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  1. 5th line wingnutt

    Is #walkaway a thing?

    List them.
  2. 5th line wingnutt

    Donald J Trump, your thoughts on his Presidency

    I was being sardonic. I don't give a hoot about what Europe does.
  3. 5th line wingnutt

    Is #walkaway a thing?

  4. I had been trying get Lgr to explain his position. I thought he was being evasive. The first bolded was me giving up. As to the second bolded...I did not claim that hate is genetic. You said hate is learned. I merely asked how you knew it was not genetic. FWIW I think all human characteristics are partly genetic and partly learned, and that there is a very complex relationship between genetics and environment. Read The Nurture Assumption or Nature via Nurture or The Blank Slate.
  5. 5th line wingnutt

    Donald J Trump, your thoughts on his Presidency

    https://www.thenewneo.com/2018/10/30/can-trump-end-birthright-citizenship-with-an-executive-order/ I did not know that @Neo had a blog. Let's be more like Europe.
  6. 5th line wingnutt

    Is #walkaway a thing?

    I think antifa is both real and extreme. For me it qualifies as alt left. Alternative left as opposed to welfare state left. And for me antifa is more fascist than the people they oppose.
  7. The point is... It is not like the government is making widgets and selling them to voluntary buyers. The government makes programs and makes you buy them whether you want them or not. I never wanted social security or medicare but I was forced into both. The government also heavily regulates some industries, like health care insurance. They mandate what coverages are included, and if you want insurance you have to pay for stuff you do not want and do not need. I wanted a policy where I would pay for routine stuff out of pocket, and be covered for the big expensive stuff. Claims are expensive to generate, process and pay, and right now almost every visit to a provider generates one or more claims. It is insane.
  8. Funny, after I posted I thought about privatized prisons...and then thought "but wait, I'm still paying taxes for prisons". Most utilities were always private but heavily regulated. If I send my kid to private school, I still have to pay taxes for the public ones. Was it ever the governments job to build sports stadiums? And I am still paying the taxes that pay those paving companies.
  9. I asked questions. I did not want, or expect, a magic wand. I wanted an overview of his approach. I got bunch of glittering generalties in the form of questions. How do you know hatred is not genetic?
  10. Word salad, no substance.
  11. What other things? How?
  12. What do you think motivates these attacks? What is your solution?