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  1. So I went to that site and I couldn't find what you are referring to on his player page. I'm no stats expert, but it didn't look like Eichel's defensive stats were good in any extended sample size. He's never had a season above 50% faceoff wins, and seems to be sheltered against defensive zone starts. It just got me curious as to what makes you think Eichel is in the 94th percentile defensively. I wasn't able to corroborate, but am no expert at navigating the fancy stats. You seem to be suggesting he's good defensively, which defies conventional wisdom to me.
  2. Squirted him out? You narsty brute. Nobody wants Patrick Freaking Kane then? Fine.
  3. True, but Kane can drive a line, and is unquestionably the better player. Eichel being young hasn't prevented him from being injured for long stretches most years. Also, Eichel is a center, but that's not important unless he was a good two way center, and he is not a good two way center. Kane is more productive and shows less signs of slowing down than Eichel does. Plus, Kane has the intangible of liking Buffalo.
  4. What I gather, from the press conference, is that the organization has had all sorts of conversations in the past, but needs to have more honest ones. All sorts of questions have been asked from the players, coaches, and staff, but we can't be afraid of the tough ones. Once we get those two things sorted out, you'll see this team up at the top of the standings in no time.
  5. I give credit where it's due. I'm not a Hamilton-Stan, but I listened to the press conference for which reporters asked the best questions that brought out the most interesting responses. It was Hamilton's questions, twice, that brought out bombshell responses. The other reporters spent their time following up on Hamilton. Don't ruin Ham-bone's big day. They don't come around too often.
  6. Sabres last won on February 23rd, da day dat Tiger crashed his car. Here's deir wins: PHI 1/18 6-1, Hutton 21 saves WSH 1/24 4-3, Ullmark 31 saves NYR 1/26 3-2, Ullmark 30 saves NJD 1/30 4-3 SO, Ullmark 34 saves NJD 2/20 3-2, Ullmark 27 saves NJD 2/23 4-1, Ullmark 42 saves
  7. Boca Raton, 2 Minutes for Appealing to False Authority Appeal to false authority is a fallacy, and a 2 minute minor infraction, because someone being an expert or authority in one particular field does not make them an expert in another. Buffalonians on the power play.
  8. Could I borrow just a couple hundred thou... No? Well ***** you then!
  9. Ted did a lot more with a lot less. He's the type of guy I'd definitely buy a beer for.
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