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  1. I believe they were. The place I picked them up from specialized in produce, and i didn't need a TWIC card to get in.
  2. That's exactly what I was thinking. Those hotel and dorm rooms would need much more powerful and concentrated stuff.
  3. That scares me. Dorms and hotels aren't exactly known for hospital-type standards of cleanliness.
  4. A couple of pictures. The top one is an exemption memo from the USDA. The second one is that trailer full of apples. Keep in mind that this is a 53'/16.15m trailer with a refrigeration unit on it.
  5. TGIF, right? 👍 It's been a busy and grueling week, but 3000 miles is worth a really nice paycheck.
  6. You all might not think that what I'm about to say is COVID-19 related, but it is to an extent. Given how much of a beating our economy has taken in such a short period of time, we in the trucking industry are doing everything we can to keep all of you fed. Having said that, I sometimes haul food other than poultry. Right now, I'm on a brokered load with a truckload full of apples that delivers tomorrow morning. So, for those of you who live in Amish country in Pennsylvania, BOLO for apples coming to your local grocer before the end of the week. On a more positive note, I was on the Ohio Toll Road a few hours ago. Someone put up a makeshift sign surrounded by spinning daisy pinwheels that was written with spray paint, "THANK YOU TRUCKERS". That made our day.
  7. It was meant to be a play on words pejorative. Ulf sounds a lot like Oaf. There's a reason why people liked to call him Oaf Samuelsson.
  8. The next time someone sees me wearing my Buffalo Bills baseball cap and hoodie and asks me, "Are you from Buffalo?", I'm going to reply, "I'm from Antarctica. Can't you tell by the accent?"
  9. It is way too quiet out here. Way too quiet. What's going on right now might be a misanthrope's dream, but this is obviously not normal.
  10. One of my friends is in a very peculiar predicament. I hope his wife is handling this well. https://www.wsfa.com/2020/03/26/montgomery-college-students-stuck-guatemala/
  11. I know that churches and ministries are doing what they can to help their respective communities during this crisis. I'm not sure what they're doing this time, but they've always seemed to step up to the plate in times past like with Luther and Zwingli during the 16th century plague and Spurgeon during the 19th century cholera outbreak. (Spurgeon also was a fierce opponent of chattel slavery, which earned him plenty of opposition from Deep South preachers up until the end of our Civil War. Plus, he started a charity that still bears his name in the UK.) So, we're ready to roll up our sleeves and help where it's needed.
  12. That, or they may have to adjust how they do things. The problem with doing this is that universities do need personal face-to-face research, such as specialized labs, med school, etc.
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