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  1. the wingnutt ranking... Tier I 1 Lafrenière, Alexis 2 Byfield, Quinton Tier IA 3 Stutzle, Tim Tier II 4 Raymond, Lucas 5 Drysdale, Jamie 6 Holtz, Alexander
  2. Draft simulator. https://nhlentrydraft.com/mock-draft/ This is fun. I got Marco Rossi on my first try.
  3. https://forecasters.org/blog/2020/06/14/forecasting-for-covid-19-has-failed/
  4. https://www.ocregister.com/2020/04/10/tom-webster-former-kings-coach-dies-at-71/
  5. The Wingnutt Ranking: Tier 1 1 Lafrenière, Alexis Tier 2 2 Byfield, Quinton Tier 3 3 Raymond, Lucas 4 Stutzle, Tim 5 Drysdale, Jamie 6 Holtz, Alexander 7 Perfetti, Cole Tier 4 8 Lundell, Anton 9 Rossi, Marco Tier 5 10 Holloway, Dylan 11 Askarov, Yaroslav 12 Gunler, Noel Tier 6 13 Zary, Connor 14 Mercer, Dawson 15 Amirov, Rodion 16
  6. Democrats won’t commit to same-day release of Nevada results. https://apnews.com/ed71910f92a2d4936e9784d27ff4e113 Vote for us, we're even less efficient than the federal government. Shades of Iowa.
  7. pjmedia hosts instapundit. Instapundit is editorially independent. This is the second I have explained this. You may know about hospital masks. Instapundit may not (he is a law professor, not a doctor or scientist). Why should I believe you are correct about hospital masks? Are you a doctor or scientist? He was quoting an expert in infectious diseases, as reported in USA Today. How is this being a charlatan?
  8. You might want to try this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Journal_of_Irreproducible_Results If you like psychiatry: http://www.psychhumor.com/ If you like linguistics: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maledicta
  9. Maybe for some perception means too much. Instapundit is not re-posting, he is linking. He has been posting a roundup of links to coronavirus news periodically with half a dozen or so links. These links are mostly to mainstream sites. The link I have posted go to the roundup directly. They have no political content. If you do not like the site do not go there.
  10. The link I posted does not go to pjmedia, it goes to instapundit. The content you are fussing about is a quote from the content that instapundit linked to at USA today. The content is a transcription of an interview with an expert in infectious disease.
  11. I wonder if this is all Kabuki theatre, prearranged among Bogosian, his agent, and JBot? If Bogosian's contract gets terminated prior to the deadline it works out pretty well for all parties.
  12. A COVID-19 roundup. NSFS. https://pjmedia.com/instapundit/358601/
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