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  1. Yes I'm fine with O'Reilly. You can average him in with guys like Deslauries and Georges. 3 men at an average of 4 mil. On pace for the cap. If you are going to give Ristolainin 7 mil, and he is just a 2~3 type of dman, good luck finding a true 1 for 10 mil and a true 1 center if Eichel is just another good player. It's like picking a spouse. If she's hot, odds are she can't cook and is somewhat demanding. If you are going to marry a 185lb Buffalo girl, it's all good if she's funny, can cook, and give a good bj. O'Reilly is the good fattie. Ristolainen is sort of hot, but always needs to consult his mom on every decision and talks with a vocal fry.
  2. I hear you. Not a saint by far. If you aren't drowning puppies or molesting children, I think a merciful person can come to grips with a peaceful death.
  3. I said O'Reilly was the top of the actual core. I'm just saying if you want to give Ristolainin that type of money, you are burning 20% of your cap right there. You have to admit that you are overpaying O'REILLY for intangibles and to get him to sign a contract off of the trade. On pure talent and scoring potential he isn't worth that much. It gives you less wiggle room to be wrong on other big contracts.
  4. True The guy seemed half fried 20 years ago which is why I tend to believe the posters who say the son was the real crook. I won't fight for his release. Just think it isn't a slap in the face to anyone in this case. The Esteemed President Barack Hussein Obama traded 5 top murderers for a treasonous hippie who willingly abandoned his platoon and got some of them killed. A 90 year old who got carried away with his shiny new toy sitting in a diaper with a morphine drip while getting a little sunshine through his own bedroom window for a few weeks isn't going to offend me.
  5. While I have a proclivity to come to the defense of hard working veterans who are under public attack as young and non grizzled players are given a pass and idolized, I can't argue against anyone saying Moulson has been close to worthless this year. He was always an opportunist at the least, and a bit of a gritty sniper who is willing to take a beating in front of the crease. He brought a confidence to his game and an upbeat energy to his teammates. So what is going on? Is there a big life change or personal problems that are distracting him? I remember Drew Stafford getting a pass for a poor season because of the ill health of a relative. Marcell Dareus was given a pass because his brother was killed. What could be distracting Moulson to the point he loses almost all worth? I believe he has a new person living in his home with him. I see people here speculating as to why Eichel seems disinterested and personal life problems have him in a funk. I see some lighthearted poking at Bogosian that some of his issues may be due to white powder. So I ask seriously....do you think bringing Jack Eichel into his life 24/7 may have Moulson distracted and or concerned?
  6. I'm sorry. Wasn't singling you out just using examples of all the ways the public has money taken from them without choice by the government and criminals are rewarded let alone not punished. People willingly invested in Adelphia and people could willingly short Adelphia because they didn't believe in it. I am fine with showing a little mercy to a 90 year old in his last few days. If it involved violence then no. The poor guy probably doesn't even know where he is at this point.
  7. O'Reilly and Ristolainen will be taking up 20~25% of your salary cap in 2 years then. Yzerman/Lidstrom Gretzky/Coffey Bossy/Potvin Toews/Keith O'Reilly/ Ristolainen????
  8. Ah yes....the "victims" ...... You know, with a little bit of research on the Owner of the Buffalo Sabres, you could have just as easily sold short the stock of Adelphia and made money. That's tinfoil thinking though. Yeah....let the 90 year old cancer patient fry! But make sure you get your GM paycheck directly deposited into your Bank of America account so you have federal reserve notes to give to a hydrofracker from State College for a jersey made by 8 year olds in a country responsible for loaning money to fund your pension so you have it in time for December 25th to give to a partner on the day of the birth of a saviour that you don't believe in.
  9. :) That's my Saddam Hussein smile.....
  10. Hey atoq....welcome. What do you think about the University at Buffalo having to shut down one of their programs because they were found to be on the take from frackers right about the time Pegula came to town?
  11. It's ok. Whaley would just throw in a 2nd and a 4th to get there anyway.....
  12. Oh my. Aud....am I allowed to post that pdf? Also, the majority of videos, cds, novels and romance and mystery books are all donated by the public. Funding goes into things like children's summer reading programs, public internet access, and the nonfiction collection.
  13. I wonder if Putin tunes in with a litre of vodkie and bag of Cheetohs?
  14. Actually, Trump agrees with you according to his policy on refugees. ...
  15. There's no restriction. I think most adults who buy jerseys are going to get the jersey of a nice fella. The Pommers, the Millsie, the Myers, etc. It's their way of showing support. Family guys....probably have a young kid or two. If you are college age then jerseys are cool. I really don't care though who wears what.
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