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    Live in Raleigh but Bleed Buffalo Sports an I hate the canes&#33

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  1. bills_fan_in_raleigh

    GDT: Sabres @ Hurricanes -- Jan. 11, 2019

    I think must of the good passing was affected by the crap piece of ***** they call ice at the arena. You could see how the passes were softer hoping they wouldn’t go bouncing like mad. Turnovers in own zone lead to everyone of the goals. Why Housley did t put his top line together for a road game shows what a misguided fool he is.
  2. bills_fan_in_raleigh

    Who is in for the raid on Raleigh?

    Oh boy is he ready for the onslaught 🙂 We are heading to Buffalo Brothers before game
  3. bills_fan_in_raleigh

    Who is in for the raid on Raleigh?

    Canes fans hate Sabres fans more than any other. Who is going to the game need to stop their winning streak? Hoping for a healthy team playing and would be great seeing skinner post up a hat trick on them.
  4. bills_fan_in_raleigh

    Practice Report 1/7/19

    We need a healthy team I want to smash the snot out of the canes on friday
  5. bills_fan_in_raleigh

    beyond subscribing for NHL center ice how do you watch games

    Can multiple,people,log on with same Id it is how I split a MLB subscription
  6. I know for NFL many people are bypassing NFLST and using reddit and other stream drivers. Wondering if same is true for NHL. On reddit I am finding many advertised streams however so many of them are littered with ads etc or wont load it is pain versus on NFL found a reliable provider every week for me to watch another game of interest I still have NFLST for Bills so I can sync the radio feed.= with the DTV video. What alternatives are there say on Kodi or other applications.
  7. bills_fan_in_raleigh

    GDT Buffalo Sabres at Columbus 7pm ET 10/27/2018

    Anyone have a good stream
  8. bills_fan_in_raleigh

    GDT Colorado Avs vs Buffalo Sabres 10-11-2018 at 7pm

    Did not like the skinner trade at all. Thought maybe a better center make him great seems like he does t like style
  9. bills_fan_in_raleigh

    GDT Colorado Avs vs Buffalo Sabres 10-11-2018 at 7pm

    Looking like last years team tonight. Housley sucks
  10. Skinner already demoted to second line. Has been invisible so far
  11. bills_fan_in_raleigh

    Skinner is our Kessel

    Agree hope I am wrong about skinner never impressed me but one thing I do like about him is he shoots the damn puck
  12. bills_fan_in_raleigh

    Sabres ical calendar....

    just deselect the extra calendar.
  13. bills_fan_in_raleigh


    agree I come to these forums for INFORMATION on what is happening with my teams not to see political debates in get enough of that on Facebook, Twitter and other places. Keep it sports please
  14. bills_fan_in_raleigh

    Trade Speculation and Rumors 2018-19

    I dont like him at all