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  1. For those who didn't get to watch it, if coach had realized and wanted him to break the record, he would have easily done so. Patterson sat out at least 3 series. He could have had 500 yards, and definitely 9, if not 10 touchdowns. He didn't show any sign of fatigue. He looked like a thurman thomas / barry sanders hybrid. Hard to tell against weak competition, but I think he could be a early round draft pick.
  2. Cocoa Butter after showering or shaving... What's that? I thought we were finally going to be able to give advice on moisturizers. I was hoping this would lead to advice on grooming, and maybe some fashion tips. What to do in the bathroom. Maybe even the bedroom, that type of thing, no? Nevermind. The site looks great. It's working perfectly in dark mode. Great work! (Cocoa Butter)
  3. Thanks! There's something in your posts and Wookie's that I can empathize with, which is, the feeling that the other side - social justice warrior, woke leftist, transgender activist, etc. - is trying to ostracize you/us. (White male here) they are putting us in a position where we might feel the need to defend ourselves. Culturally, white males, and white women to some extent - Karens - are being villainized. I should jump in here, before someone tries to cancel me, that I realize that people who are black, gay, native american, name your minority, have been discriminated against hist
  4. Your post made me take another look at Arctic Monkeys. Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino is a fantastic album. I'm just getting into the band. I bought AM first, basically for the "Do I Wanna Know" single. I like that album, but Tranquility Base Hotel is my new favorite. I have a feeling I'll like their earlier stuff, though it looks different, from what I've seen on Youtube. Anyways, here's something for the Metallica fans.
  5. First, let me greet everybody here. I've been a long time reader. Let me tell you what I appreciate about this discussion. I feel like I am getting the unfiltered perspectives of Trump supporters like the above, without the usual bombastic postures found on social media, and in the media at large. I've been asking myself these past few years what exactly Conservatism is. What does it mean? Here, I'm getting a better understanding than what I've found elsewhere. Thank you for that to the Trump supporters here. Perhaps you'd be better described as conservatives, rather than Trump s
  6. Anthony Mantha signed for 4 years at a 5.7 million per- average. For comparison, Sam Reinhart signed for one year, 5.2 million. Last season, in sixty-nine games, Sam Reinhart, scored 50 points, with a healthy balance of 22 goals, and 28 assists. He was 24 years old. Anthony Mantha over forty-three games scored 38 points, last season: sixteen goals and twenty-two assists. He was twenty-six. Reinhart scored .72 points per game. Mantha scored .88 ppg. Just an interesting comparison, in my opinion.
  7. Sometimes, when there's an ashtray with some long butts in it, I go back to smoke the rest of them.
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