Milbury, I’ll pass. Something about his personality rubs me the way way. This reminds me of the recent Craigslist posting on selling the team. I just hope they put an end to this disastrous golf foxtrot.
  3. Sad AND sickening! We dealt with this for 9 years. Thanks to Mr. Musk, that changed.
  4. That’s not where I was going. Look at the beer can.
  5. Supposedly, this laugh was $8M cheaper than hitching a ride from Star City in Kazakhstan.
  6. Still working and paying the bills. Mrs. CC and I are working our way through NCIS. In spite of all of the cast changes, the show keeps going strong.
  7. What’s wrong with this picture?
  8. Unfortunately, the post has been flagged for removal. Somehow, the Pegulas didn’t like the humor made at their expense. Jeez! Lighten up, Kimbo Slice! You could have been Taro Tsujimoto IAL for all we know.
  9. Ugh! That time of year again. The Return of the Killer Windshield, 2020 edition.
  10. Add this to PSE’s already disastrous PR department. #WeAreAllDuane
  11. Not sure if your reply was tongue in cheek or not. Either way, we put together an herb garden. We could put in either 3 more herbs or small plants. The goal is to eventually grown our own fruits and vegetables within our climate.
  12. I just spent this afternoon putting this together.
  13. You’re not missing anything. But, hey. That’s what they get for not making something as good as Labatt Blue.
  14. I’ll take Loganberry over that p!sswater anyday.
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