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  1. Agree 1000000% Hope for three early goals in first and than canes start thinking about how nice golf will be this weekend.
  2. He weathered the first period storm for sure. Game could have gotten out of hand fast. A few quick goals by bruins Thursday night will have the bandwagon jerks and their pig heading for the doors fast
  3. more like 1000 did you see season ticket sales up 700%!!!!!!!!
  4. I agree the bandwagon jumpers who claim they have supported the team forever is nauseating. Thank fans dying creates game they ever seen yea they have only seen the one they are coming from. A total collapse against teh Islanders would be a perfect thing well every other NHL defenseman we had was injured
  5. this is setting up like 2006 for the canes all the good teams dropping like flies. Luckiest franchise on the planet and cant even sell out playoff games
  6. I didn't think brindAmour was good hire for canes nd hoped he be a disaster and now they are in the playoffs. Housely MUST go
  7. Watch skinner sign with Canes during off season tat would be the ulitimate killer to a terrible seaso
  8. get to watch another stupid canes win celebration will it be baseball? Bowling? Boxing match????
  9. we need a coach like Brindamore the guy has a very low skilled team playing almost in playoff hockey. Didn't think this was a good hire but looking better daily while we have Housley leading our young team YIKES
  10. So glad once again I didn’t get suckered in and purchase a package to watch this pathetic excuse of a team. As much as I hate the canes they have risen far better than us this year and they really don’t have solid goaltending but okay with intensity and heart. Will keep watching online streams for rest of this season which is right now in the dumps.
  11. I think must of the good passing was affected by the crap piece of ***** they call ice at the arena. You could see how the passes were softer hoping they wouldn’t go bouncing like mad. Turnovers in own zone lead to everyone of the goals. Why Housley did t put his top line together for a road game shows what a misguided fool he is.
  12. Oh boy is he ready for the onslaught 🙂 We are heading to Buffalo Brothers before game
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