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  1. A couple of random thoughts: 1. When Eichel is on the rush, the defenders are always in retreat. Doesn't matter the team, his speed is being recognized around the league. 2. What has stood out more to me than just about anything else is the back checking this team is doing. And everyone is doing it. As a fan watching on the TV, you hope and pray that the player off camera rushing into the scene will be a good guy and more times than not lately, it is that. 3. The Risto goal through the legs, around the D man and over the shoulder of a stunned goalie has got to be the craziest/greatest goal of the year so far. 4. With each passing day, the trade of ROR for all those Blues looks more and more lopsided in Buffalo's favor. And they get a draft pick too.. That has got to be one of the best fleecings in Buffalo Sabres history. 5. Larsson of late is becoming one of my favorite players. Mixing it up with a gargantuan Thornton is another example of his pest level. Thornton is like twice his size, no matter. 6. The crowd reaction after the game was awesome. Instead of running to the parking lot, they stayed around and enjoyed it. Soaked it in.. 7. Skinner is on some kind of magical run. 8. Loved, loved, loved the coaching reaction to the win. They are usually so reserved. They were every bit as giddy as the players and fans. I think everyone associated with hockey realizes what a special run this is. 9. Bogo came so close to making it three goals for the D last night. An inch or two more of elevation would have been sweet. 10. Lastly, this run is being built on the backs of some good teams. That makes it even more impressive.
  2. Some random thoughts: It seemed like Reinhart, Tage line was on the ice all night. I jumped with joy after this one. Haven't done that since the Bills sneaking into the playoffs moment last year. They finally beat Pittsburgh, in Pittsburgh. albeit a Crosby-less (the anti-Christ of hockey. I say that out of utter respect) Pittsburgh. This game signaled a changing of the guard for BOTH teams.. They were simply smothering the Burgh from mid-second on. Winning every puck battle The D is scoring, the D is scoring, the D is scoring!!!!! What a crazy fun two weeks this has been. I was at the 9-2 pasting of Ottawa (feels so good). The slip in NY and then a march up through the standings against a slate of good teams. The only thing that could have made this run better was a showdown with Toronto. That is all.
  3. Pleased. This Sabres team is being quickly recast. Will it be better? Who knows, but at least its not last year's disappointing crew.
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