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  1. If only those critters had been caught and then released in a petrified forest...
  2. If anyone plans to travel in this area anytime in the foreseeable future, plan to make some adjustments. This is really bad, especially since Memphis is a freight hub, and I-40 is also a major freight artery. https://www.autoblog.com/2021/05/13/us-i40-bridge-closed-crack/
  3. Half dozen of one, half dozen of the other. Pardon me for questioning a low ball amount. As I said, I couldn't wrap my head around that amount.
  4. Seems like that's a general consensus for all who have posted on this thread. Granted, I don't think the case will be so absurd that it rivals the USFL for pyrrhic victories. I just can't wrap my head around that rather paltry number for something that is allegedly so serious.
  5. Now THAT was funny!!! Oof. Sorry to hear about that. So, Mrs CC hasn't liked Virginia one bit since we moved up here a few years ago. One day, we started talking about future housing options and such. Out of the blue, Alabama came up in conversation. I was like, We've lived there before, so why not go back for good? Next thing we know, some things started to fall into place. Sounds great, right? Well, we have to wait a few months. We're tied down to a lease that we can't break for a few more months. Plus, I got into a row with a friend from there over politics - which clear
  6. I don't get it. What makes these p******s think that they can live in a void and not face the consequences for their actions? They'll always be found out one way or another - especially since the plaintiff discovered that the guy had been arrested for a similar incident a few years later. I can understand why the plaintiff wants to remain as anonymous as possible. Sure, we can all go back and find out who was on that roster and take a wild guess if he was some 5th liner or a star player. But 150K? Something doesn't sound right about that. If that had happened to a woman and Gloria Allred
  7. So were we. Star's supposed to be coming back this season.
  8. So easy to confuse WFT with WTF. 😁
  9. One was The Brady Bunch, the other IS The Brady Bunch.
  10. Well, there were certainly plenty of people who came out to the Sabres-Pens game out in Orchard Park a few years ago. And don't forget all of the HS football games people went to see whilst still dressed like Inuits in Alaska.
  11. Just having a little fun at their expense. I'm sure their own fans do it too.
  12. I'll never forget the time a former MLB player (Yankees, IIRC) spoke to our men's group in church a few years ago. Aside from him telling us that he hit a homer over the Green Monster at Fenway Park in his first ever at bat, I told him where I was from. He said that when he played in the minors, Buffalo was one of the coldest places he'd ever played in. I've always been a Jays fan due to location. The irony is rich since one of our most hated teams is also from Toronto.
  13. And then I found out that the Bills will play WFT this season. Let's blow them out so bad that their fans will eventually switch the F and T once and keep it there.
  14. Aw s***... Mrs CC is a Saints fan. That turkey [bowl] just got ruined.
  15. I saw something similar to that on a Bills fan page on FB a few weeks ago. That's a painful admission, to say the least.
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