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  1. IMHO, they earned the right to have certain amenities. They didn’t get into MLB by being couch potatoes. After all, I’m sure there’s a considerable difference between the Amerks and Sabres’ dressing rooms.
  2. And then I saw something like this. i didn’t think that death metal could be tamed.
  3. I totally did not expect this to come across my feed. What a shame that I didn’t listen to Primus in my younger days. https://youtu.be/glFeo6WylmI
  4. Sorry to torture you guys. I absolutely HATE this song! Such mindless droning. And people wonder why, as a follower of Jesus, I absolutely loathe contemporary “Christian” music. Go ahead and rip into it with your responses. I don’t care. https://youtu.be/CqybaIesbuA
  5. An admission that he’ll probably take with him to the grave.
  6. You lost me on this one. Please explain.
  7. That would be a topic for a formal, moderated debate, such as James White vs. Shabir Ally. I’m not going to do that on here.
  8. Did you really have to open up an old wound and pour salt on it?
  9. The Bolts have given us issues too. I can’t support you on this one. He’s the Rodney Dangerfield of hockey. (Sorry, Rodney. I know that this probably insults you.)
  10. Well, there is one “nice” thing about this pandemic: I get to show my team spirit.
  11. I was referring to someone else on this forum who stirred things up a few months ago. I haven’t heard much from him since then.
  12. If your response wasn’t tongue-in-cheek, then we’ll have to agree to disagree. Having said that, I’m surprised that our resident zealot hasn’t opined any further on this thread.
  13. Are you talking about this as you approach that massive S hook?
  14. I get what you’re saying. Not everyone understands certain mysteries.
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